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"Son of Hollywood" Star Allegedly a Son of a Bitch

4/23/2007 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean StewartTMZ has learned Sean Stewart, son of rocker Rod Stewart, was involved in a serious altercation over the weekend, and he is under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon.

Stewart, who stars in A&E's reality show "Sons of Hollywood," along with two other males, went to a private home in Hollywood last Saturday night, where a large party was in full swing. We were informed that when the trio was told they were not welcome, Stewart became upset -- especially when people leaving the party began teasing him.

We're told witnesses say that at around 4:00 AM, Stewart and his buddies began throwing bricks, rocks, a mailbox and even a trash can at a Ford F150. Witnesses say Stewart then tried to open the truck door, and that Stewart and two other men started punching a husband and wife who were seated inside.

TMZ spoke with the man inside the truck, who claims his wife suffered "massive lacerations to her legs" from windshield glass. He says that after the alleged attack, he took her to Cedars Sinai Hospital where she was treated.

The LAPD confirms Hollywood detectives are investigating the incident.

TMZ got a shot of Stewart (above) earlier that evening as he arrived at Koi restaurant in West Hollywood.

Stewart's rep could not immediately be reached for comment.


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miss smiff    

assault with a deadly trashcan , too funny... actually thought the show
isn't bad........Randy Spelling seems quite nice:)

2710 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

this kid has a lot of problems,I have watched the show and it took a few minuite to fugure out that he has problems with drugs and drinking,he needs some help with and anger problem,more than Dr Phill can give him

2710 days ago


This kid is frightening! He wants to be like his Daddy so bad, but even his pops knows he didn't get any talent from his gene pool. Every time you see this kid on Sons of Hollywood, he's arrogant and spoiled. Unlike the other two on the show, he lacks class and maturity.
He needs some serious growing up and unfortunately, because of who his parents are, (term used lightly!), he will continue to live like he is entitled, without having to really do the work needed to earn his high-priced living. Another Hollywwod brat going down fast! Go to AA an d get some self respect! Now, that's something money can't buy!

2710 days ago


Shawn is so ignorant. They should put him through a reality check. Take away all his money and privileged and put him in a place where he has to work for food, money and shelter and see what he thinks of it. He's such a wimp I doubt he could handle it.

Not only does he act like as ass, he spoke to his own Mother so rudely on the show recently that it's disgusting. He should be locked up for sure because he has no respect.

2710 days ago


Sean Stewart "Stars in A@E reality show called Sons of Stars?" I'd say that's a stretch. He's not even famous for being famous. I mean c'mon, had anybody ever heard of this doubag before he couldn't get into a lame party in the hills? I hope they put him in jail with Joe" Dirtbag" Francis.

2710 days ago


He is such a scum bag loser!!!!!!

2710 days ago


Should have seen it coming. Anyone who watched his show and saw how self-centerd he was during his "best friend's" dad's funeral, that this was his true character.

2710 days ago


That show SUCKS ! I watched it one time and that was enough for me . Why do their parents put up with all this BS? My parents would kick my ass for behaving like that in public. Celebrity kids have no morals or class not even their money can buy them any !

2710 days ago


Oh my God, I feel for parents of Sean Stewart, he is absolutely a train wreck with so many addictions. He is a danger to all around him, he has been this ass since the first show, how arrogant, Too bad he didn't have the charm of Rod. The other two sons on the show seem to be decent young people.

2710 days ago


Some of your comments ring true enough.. However, I can tell just by looking at this kid and his past irrational behaviour that Sean Stewart has serious MENTAL PROBLEMS.. Im sure his own father wont even speak to him as he is to involved with himself, which is the main reason this brat turned out to be a PYSCHOPATH.. I just call them as I see them.. You dont have to have a psych degree to figure this out.. Both of his parents ditched him as a baby and did their own thing.. namely screwing anyone else they could in Hollywood Land..
Bye Bye Blacksheep

LOL Pussycat

2710 days ago



2710 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Poor guy, if I was Rod Stewart's son I would have killed myself from embarassment before reaching Elementary School.

2710 days ago


Rich celebs think they are doing their kids a favor by giving them everything they want. Problem is, they don't deserve to have "everything." When you don't have to work for something you want or need, at least some kind of work, you just don't have appreciation for it, plus you have no sense of pride or accomplishment.

You can't stand yourself - thanks to your parents bad upbringing - so guess what? - Drugs helps you forget about it. Sean has been an addict for a long time and sadly, will continue to be. He hates himself and takes it out on others. So sad for all concerned.

2710 days ago


Can we all say Christian Brando? if the only talent you have is your dad's name then that's what happens....

2710 days ago


I too, have tried to watch this new show, but it's just so darned boring and disgusting, I just can't watch it all the way through. I mean, this just isn't interesting or entertaining.

2710 days ago
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