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Slick Willy

Gets a Helping Hand

4/24/2007 1:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ had a run-in with the Secret Service last night -- getting pushed away from the door of Pier Sixty for the exit of former President Bill Clinton. Rank does have its privileges.

The Prez got special attention at the Can-Do Awards, but Josh Hartnett, a slightly heavier and hotter Kate Bosworth and her model buddy Helena Christensen didn't get the same treatment -- having to fend off photogs as they left headed to their cars. Rock royalty David Bowie and stunning wife Iman, Julianne Moore, and Beastie Boy Mike D were spotted leaving the event as well.

A hooded Jay-Z fared better than Corinne Bailey Rae at Butter, getting ushered through the doors without waiting in line, while John Legend had no problem getting into Tenjune.

All this in more in today's presidential edition of Star Catcher.


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I love Bill Clinton. I have no use for his wife. I wish he could run for President again.

2741 days ago


He ought to just go away.

2741 days ago


If Hilary is elected President she is planning to appoint Bill Clinton as Roaming Embassador.

Gotta love that Bill ... going from Roaming Husband to Roaming Embassador!

2741 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Mmm... I'd TAP that!!!!!!! Bill Clinton with all that luscious, thick, long foreskin down to his knees. I actually envy Monica (Lewinsky)! ;-)

2741 days ago


Bill Clinton is seriously ill. With all mixed feelings we all have for that man he is a human being and he is aging so fast. I wonder what is his DX.

2741 days ago


Why is Kate Bosworth's husband pulling on her so hard she almost falls??? It didn't seem like they were walking all that quickly, but she's a good 2 steps behind him, holding his hand and struggling to stay upright! That being said, I feel very sorry for her husband. With a name like Helena he must have been teased mercilessly as a kid.

2741 days ago


Both Clintons need to take a long rest from politics. They have been planning and running for president since their days at Yale Law School. This is the first time they have even had a home of their own, having lived in tax-payer provided residences all their married life. I am tired of them and wish they would retire. Neither will do anything to protect us against our enemies, and I do not identify with Monica or his attentions to ladies, like some do. People need to get serious and stop the hero worship for people who don't deserve it.

2741 days ago


Just wondering if our tax dollars continue to pay for his secret service detail - our country is so screwed up. The rich get richer and the poor keep paying their way. I am sick of all these celebritie and politicians getting their way paid by the true American's in this country. Have you cut down to one tp piece a day?

2741 days ago



2741 days ago


Well said Candy!!!!! Couldn't have said it better myself

2741 days ago


I love President Bill Clinton! Thanks TMZ! He is always charming and polite to the media; except when Chris Wallace made a false statement about Clinton not doing enough to get Bin Laden, and President Bill Clinton set him straight. Way to go President Bill Clinton. President Clinton did many great things for our country like implementing environmental laws and lowering the deficit. When Clinton was in office, 3% of the American population made $300,000 or more; now it's only 1% of the population since the Bush administration.

2741 days ago


#3 I agree. President Bill Clinton cannot help the fact that he has a high sex drive and had a fat chick throwing herself on him. I read the star report and Clinton tried to avoid Monica, but she kept on throwing herself on him. I would have did Clinton and kept it a secret forever.

2741 days ago


#6 The Clintons have dedicated their lives to being a public servant. They put their heart and soul into it, and have done an outstanding job. While Bush was out partying, being an alcoholic; The Clintons were dedicated public servants. And to think that a democrat cannot protect the country is absurd. President Bush has done a lot of harm for US like eliminating important environmental laws, a 4 year war, and he has created a huge deficit.

2741 days ago


umm......#5 Kate Bosworth is not married and the Helena they are talking about is Helena Christensen, a supermodel. It's time to come out from under the rock.

2741 days ago


So what, Clinton did something morally wrong in the White House; Newt Gingrich admitted to having an affair while trying to impeach President Clinton. The bottom line is President Clinton did a great job in office, and I believe Hilary Clinton can do the same. America needs The Clintons.

2741 days ago
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