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Worker on Val Kilmer Film

Apologizes for Talkin' Sh*t

4/23/2007 7:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelli Lassen's letterTMZ has learned Kelli Lassen, the enraged production peon who angrily told the wife of a TMZ staffer living on the block where a Val Kilmer film was shooting, "You need to move your f**king car because we need to park the toilets for the Val Kilmer movie!" -- has written an apology for her crappy attitude and potty mouth.

In a handwritten mea culpa left on the TMZ staffer's door, Lassen called the incident a "misunderstanding," and labels her profanity-laced tirade a "courtesy warning." Where'd she go to school? The Alec Baldwin Etiquette Academy?!

Ironically, it wasn't even our staffer's wife's car, but Lassen apologized for possibly waking up the resident and for being abrupt. She claims she was "merely trying to eliminate towing," adding, "I sincerely care about the local Echo Park residents." Um, define "care!"

Strangely enough, according to her MySpace profile, Lassen is a Buddhist, interested in "positivity," and believes the popular self-help book/DVD "The Secret" is working for her. TMZ is happy to have delivered a little instant karma.


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Production people are all a bunch of pottymouths. She probably thought such colorful language was common even among people in polite society.

2702 days ago

Sharp Eye    

How the hell is this even news Harvey?

"TMZ staffer wife pissed off and she can get even" that should have been the headline.
Why not do a story on how movie production companies, constantly work around and manipulate City Codes?
Or would that actually require some investigative work, on your part TMZ?
Enough with creating news, do your jobs.
Stop insulting our intelligence with this Crap!

2702 days ago


I wonder what ever happened to "The Man Who Broke 1000 Chains" The story of Vincent Pelliccia's Life.? Anyone know, out there. Val Kilmer played the lead role.

2701 days ago


If she's publically humiliated & fired she only has herself to blame.
She chose to act that way and to be excessivly rude.
To whomever asked how is this news, it is news because she did this on behalf of a film being shot by an actor we've all heard of and we're entertainment junkies ")
And it just illustrates a situation that many of us have already experienced ourselves which is film production companies invading our space and being demanding and rude instead of gracious.

2701 days ago


Whata bitch!!!! that letter she wrote her is such bull! She's totally not taking responsibility for her rudeness. That letter reads just as condescending as her remarks.
I had a friend that lived off that street some 10 years ago and he went on a two week trip to Europe, when he came home, a production company towed his car. To my awareness, they're suppose to give them a lead notice, my friend didn't even get one, they just took his car. He sued them and won for all of the towing fees.
So nah!, I don't feel sorry for this chick. She's just as slimy as the tow truck drivers.

2701 days ago

Amy NY    

Snap Crackle Pop Rice Krispies..

2701 days ago


#9-Tomtom--if someone, out of the blue, knocked on your mother's door and started screaming and swearing at her, for no reason--no apology necessary? Are you just a total idiot? The two of you should hook up---keep each other off the streets.

2701 days ago


This woman should be fired---kept away from the public. She's a disgrace. Her apology was empty and not an apology at all. She gives Buddhism and "The Secret" a bad name!!!

2701 days ago


I don't think that sounds like much of an apology. It reads more like she's trying to excuse her own bad behavior. I think she should go out with Alec Baldwin...they apparently have alot in common.

2701 days ago

concerned citizen    

Who in the Hell does she think she is? I don't care whom she works for, it doesn't give her the right to speak to anyone that way. She should be fired. Her so called apology was just an excuse for her behavior. I wouldn't except it!

2701 days ago


Just curious.....If a movie is shooting on your street are they allowed to tow your car from in front of your house? Like is this a law in LA or something? Anyone know?

2701 days ago


She is bragging about this on her friends myspace page. She said she got a raise and some free press of the movie.

2701 days ago


They filmed what-turned-out-to-be-a-'B' movie at the college I was attending years ago, and I still remember what utter *ssholes the production people were.

No whenever I see the 'star' in whatever projects he can still find to appear in, I associate him with negative impressions and switch the channel.

Sorry; that's the way it is -- true story.

2701 days ago


IMHO, Lasssen might THINK she's a Buddhist -- but she's not really; they practice nonaggression.

2701 days ago

Laurie R    

thanks TMZ for giving me my first real laugh this morning!!
the alec baldwin etiquette academy????? LOL....i'll have to remember to use that one!!
thanks! :-)

2701 days ago
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