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Rosie to Sheryl Crow: "Have You Seen My Ass?"

4/23/2007 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The answer, presumably, is no -- but Rosie made her point, pooh-poohing Sheryl Crow for suggesting that we all use just one square of toilet paper per trip to the loo.
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Crow made her comments on her blog last week, and Rosie took a moment on this morning's "The View" to express her incredulity at the supposedly enviro-friendly suggestion. "Have you seen my ass?!" bellowed Rosie, and Barbara Walters was good enough to warn viewers not to use their sleeves, another of Crow's helpful suggestions.

That's just about enough scatology and wipe-tech for one morning on that zany kaffeeklatsch.


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Just a thought - could you buy T.P. credits from those afflicted with constipation?

2742 days ago


Go Rosie,common sense and the truth is good to hear!!!!

2742 days ago

down with The View    

Is Rosie gesturing to show the size of her sphincter in this picture?

2742 days ago

ha ha    

I've watched "The View" since it's inception but now change the channel when it's on. I said I'd give it a chance when Meradith left, but no more. Rosie is out of control, and there's nothing worse than a "celebrity" (hahahahaha) pushing THEIR agenda on a show that people USED to enjoy.

Enough of the anti-American, tree hugging, 911 conspiracy bull crap!!! FIRE the IDIOT!!!

2742 days ago


The mere THOUGHT of Rosie showing her ass is making me ill. How many squares of TP am I allowed to use to clean up the mess?

2742 days ago

Allred Tree    

Continue e-mailing your REVULSION of ROSIE to ABC!

Today on the View, she alluded to her combover imitation of Donald Trump and flipped her HIDEOUS HAIR (but she was more subtle about it - has probably been told to stop it). She is the one who started the feud about him and keeps it going every chance she has.


2742 days ago

kondor foxwood    

Free Speech? we didn't give Imus the right to free speech, we just fired his ass off the air.
I thought the only thing you couldn't say was "FIRE" in a crowded theater, that makes sense.
If we remove everyone from the airwaves who has offended someone, will there be
anyone left?

2742 days ago


I personally don't enjoy watching Rosie on the View. This is not because I don't respect her for the accomplishments she has made because she is a very successful woman. I also know it is her right to express her feelings and beliefs on television and that is what makes this country great.

I do think she should think before she opens her mouth. I know she says some of what she says just for the ratings. I'd put money of the fact that she sits around at night just figuring stuff out to say that will cause controversy. A person like Rosie thrives on people talking bad about her. Well here you go Rosie, here is an entire blog devoted to the dumb things you say. If you want to bad mouth Sheryl Crow for voicing her ideas and opinions then you should take your criticism with gratitude. The difference is your comments are much more public than Sheryl's. People have to go out of their way to read Sheryl Crow's blog where as it is much easier to flip on the television and listen to your opinions. Sheryl Crow is simply brainstorming on her blog. Sure one square of toilet paper is a little extreme especially with and ass like yours, but at least she is thinking about the environment and coming up with some ideas no matter how good or bad they are. Because you have to admit we need to do something if we want to keep this planet in livable condition.

2742 days ago

kondor foxwood    


2742 days ago


Nothing more enlightening than a CAT FIGHT between two bonified lunatics. Isn't Crow the one that married the bicycle rider that left his loyal wife and children. He must be scum too, if he married this stupid witch. Rosie's just a skank as well as a lot "tilted".

2742 days ago


Sheryl Crow and all artist that rail against Global Warming should be banned from selling carbon wasting CDs and DVDs, do you realize how much energy, oil, waste it takes to produce CDs and DVDs? This media could be delivered electronically. BAN CDs and DVDs we will see how serious Sheryl is about saving the planent if she backs this idea.

2742 days ago


I blame this Global Warming crisis on Rosie's fat ass...

2742 days ago


Crow said it, Fox News reports it... and Fox News is the bad guy? Nonsense. And, Rosie shouldn't be fired and neither should Imus have been fired. Nonsense. Get a life, people!

2742 days ago

Allred Tree    

55. we know Rosie,a single peice of toilet paper wouldnt work for you,because your ass is as big as Texas,we all seen your panties that Mr Trump sent you,loke there xtra large,queen size,we all can just amagine,yuck,i am sick now

Posted at 4:27PM on Apr 23rd 2007 by Big Panties


2742 days ago

billy d    

I can't imagine a once respected news woman like barbara walters is now hosting a show where the high point of the day is an overrated no talent talks about her bum. This show has ruined BW's image for me.

2742 days ago
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