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Les Moonves Dumps Imus, Busts a Move

4/23/2007 12:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Les Moonves was in a partying mood after drop-kicking bad-boy Don Imus.
Les Moonves
TMZ spies spotted the current president of CBS getting down at "The Plumm" in NYC, just hours after giving Imus the pink slip.

Sources inside the nightclub tell TMZ that Moonves was with wife Julie Chen, host of "Big Brother" and co-anchor of CBS' "The Early Show." The two were there to watch his son Michael perform with his rock band.

Moonves and Chen partied until early Friday morning in The Pitt, a special VIP area of the club. We're told Moonves and Chen were "partying hard."


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still here    

that picture of imus is so gross.he looks like a french kissing corpse

2740 days ago


That picture of Imus is so GROSS. I hate it YUCK!

2740 days ago


These people are old......

2740 days ago


I CAN'T STAND JULIE CHEN! Make a smart move CBS & replace her as host of Big Brother with Janelle! J. C.has no personality & her voice is wooden.

2740 days ago


Les Moonves sucks.Shame on him for firing Imus.

2740 days ago


Julie Chen is sooooo HOT, I would lick the sweat off of her feet!

2740 days ago


Julie Chen has gotten some seriously good plastic surgery. Before, she was NOT HOT

2740 days ago


ok, every time I see that picture of Imus, I want to barf. it literally makes me repulsed!!!! lala said it perfect!!!!!!! French kissing corpse!

2740 days ago


If you look up "cross-eyed no talent irritating bitch" in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Chen.

2740 days ago


Mooves is a coward.

2740 days ago

Justice DENIED    

Les Moonves and his trophy chicks ... good grief.

The last time I made an attempt to watch one of the morning "news" shows, I made the mistake of landing on CBS, which is where Moonves has installed his child bride as a co-host (Julie something-or-other...Chan? Chen? Whatever...).

Her "special guest" that morning was none other than her husband (and BOSS), Les, and for about five minutes I became more and more nauseated as they sat, fawning over each other: "You're wonderful," "No, dear ... YOU'RE wonderful" was truly sickening!

2740 days ago

Bella Donna    

Bring back Imus!!!This is crap!!! He deserves another chance after forty years of entertaining us fans!! CBS and MSNBC you stink!!!! Funny how some politicians, and writers left him in a lurch, after all he did for them!!! Hope some network picks him up
soon as he is missed. He is different, interesting, and unigue!!

2739 days ago

gene darrah    

My family and friends will not listen to CBS or watch MSNBC or buy another GM made automobile (go Ford) or shop at Staples (Go Office Max) These companys should be ashamed as they they know of all the good Imus did. He is a good man and definitely not a racist. Sharpton can scream his head off all he wants, he needs to go pound salt somewhere perhaps on the next space shuttle, the man has way to many double standards. This not buying or boycotting sponsors works both ways you know!

2739 days ago


Ewwwww, he is married to her? He must be desperate.

2737 days ago

warren and sandra nickerson    

The firing of Don Imus and Bernie Mc Girk by CBS and NBC was outrageous. It is a very sad day in our country when an hypocritical phony indiidual like Al Sharpton can by the pc police. Has he ever paid the 300000$ judgment against him for defaming an attorney in the Tawana Brawley case. Has he ever apologized for his rants against the Duke la crosse players or for inciting a riot in Brooklyn in whihc inidividuals were murdered and killled. Where has our sense of humor gone? Why is eveyone so sensitive nowadays. I tell IMuis and Bernie stopi apologizing. And I tell the Rutger basketball players to get over it, get a life and laugh about it . That would of course upset Jesse and Al because they are victimhood pimps for the blacks, and that would affect their influence/ income. Question: Why dont people listen to blacks like Walt Williams, Thomas Sowell and othe rwho in my view are real role models and heroes. Again please rehire Imus and Bernie. Sure they were outrageous at times, but we need a little of that in ouir lives. Warren and Sandra Nickerson

2717 days ago

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