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Diddy Just Threaten Us?

4/24/2007 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One TMZ cameraman had a brush with danger last night -- getting threatened by Diddy's massive, musclebound bodyguards outside a packed New York nightclub.

While trying to shoot footage of the rapper outside Butter, one of his gargantuan lackeys stepped in front of the camera lens and warned, "Don't shoot him ... it's not going to be a good situation if you shoot him."

Threatening yes, but not nearly as clever as the alleged Diddy catch-phrase, "I'll smack flames out of your ass!"


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Real Love    

Oh yeah, the paparazzi are so awful ... but celebrities have no problem having their pictures taken or using the media WHEN IT'S PUTTING MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS!!! They have no problem with their celebrity status when they're accepting free gifts and gift bags worth more than some people make in a year, or when they're getting VIP treatment. I'm sick of the wah wah-ing over the paparazzi and the people who talk about how horrible it is. Yeah, I'm sure it is horrible, but I bet all that money and special priviledge makes up for it. And I bet when they get to use it to sell CDs or movies or clothing lines or perfumes or whatever else they want to gouge the public for at premium prices, that makes up for it too. No. 16, you're an imbecile. Or a celebrity.

2704 days ago


if you want to be in show bizzzz and all the money and fame that goes with it ,guess what every move you make paparazzi is there ,this what these people craved then when they get into show bizzzzzzz isn't it , who knows why tmz wanted a photo this guy anyway i don't remember what he's famous for doing

2704 days ago

patty cake    

WHen is he going away?????

2704 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Who is this person?

2704 days ago


# 20,
He is a nobody that thinks he is a somebody.
A loser, crook, thief, Child abuser, woman abuser, animal abuser, keeps guns, runs from the law with J-lo in the back seat loving the excitement, threatens Jurys,
the list goes on and on and on.
A true trouble maker and one of the biggest BULLY'S around.....
And his mother is no better than he is.
They are just terrible, terrible so called humans.....
Monsters if you will.

Sweet Judith

2703 days ago

He's Boring now    

Hey 16

What Country are you from?

And why do you think TMZ should only publish "newsworthy" items? Go watch Katie Curic for that crap...this site is for dirt and spreading it around for those who choose to live and play in it, like Diddy. And for those who choose to read it.

I'm sick of idiots coming here crying about what they read, acting like they should be getting breaking news stories. This site is for lame brains like me who especially love it when those in the spotlight get caught being human or inhumane.

2703 days ago

know it all    

Hey #16.... GET BENT !!
Don't try to play like you come to TMZ for "newsworthy" information. You come here for the same reason we all do, "DIRT".... good ol' fashioned scandalous riveting lucious DIRT !!
People don't go to a steakhouse looking for fois gras... and they don't come to TMZ for news.

TMZ- YOU ARE THE SOURCE !!! You are like the lady down the way, who knows everybody's business, especially the gritty nasty filthy stuff, the kind of stuff that would make a person want to crawl under a rock and die !!! And we love it...LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT !!!
Don't ever stop!

2702 days ago
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