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Worker on Val Kilmer Film

Apologizes for Talkin' Sh*t

4/23/2007 7:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelli Lassen's letterTMZ has learned Kelli Lassen, the enraged production peon who angrily told the wife of a TMZ staffer living on the block where a Val Kilmer film was shooting, "You need to move your f**king car because we need to park the toilets for the Val Kilmer movie!" -- has written an apology for her crappy attitude and potty mouth.

In a handwritten mea culpa left on the TMZ staffer's door, Lassen called the incident a "misunderstanding," and labels her profanity-laced tirade a "courtesy warning." Where'd she go to school? The Alec Baldwin Etiquette Academy?!

Ironically, it wasn't even our staffer's wife's car, but Lassen apologized for possibly waking up the resident and for being abrupt. She claims she was "merely trying to eliminate towing," adding, "I sincerely care about the local Echo Park residents." Um, define "care!"

Strangely enough, according to her MySpace profile, Lassen is a Buddhist, interested in "positivity," and believes the popular self-help book/DVD "The Secret" is working for her. TMZ is happy to have delivered a little instant karma.


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Piglet Baldwin    

She is a sure thing to go far in the Industry.

2710 days ago

He's Boring now    

A Secret follower?..hmmm, I thought that whole shtick was one attracts what one envisions and dreams of. I guess her Secret of attraction is one of adversity, cruelty, selfishness, and entitlement.

Shame on her. And shame on the chirade photo of her scrubbing toilets with the skimpy outfit. Sounds to me this is not a sincere apology but another form of self seeking hypocrisy.

Lose the Buddha stuff, maybe you should go see Cruise and Travolta, sounds more like what you're all about.

2710 days ago

Tommy Dreamer    

tell them to shove it like mr kerry's wife . you dont owe anyone anything. no reason for anyone to say they are sorry!

2710 days ago


What a dope! I hope all the residents complain to the LA Film Commission office about the parking; and the production manager about this dumb bitch!

2710 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

I invite Kelli to come to my apartment with her attitude. She will be in immediate need of a Buddhist dentist.

2710 days ago


Just another day in show business. Occupation of jerks. At least the woman apologized.

2710 days ago


Wow, I almost got a headache reading that note. Not only does she shift tenses constantly but her apparent large vocabulary can't help her create a cohesive response. This makes me realize I made the right choice not going into the entertainment industry because of its lack of professionalism and outright lack of intelligence. Seriously though this letter looks as though it was force feed, probably because the altercation ended up on TMZ!

2710 days ago


LMFAO!!! "Instant Karma" -- I LOVE IT TMZ!!!

She obviously sees herself much differently than she actually is. Read: DELUDED!

2710 days ago

Perez's Nemesis    

Wow, that was a serioualy bad apology. It seems rather hostile for an apology...I like how she underlined the word courtesy. And, WTF is "helpfulness intent"?!?

2709 days ago


She's obviously a graduate of The Lindsay Lohan Grammar Academy.

2709 days ago


Just anothe example of unwarranted abuse followed by insincere apology. However, in her possible defense, given Val Kilmer's reputation for being a spoiled brat on the set I can see how she could panic in such a situation. After all, who wants Kilmer sulking all day because he couldn't crap when and where he wanted to. Plus, having seen some pictures of his enormous gut, I imagine his need to crap must be monumental.

2709 days ago


Again, slow news day guys? Oy Vey!

Tempest in a teapot.......Kilmer's ok my book.

2709 days ago


i'd give her a job, i'm in locations, i won't praise this but who gives a F you'd be dealing with 10X worse if you'd towed the car. You don't have all day when dealing with production. They were renters anyway most lose ground in court.

2709 days ago

tired of cry baby    

hey tmz, for the ten thousandth time, just because someone works for you does not mean they are news worthy.your in a sleazy business, and you have sleazy people who do your dirty work, I'm sure some one in your office has cursed before, so stop acting like a reality star and stop thinking that if someone works for tmz. it does not make them news worthy!!!! my god you people are so full of yourselfs. just take another picture of paris and make up a story, but this is not a top story, and what did this have to do with val?

2709 days ago


# 15. the unknown....

Shut up!!!! It has nothing to do with being good at what you do there are ways to talk to people. She needs to be slapped for talking that trash and so do you!!!!!

Grow up and act like you got a pair!

2709 days ago
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