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Fantasia Barrino

is a Hot Mess!

4/23/2007 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fantasia BarrinoPlaying Miss Celie in "The Color Purple" is causing Fantasia Barrino to bare more than just her soul!

The Season Three "American Idol" winner arrived to the musical's after-party on Sunday dressed in a trash-tastic, skin-tight, green, leopard print dress. Maybe she was headed to a "Flavor of Love" casting?

Fantasia may be starring on Broadway, but decked out in this hoochie mama ensemble, she looks more appropriate for Times Square! Need a date?


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Fantasia looks like a dirty whore. She is in dire need of a stylist - a real one, not her cousin from the projects.

2675 days ago


#15 You're right Carrie Underwood does dress better. It's probably because she's white, has more money and better people helping her. This girl probably doesn't get half the things Carrie Underwood does. CU probably got more money from her record deal and a lot of perks to go along with it. I noticed that she and Kelly have been the only two from American Idol to be invited to the Grammys. I agree she looks a hot mess but she has to work with what she has. Not everyone is privlidged. Given where she grew up she's doing the best she can.

2697 days ago


I am truly a Fantasia fan, I love her ability to sing and act, however, I'm not real hot about her taste in clothes, her shoes and beautiful....clothes no way.

2670 days ago


# 13 sounds like a real Diana DeGarmo fan who continues to...hate...............................!

2670 days ago

Friend and supporter    

First of all you are abunch of sick people. If what the last person said is true then you are implyiny that Idol 19 management is prejudiced and they have tried to really sabotage Fantasia's (something us black folk have always known), as for grammys rome wasn't built over night and she will be there in her season, okay. And what she has accomplished today has far excelled all of them you mentiond including Jennifer Hudson she is labeled by the best in the industry as a Broadway STAR and if you didn't know Broadway is Hollywood in other words they are connected.
You obviously have not read Fantasia's bigography, she has done really well and she has made some sound business investments which are very properous you know nothing about, you thing she is a joke, but the girl ain't playing. I quarantee anyone of the people whom you applaud would love to be standing there in the dress you hate and to be in her shoes right about now, because it's only a dress, but her work has spoken volumes and it is going down in the history books and this is judt the beginning for her you watch what we tell you.
As far as where she came from, she or her family never asked you for anything, and you are right where she came from, because you obviously don't know how she is living today and by the way NEW YORK loves her and she is being treated like a star and whether you know it or not Fantasia would still be singing if she had to build her on supper club, she doesn't like compliments doesn't take a lot of picturees holding awards and if she never went to the grammys she would still be singing, she loves what she does and by the way you probably haven't seen the play I have twice and like one of rhe critics says she is acting up a storm, yes the very one you are hating on is actually doing just fine!!!!! i know you white folk just palin hate it!!!!!! sorry!!!!!! She did not do it, but God did. You tired to put her light out with your token black and media hype, but there were some people behind the scenes who KNOW Fantasia. Racist and prjudice AMERICA!!!!! The home of the free (right)

2696 days ago

Friend and supporter    


2696 days ago

Friend and supporter    

With your smart ass whiteselve, when her last album was nominated she was invited to the grammy and she attended. speak what you know you lying white trash!!!!!!!
You been lying and perpertrating on us all of our lives!!!!

2696 days ago


To the sad hateful young lady and I use that because I don't want to stoop to your level. That called Fantasia a name and said that she cannot sing. I would like to see you have such a change in your life in the short period of time she has. She must be able to sing a little Sweetie she is on Broadway and people like Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones and Oprah are supporting her. She is not sitting at home making a nasty comment on her computer. She is still young and has to learn and grow in the business she's in. It has only been three years that she has had the money to be able to shop at the high-end store's. And since she has to become familar with the stores and the designer's and find her own style, give her a chance. And for all of you hater's what is your excuse that we don't know who you are since you know everything about everything. And as far as her crying about being a single mother, maybe you should check your eyes and hearing. She was not crying she was telling other young girls caught in the same problems that they don't have to give up their "Dreams". But againest all odds they can continue to fight for what they want and just believe in themselves. She will be around singing 20+ years from now like Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight. She is not a one hit wonder that has to shake her behind and when that is gone or another cuter girl come's along she is gone. Best of luck to you Fantasia Barrino I am damn proud of you and the others for being ready when you left American Idol and hit the ground running.

2693 days ago

Queen B.    

Ya'll stil leavin hurtful comments. I appreciate all those people who left respectful comments . To callisl, stop haten u kno u whish u had some of miss Tasia's clothes SHUT UP! I'm sick of all ya'll haters. U ain't no fashion police. To everybody who got respect 4 miss Tasia we kno dat SHE IS THE BOMB! I told Ya'll haters before and ima tell u again. Stop trying to bring a talented Black Sista Down, have respect. She ain't done nothin to u. She shows everybody love so show her love bac. All ya'll Haters are Fools.

2657 days ago

Tanya Aguirre    

You are still my girl no matter what I have liked you sence the frist time I herd you sing.
You go girl....

2712 days ago


Funtasia ,you've been blesed by the almighty,please do it for him.You are my favorite singer.Don't lose yourself in the world.You come from the church and you dont need to be recognized in the worldly world.You can be the greatest gospel singer in the world.Remember the lord .He can promote you or demote you.He heard your cry and now you must remember your promise to him.He blessed you by allowing you to win the idol but you must thank him by doing it for him in spirit and in truth.Dont get carried away with the world because when the world drop you like hot bread He will never.HE said greater is he that is in me than he that's in the world.

2711 days ago

Friend and supporter    

Fantasia di not even audition for this part she was on tour minding her business when she recieved the call, we believe this is a door that God has opened. We also believe that everyone out there does not look lke Beyonce and maybe God is trying to show all of us who are so caught up on looks that it is the heart he looks upon and that if he be for you who can be against you, yes her gift and calling has made room for her, she did not manipulate go to numerous auditions getting nervous begging God, she merely siad to Ms. Winfrey when she said I am aserious about you being my Celie, she said yes mam, and I will go out there and do my best. God has away of exalting you when others are trying to put you down> Fantasia has been through a lot and some things that have been done or said about her she knows about but we will all take to our graves. One person we know in particular was not right did some underhanded stuff to get a head, but I love the line that Celie says to Mister, "Everything done to me already done to you!!!! As the Color Purple song says, look what God has done. her reviews are awesome and everyone, people from around the world are saying the same thing she is a natural, and may of youall said she couldn't do it. What she has done and is doing bears no compariosn ot Jennifer Hudson, please know this, all agree this is something truly phenomenal. Actually it is amazing, just amazing and to God we give Him all the glory. Yes, JHud you were only referring to yourself, but look at what God can do!!!! He truly did this!!!! he is daring us to take our eyes off Fantasia. he put her in this position,He caused her to win American Idol, this youg girl has and is a hard worker and nothing has just been handed to her, and I pry he continues to bless her and all that the devil meant for evil,God will or has turned it around for her good. Thank you, Jesus!!!!! Tahnk you Lord!!!!!!

2709 days ago


I don't think some of you have a right to criticize her,i've seen plenty of celebrity women dressed like that, and didn't nobody say anything about them,so yall should just leave her alone.

2709 days ago

Queen B.    

u people need to stop hatin on Fantasia. There are more important thing to talk about than about how she dresses. I lover her outfits. She is a very respectful classy young lady. I think she has powerhouse pipes. There are alot of other celebs that is walkin around showin everythng. So for all ya'll haters shut the shut up!

2706 days ago


All u haters, beauty is ONLY SKIN DEEP. Learn to love people for who they are. Stupid American haters!

2705 days ago
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