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Can't Take Dump So Residents Must Pay

4/23/2007 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's rough living around a location shoot for a Val Kilmer movie!

At 8:30 this morning, a movie starring Kilmer, "Columbus Day," was about to film in Echo Park near downtown L.A.

The residents were supposed to move their cars off the street. The wife of a TMZ staffer was at home, taking care of her one-year-old child when she heard banging at the front door. A woman named Kelli Lassen told the staffer's wife, "You need to move your f**king car because we need to park the toilets for the Val Kilmer movie." Nice.

We contacted Lassen, who at first denied saying it, then said she was reacting to a man in a nearby apartment who wouldn't move his car. She said she called that man a "f**king asshole" and then acknowledged she got hot with the staffer's wife.

Lassen apologized for her outburst, but added, "Val Kilmer can't even use the bathroom."


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Standards are badly needed.    

As you can see, Val ate Kelli Lassen for her rudeness.

2705 days ago


He used to be sooo fine and now he looks like he's about to give birth.

2705 days ago


Stop looking at me...c'mon, STOP IT!!

Very Truly Large,

Val Kilmer's Gunt

2705 days ago

somebody's cousin    

Come on, folks, you know that TMZ often uses the worst pics they can find of a celebrity. It means nothing. Kelli was obviously rude and tactless, but odds are the film company had street permits for parking, and odds are further that the facilities were intended for the entire crew. This kind of thing happens in L.A. every day. It is such a non-story!

2705 days ago


It's not Kelli's fault. She just has her head too far up her own ass to see straight. She's all caught up in her own drama. Earth to Kelli, "Remove head from asshole. Asap."

2705 days ago


I wouldn't want to move my car so a crap house could be placed in front of my home!. Who do these people think they are??? At least have the deceny to bring in some kind of mobile home kind of thing and keep that mess in a more respectable container. And it is funny but the beached whale phrase came to mind before I saw the other postings, Val must be thrilled with this pic.

2705 days ago


When's the due date?

2705 days ago


Let him go he's about to blow!!!!!

2705 days ago


It's crappy that a PA yelled at a member of the public while they over reacted to someone not conforming to the notice about parking. As someone already posted the toilets were most likely for the whole crew. Val more than likely had his own trailer with a private toilet.

It is also crappy that a "journalist" would resort to dragging Val Kilmer into it. It is sensationalism. Because headlines like "PA RUDE TO MY WIFE", or "KELLI LASSEN GOES ON RAMPAGE!!!" don't mean anything. The truth is this really is a non-story. Running the story with an unflattering pic of Val Kilmer is beyond pathetic.

2705 days ago

E.B. Blanca    

Geez, you ever try parking in Echo Park? Ain't exactly spacious.

2705 days ago

Truth in your eye    

Dexter29999... do you work for the movie company???? Your certainly making light of extreme rudeness which no matter the situation is not goes beyond "crappy" and not everyone in the world is fine with rearranging their lives to make the merely movie industry comfortable, so understand that. My most curious question is if you mock TMZ for who it is...what are are you doing on it???????

2705 days ago


It's a pain when construction or special events inconvenience us, but if these people were forwarned to move their cars, they should have co-operated. It's costs money and time when projects are stalled due to small problems. Kelli Lassen was probably frustrated but she is a scmunt to swear at people in their own homes. A little sugar works better than a lot of vinegar Ms Lassen.

2705 days ago


What is it with these Hollywood people that think they are so above the law and better than others.

I hope the wife didn't move her car. Looks like Kilmer could use the walk anyway.

2705 days ago

chelle boops    

I must add that yes Val doesn't look his best, but he is and always will be one of my favorite actors. I also think that he is still HOT!!!!!

2705 days ago


As a responce to Truth in your eye

I do not work for the project in question. I have worked on film sets before. There is no excuse for a PA being rude. No excuse for the SOB that aced you out that primo parking spot. Courtesy should always be adheared to.

HOWEVER this story leads with Val Kilmers name and an unflattering picture. It is trying to cast him in a bad light. Why? Do you think Val Kilmer was on the street yelling "Why the F#%$ are these cars still here and where are the *$%*&#! portable toilets??!! I have to take dump NOW!!!!!" Not likely. So they associate his name and this bad picture with a bad story as a form of yellow journalism to strike back at an innocent party. If you think I am wrong then ask this question, "Why didn't they run an unflattering picture of Kelli Lassen?"

As for why do I read this? Because on quite often they come up with very good stories. My favorite was Matthew McConaughey bumming money off Papparazi to buy lunch while biking.

2705 days ago
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