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"Son of Hollywood" Star Allegedly a Son of a Bitch

4/23/2007 2:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean StewartTMZ has learned Sean Stewart, son of rocker Rod Stewart, was involved in a serious altercation over the weekend, and he is under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon.

Stewart, who stars in A&E's reality show "Sons of Hollywood," along with two other males, went to a private home in Hollywood last Saturday night, where a large party was in full swing. We were informed that when the trio was told they were not welcome, Stewart became upset -- especially when people leaving the party began teasing him.

We're told witnesses say that at around 4:00 AM, Stewart and his buddies began throwing bricks, rocks, a mailbox and even a trash can at a Ford F150. Witnesses say Stewart then tried to open the truck door, and that Stewart and two other men started punching a husband and wife who were seated inside.

TMZ spoke with the man inside the truck, who claims his wife suffered "massive lacerations to her legs" from windshield glass. He says that after the alleged attack, he took her to Cedars Sinai Hospital where she was treated.

The LAPD confirms Hollywood detectives are investigating the incident.

TMZ got a shot of Stewart (above) earlier that evening as he arrived at Koi restaurant in West Hollywood.

Stewart's rep could not immediately be reached for comment.


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#24 - You're right - it doesn't take a psych degree to see that he has mental issues. however, he is an adult and he and those around him should see this as the rest of us do and rather than buy buy buy him everything under the sun to keep him out of their hair, his parents ought to teach him something once in a while. cut him off financially other than the bare essentials (i doubt he has much earning power - he only knows how to be a spoiled little bitch and that doesn't pay too well and not enough to keep him in his lifestyle for sure). let him live like the rest of us do in the real world - paycheck to paycheck, doing the best we can do for our kids. true parents go crazy on their kids when they slip up on a gradecard or come home 15 mins late after curfew. i don't think it would kill these superrich kids to be treated the same once in a while. he should be able to see for himself that his actions are unattractive, irresponsible, and completely unacceptable.

2687 days ago

Old Hollywood Broad    

What has this kid ever done in his life except have his ego inflated because his Daddy is famous? Daddy moved on to another family after him and then another. So? He is so insignificant in his own life he has to act like a big shot because he isn't one. Only by association. DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE YOU SPOILED OBNOXIOUS IDIOT. USE THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT COME YOUR WAY (undeserved, because you offer nothing) TRY TO DO SOMETHING TO ADD TO THE HUMAN CONDITION. YOU ARE A WASTE OF YOUR FATHER'S YOU KNOW WHAT.......

2687 days ago


Everyones saying Rod Stewart and these other Hollywood Celeb parents mustve raised their children bad for them to end up like this, when the problem is actually that they didn't raise them at all...the nanny did, the housekeeper did,etc the parents have no idea their children are this bad because they dont even know their own children..that's the real crime here.

2687 days ago


I have watched the show on A&E and while I certainly think Randy Spelling and the Weintraub gent are very polished and classy, this Stewart kid is as unpolished and crass. While looks have nothing to do with anything, anyway, he is not particularly attractive (nor are his parents). Where did he come from anyway? Maybe mom and dad should sit him down and have a chat about class. His sister is not nearly as disgusting.

2687 days ago


Brats for being famous for being sons of famous people. And I really have to puke when I listen to Randy wanting to live up to Aaron's legacy. Give me a break. Randy acted a fool when Aaron died. What a righteous D I C K. A nothing, in fact.

2687 days ago

Paul M.    

I don't even watch the reality shows with the children of "stars". I got so sick of seeing those spoiled brats on Growing Up Gotti and The Ozbornes and all the rest of them.
I think about all the poor children in our country who truly need coats and essentials like food and shoes. These "Hollywood" and "Sweet Sixteen" "Daddies Spoiled Little Girl". I would be embarrased to even have a child act they way they do. No respect or boundaries. These children are so spoiled that they complain if they don't get the right color BMW or wanted a different fur coat than the one "GIVEN" to them.

Come on!!!! Why are we making these spoiled brats richer. I have not even watched Sons of Hollywood because I am tired of their tantrums being show for all the world to see and they don't even care. They expect everything handed to them. I do not believe that is the case with ALL of Hollywood's children, but certainly with way too many of them.

2687 days ago


I agree with 21 & 24, it's really not his fault but his parents that he's such a mess. He has ADD and low self esteem due to the absence of his father during his formative years when Rod left for yet another new love and left his kids with Alana who may have loved Sean, but she could not make up for the lack of his father in his life who appears to have chosen to leave Sean behind. He never got over it, hence, the mess you see today.

2687 days ago


what's the anger about ,not going to be invited to all the parties just because of being so pamperd their lives thinking they can do no wrong and when they do wrong they won't have to pay any consequences brings this type of behavior

2687 days ago


This guy is such a loser it's almost sad. Hopefully A&E will pull their stupid show now. Who the hell was the genius that thought people might care what these 3 losers did???

2687 days ago

philly fan    

He needs to hook up with Britney. They would be perfect together. An ADD & Bi-Polar trainwreck. I would watch that reality show. He definitely makes the Sons of Hollywood unwatchable. He cries about his daddy all the time but no one would know who he was if it wasnt that he was Rod's son. He is always getting into fights, Dean Cain kicked his ass.

2687 days ago

Carolyn Michaels    

He is just a brat! I started watching the show however with his awful stupid antics I quite watching.The Osbourns were soooooo much better. Rod and Alana, what kind of human did you raise? He really needs INTERVENTION of some kind

2687 days ago


Don't be surprised,,, his father was NO better at his age. Rod Stewart is a dead beat. The only child that Rod Stewart produced who knows what it is to actually work is Sarah.....yes SARAH ! She was his first child and she was born when he was 18. He has never paid a penny for her in her life and he doesn't even include her in his kid-count,,,, he actually says he prefers NOT to include her......... Meanwhile the spoiled b@$tards that came after her are scum like their father. I have no time for Rod Stewart and his treatment of Sarah Thubron (daughter) now married to a Chris Streeter is something that in my opinion speaks volumes...........

Kimberley and Sean look and act like Rod...lets watch as his younger brood take after him too....if you don't care about your own blood you ain't gonna care about peoples homes are possessions....Low class rich people >scum of the earth

2687 days ago


Arrest him now! Just because his dad is Rod "The Mod" Stewart, the L.A.P.D. should NOT wait . If this kid was from a trailer park, his dumb-ass would have been arrested on the spot without a 2nd thought about it. Where are the cops?

2687 days ago


Plus Rod Stewarts voice sounds like a truck on a gravel road... I'm British and have always disliked him and his horrible voice.

Talent ???? what talent ???? Pure luck in my opinion....that he got famous.....Trust me he ain't gonna be no will care about Roddy in 30 years.

2687 days ago


Wow so much animosity in here towards rich people. Sorry to tell you this you jeaouls assholes, but addiction to drugs/alcohol dosen't discriminate based on socioeconomic lines.

Also, did it ever occur to you SOB's that while kids of celebrities may have an easier time breaking into showbiz.,they are still the target of other's who have more incentive to destroy them and want to see them fail.

Stewart isn't the only celebrity kid with little or no talent, look at Scott Caan, Ben Stiller, Tori Spelling etc...It's just he agreed to make a reality show to showcase his shortcomings...

2687 days ago
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