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Corinne Bailey Rae -- Toast at Butter

4/24/2007 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She might be the biggest thing in Britain since sliced bread, but when she tried to get into Butter Monday night, Corinne Bailey Rae got smeared.

The Grammy-nominated chanteuse was denied at the downtown celeb-boite on a busy night, though she didn't exactly put up a Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis -- or even Shauna Sand-sized fight to get in. After shuffling up to the door, the Grammy-nominated Brit huddled under a jacket like she was E.T. being hidden from the Feds.

After cowering next to a supersized bodyguard version of Fantasia Barrino, Corinne tried telephonic assistance to get through the forbidding glass doors, but to no avail. And following that pathetically mild attempt, Corrine turned right around and cabbed it back -- to whatever bed she'd just rolled out of.


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Mrs. Lindo    

Only in Amerikkka!!!

2717 days ago


Corinne is a huge talent, which anyone with any musical taste who listens to anything other than trashy pop, would know. She was nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist, she has a lovely, soulful, unique voice, and is a very classy "old soul". So she wanted to go out one night.....why is TMZ dissing? You should be ashamed. The fact that she didn't act like a spoiled, bratty rich kid and just went home proves she has more class than most of our ridiculous America celebs. She's actually got more going for her than all of them together and in retrospect was probably just as glad to leave-hence the lack of a public hissy fit! And while I'm at guys diss on the Britney's, Paris's and Lindsay's for partying TOO much and flaunting their crass lives for all to see, NOW you diss on Corinne for not trying hard enough to join them. You guys suck. Small minds and mean spirits.

2717 days ago


i would hate to be famous and this ish happen to me in front of cameras. how embarrassing for these people that get turned away. eff these clubs!!! i guess you have to be a white, rich blonde whore, like paris, or a hip "pop" sellout like p diddy to get in.

2717 days ago


Poor Corinne, that "bodygaurd" woman is actually one of her backup singers by the way....she's wearing the same dress she wears live tho lol oh well she's very nice i feel bad

2717 days ago

slightly disheartened jm fan    

I'm suprised oddly. How could anyone who enjoys..looks for...appreciates really good music (something so badly lacking in at mainstream sense anyway) not know who this young lady is? Ever heard of John Legend? John Mayer? They performed together on TV?? Remember? She had tons of nominations and awards for her album? RIng a bell? Damn people.

2717 days ago


Neo-soul songstress Corinne Bailey Rae was born in Leeds, England, in 1979 to a British mother and West Indian father. Displaying an interest in music from an early age, Rae studied classical violin until she acquired an electric guitar in her early teens. Inspired by such '90s alt-rock icons as L7, Veruca Salt, and others, Rae formed her first band, the all-female indie rock outfit Helen. Despite developing a strong local following, the band ultimately folded and Rae enrolled at Leeds University to study English literature. While at school, a job at a jazz club inspired her more soul-oriented leanings and she began writing songs. Eventually, she scored a record deal with EMI and released her self-titled debut solo album in 2006. ~ Matt Collar, All Music Guide

2717 days ago


Why is it that people who do not like this womans have to be people who dont appreciate or know "good" music? I listen to all genre's of music and I like everything from trashy pop to neo soul and yet I could really careless for this woman. I dont even care to type her name. She is as exciting as tap water.

To number 15, if our music and talent is such trash, why is the UK always 3 years behind when it comes anything but rock or alternative music? Your artists seldom make it here because we heard it already. The only noticeable artists (again other then alternative artists)that have come out from the UK has been Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone.

I have nothing against this lady, but people dont know her because she is boring and uneventful.

Thank you.

2717 days ago


correction to the first line: why is it people who do not like womans *music...

2717 days ago


Oh, I love her. Why was she trying to go there? She's better than that.

2717 days ago


Corrine Bailey Rae is a wonderful singer.. if you haven't hear of her maybe you need to get out and go to the store and go listen to it.. if you don't want to go out and buy it go to iTunes and listen to a 30 second clip... Great CD

2714 days ago


funny isn't it, all these negative comments, and half of ya's haven't even heard of her or her music. why have an opinion on someone you know nothing about??? very well put Jessica...

2709 days ago
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