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"Meeting Paris Hilton" Can Be Such a Bitch!

4/24/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the radio, another Paris Hilton song has emerged. Luckily, this latest dance ditty is about Paris, not sung by her!
Paris Hilton and CSS
"Meeting Paris Hilton" is a bitchin' new track by up-and-coming Brazilian electro-rock group Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS), Portuguese for "tired of being sexy," whose lyrics never mention the hotel heiress by name but do feature the word "bitch" over 20 times. That's hot!

TMZ contacted CSS, who said they came up with the song a while back because,"We were really excited about Paris Hilton three years ago, before the sex tape." Ah, the good 'ol days! When asked if they consider Paris a bitch, a member of CSS said, "Is it good to be a bitch? If it is, I think she is." No question about it!

While the band has never really met Paris Hilton, CSS is performing at the Coachella Music Festival on Sunday. So if the rich bitch decides to make the two-hour drive from Los Angeles, a serenade may be in order!


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Yeah... this song isn't new.

2685 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Waste of space.. try again !

2684 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

We can't really fault Paris for all of this. She comes from a family that thinks that going organic means to demand natural, hand mined diamonds.

2684 days ago


Hey guys, wake up. Paris acts like an idiot because she gets paid to do so. Because of the name she has used it to get where shes at. Paris uses other people to get what she wants, then she moves on.
Thats Hot expression I remember Nicole saying that all the time. Same as sexy. Then Nicole seem to take credit for saying it.
Nicole seemed for a while to be the more intelligent. More caring and giving. Paris watched her and stold her lines. After watching the new Simple life just to see if it was cleaned up so children could watch. You could see Paris getting all the spotlight. Which is not fair to Nicole. As we know the show would not be as good without her. Paris has stold a lot of Nicoles lines and has the show make Nicole look bad and shoves her back. Let Nicole some of her traits, hobbies etc. to the families without degrading her. Lift her up not shove her back. She needs to show she is growing and not always kissing the behind of Paris,...Comeone Nicole you have a gift so use it for the possitive. Don't tell Paris she will steal the project.....
The world loves Nicole
Grow up and support your friend Paris. What you help others achieve will happen to you. Be a good friend not a user....

2684 days ago


Paris Hilton isn't exaclty, um....easy on the eyes...if ya get my drift.

2684 days ago


this song is definitely not new - ive had the album for close to a year. they're a good band though, thanks for giving them some exposure.

2684 days ago


The song suites Paris Hilton to a T. It's vapid and appears to have no meaning or important, profound message.

2684 days ago


The singers are just trying to get famous by using Paris Hilton. You should put yourself in her shoes and wonder what it feels like when people only tallk to you to get something from you. I had the same problem because I had rich parents. I saw the ugliest side of people through poorer people. Some ladies my age who would come to my house and practically shove me out of the way to speak to my parents, and, yes, even flirt with my father in front of me, and, yes, one even told me to shut up when I was trying to get her to stop flirting. Also, when your parents are rich they can more easily be abusive, even sexually abusive, because they have relationships with people in power. Anywyays, you're not going to complain to someone poorer than you, because someone poorer will just be happy that you are abused (police men, social workers, teachers, etc, are poorer).
And I never understood people who said" you should know the value of money." What value?

2681 days ago

Satish Bhardwaj    

I'd rather meet ugly Betty than meet Paris Hilton. May be if Paris got her boobs pumped I might agree to meet Paris. But I'd not want to meet Paris as she is now.

2675 days ago
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