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Can You Stomach the New Britney?

4/24/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's dance lessons are paying off -- and she's got the abs to prove it.

A belly-baring Brit was spotted leaving Millennium Dance Complex last night, showing off her tightly toned bod in a Pepto pink crop top, oh-so-short miniskirt and what looks like a Paula Abdul wig.

If she just grows back that hair, it's only a matter of time until she's writhing on stage with snakes again.

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She just white trash! She will go from fat to skinny for rest of her life. What ever she is obsessed with at the moment she will do. I did think back in 2002 she was the hottest chic, but after seeing her mushy hooohaaaa , baby scar and back-fat that changed everything.
She is a no talent attention whore. She will always get attention; because the W.T. will support her bad singing and Cajon twang talking voice.
She needs to move away to Greenland for at least 5 years then come back. That won’t happen because she is addicted to good and bad attention. And still getting it without signing her crap in 3 years.

My 2cents

2647 days ago

know it all    

Hey Sylvia,
In your comment # 83 you say that you don't care about Brit and others celebrities alike. Yet you come back the following day ,TO THE SAME ARTICLE, and post a comment with your in-depth opinion on the subject.(#86)

Do you suffer from a split personality disorder ?!? Or do you have difficulty sticking to your own agenda?

2646 days ago


So obviously that's a wig cos hair doesn't grow that fast.

2643 days ago


For all of you who left mean comments---get over it...Brittney is more famous than you...she looks better than you and yes she does it with a couple kids. She's just like every other mother out there, except that she has to do it all in the spot light and has everyone's eyes on her at all times. Are you all telling me you are a good mother 100% of the time? Have none of you ever had some insecurities about your body and tried a diet that was maybe way too ridiculous? Just cause she looks good doesn't mean she went to extremes to get there. Stop bein jealous. She did it better than you, and people have actually noticed. Have none of you ever just wanted the world to stop, so you can breathe, so you can pull yourself back together? So she had a mental breakdown and made a pretty rash decision, is it her fault the cameras were there in a heartbeat to make this news go public within hours? Sure you have survived living a life as one of the many millions out there-bad husband, two kids, mentally unstable, people constantly trying to give you advice for how you can be a better person---well now try it as a celebrity. Wouldn't you want a break too? I'm sure that even if she did do something right---none of you would be there to acknowledge it. Just get over yourselves.

2643 days ago


I'm glad that she's trying to get her life back in order. And as for neglecting her kids..which everyone seems to be accusing her only see the pictures people want you to see. Pictures of her and her sons aren't going to rake in the money that pictures of her looking on the edge of insanity are going to. So why would people put those pictures in magazines and online. Everyone wants her to be crazy and neglectful, so that's what they've made her. And maybe she really is a bad mom, but maybe she isn't and magazines just paint that picture of her because people like you want to see it.

2643 days ago


I am pleased with how she looks. I know it is sad, but part of me still looks up to her. It is amazing to me how she can do so many outlandish things and get back up from it. I wish it could be that easy for regular people. I wonder if i just lose weight and throw on a wig or some hair extensions could i to benefit the way she does. Make my year, tell me i can do it too!

2643 days ago


oh wait i'm not done yet, why must u wear non mathcihn clothing, if u put on a pink shirt, and a balck hat, and brown boots, wtf is that, think before u wear something, have btter sense of fashion, and lose the hat, and the boots, if u wear sum cool JORDANS, or NIKES, with a skirt, and a shirt, and juss put that ugly ass wig on u'll look way better, trust me

2643 days ago

Tim D    

I think Britney is back on track going the right direction as well. At the same time I can't help but think like most celebrity spoofs, people like to see a comeback. So from singers tragedy of life to back in the scene trying to make it work again, the media knows its gonna sell. Have you ever spoken to a paparazzi? Are they only making celebrities lives harder because they need the paycheck, or do they know that everyone loves Rocky?

2643 days ago


I think Britney can do whatever she pleases there are more nasty triffling bitches out there and no one knows about them because they're broke. She is a person like everyone else and is allowed to make mistakes, and she's got millions, stop the hate people!!!!

2643 days ago


Okay she's obviously going through a difficult time but she's still amazingly beautiful!! You can't take that away from her, her body is flawless, just like it was BEFORE her two children!!

2643 days ago


Everyone who judges her always has something lame and cruel to say like they know her on a first name basis. It's funny how great the stupidity of those people is that think they know everything about her. come on people, get a life. shes britney spears, and as soon as she releases another album everyone is going to love here again so get over it.

2643 days ago


Brit looks better even though shes still a wack job crack hoe... but thank god she has all that money to fix herself (all women can look like that with tummy tucks and lipo or the other combo of anorexia and crunches) She looks like a broke down Madonna.
remember kids the message britney is sending "crack is wack"

2643 days ago


Wow, some people really just LOVE to hate Britney. Cut her a bit of slack, will ya? Don't assume that every seemingly positive thing she does is "just a publicity stunt." No matter what you think of her, remember that she's a human being, and her life should not be a target for the hatred of the ignorant public. She's obviously been to hell and back, we should just hope for her sake and the sake of her kids that she's coming "back" for good.

2643 days ago


my god everyone should just get over Britney. dont u get bored after a while, and good for her if she makes a comeback, but i wont ever like her again, and i dont think anyone will.

2643 days ago


This woman will never have a comeback that people will take seriously...

2643 days ago
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