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Worker on Val Kilmer Film

Apologizes for Talkin' Sh*t

4/23/2007 7:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelli Lassen's letterTMZ has learned Kelli Lassen, the enraged production peon who angrily told the wife of a TMZ staffer living on the block where a Val Kilmer film was shooting, "You need to move your f**king car because we need to park the toilets for the Val Kilmer movie!" -- has written an apology for her crappy attitude and potty mouth.

In a handwritten mea culpa left on the TMZ staffer's door, Lassen called the incident a "misunderstanding," and labels her profanity-laced tirade a "courtesy warning." Where'd she go to school? The Alec Baldwin Etiquette Academy?!

Ironically, it wasn't even our staffer's wife's car, but Lassen apologized for possibly waking up the resident and for being abrupt. She claims she was "merely trying to eliminate towing," adding, "I sincerely care about the local Echo Park residents." Um, define "care!"

Strangely enough, according to her MySpace profile, Lassen is a Buddhist, interested in "positivity," and believes the popular self-help book/DVD "The Secret" is working for her. TMZ is happy to have delivered a little instant karma.


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OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

Kim Bassinger.... If the shoe fits? Wear it! Very low to blame the other party! Be an adult and work this out!

Rosie Should be fired from life! What a nasty person... a minority? maybe that is why she isn't fired? ewwww RoNasty inviting anyone to eat her....... puke

2707 days ago


harvey levin - the only reason you ran that story is because you could work in val kilmer and make it sound like he did something arogant.

certainly there is no shortage of deserving pompous jerks to mock. can't you stick to that?

secondly - my friend occasionally location manages and she hates that part of the job. they work really hard to get their permits which does give them the right to tow. the signs are put up in advance. while there is no excuse for rudeness - remember it's 6am and four huge trucks need to park in 30 minutes and there are always one or two people who ignored the signs and parked anyway.

if the location scout doesn't find the owner - the car is towed - then the owner screams at the location manager and they scream a lot louder than kelli did.

the woman apologized. you turned it into national news. feel better now?

2707 days ago

Amy Frey    

Good Lord! Where did this woman learn her grammar skills? She probably makes a TON of money and can't even write a single complete sentence articulately. What. An. Idiot.

2707 days ago


The production company should just fire her. The fact that the person she insulted like that is a TMZ staffer's wife is completely irrelevant. She shouldn't talk to anyone like that, but something tells me this isn't the first time.

2707 days ago


These location production companies are a scourge on LA. They roll into a neighborhood, take all the street parking (a RARE resource in LA), and then act like they own the neighborhood. The neighborhood residents (who are not compensated for inconvenience nor consulted in any meaningful manner prior to the Film Commission releasing permits) can just pack sand.

This is pretty much business as usual; the PA just happened to have said something to the wrong person who had an ability to push back.

2707 days ago



2707 days ago

la dani    

a production peon! HAHAHAHA! a buddhist! HAHAHAHAHAH!

2707 days ago

U Can't B Serious    

If it's true that she got a raise for her '15 minutes of shame' it just goes to show how far out of touch Hollywood is with the real world. Where else can you cuss out someone by mistake and then get rewarded with a raise?

The production company and this idiot chick are so deranged they actually believe this is publicity that will help Kilmer who has landed one notch above the D-List. Must be nice to constantly live in such a fantasy.

Hey Lassen!...better save that $50're going to need it when you go back to serving Pizza. You couldn't possibly be more of an uneducated, idiotic moron if you tried. Typcial trailer trash thinking you're somebody because you can spew a few four-letter words ('re not on the elementary school playground anymore, so we're not impressed).

2707 days ago

U Can't B Serious    

#35 - Ally, were you Kelli Lassen's language arts tutor?

2707 days ago


Come beat on my door and cuss at me, and I'll shove that permit right up your ass.

2707 days ago


I mean REALLY (!!!),
Is there such a things as a Hollywood biz Buddhist???
C'mon. I hate people that BELIEVE they are so entitled. It's delusional, eh? Just as delusional as thinking she's a Buddhist....

2706 days ago


ok folks just remember one thing about all these so called stars they are human just like us( man they don't make um like Bogart an Wayne anymore do they) and they all sit on the can every morning and wipe their with a tissue ,and with all them nightly forays etc some of them must buy the fresh air spray cans by the case load.
PS; oops I just farted an its a humdinger gotta go an open a window.

2706 days ago


I LOVE the justice here!

Also- Kelli- you seriously need a grammar lesson. "Helpfulness Intent"? What is that??

2706 days ago

U Can't B Serious    

No one really cares about this lowly PA. They are a dime a dozen and easily replaced. Most, like this woman are high school dropouts who just want to say they are in the business. You can tell immediately the ones who will be gone soon -- they begin griping and complaining about having to do actual work almost immediately after arriving. And just like this sad woman they get pretty full of themselves because they have some connection to a Hollywood production. She likely will be making tacos at some fast food place or folding shirts at the local GAP in a month or two. She obviously has no tangible work skills and has demonstrated the class of a hooker on Hollywood Blvd. The unfortunate part is that time is such a critical factor on locations that people like her don't get what they deserve (to be fired) because it's not feasible to replace them at that moment. It's a business full of egos, many of which are falsely inflated.

2706 days ago


If the location manager had contacted Kelli's former boss at 72 Market (Venice CA) before hiring her, they'd have learned that she got fired TWICE from 72 Market for punching someone in the face (around 2000) - true! The woman's a loose canon.

537 days ago
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