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Britney's Paparazzi Parade

4/25/2007 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone and their photographer is on Britney's tail!

While driving her convertible in Malibu on Tuesday, Britney was followed by eight of her closest pap pals -- nine if you include the one who actually took the pic. Just another day in Spearsville!

The snapping, flashing caravan shows just how intensely competitive getting a shot of the wigged wonder has become. Makes you want to be famous, doesn't it?!


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What a waste of gas, film and energy and for what? No wonder they hate us.

2736 days ago

Piglet Baldwin    

Britney. Lady Di redux. I can understand the jerk-wad paps wanted to be there at the moment the Pop-stress has her final meltdown...but to be complicit in it's occurrence; one can only hope that one or all of these jerks with their ridiculous jobs gets charged.

Speaking of "jobs" watch my daddy make a fool out of himself again this Friday on Rosie, er, "The View."

2736 days ago


I'd flip my wig if you idiots were following me around like that, damn leave the girl alone!

2736 days ago


LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU MAKE ME SICK

2736 days ago


She's asking for attention. There was a guy on Montel that said Britney Spears tells the paparazzi where she is going each and everyday. If she didn't want the attention she wouldn't tell them that. She also had the top up, then she notices that her picture might be taken, down comes the top and on goes the lipstick.
I don't feel bad her, she goes out and looks for attention. There are plenty of celebs who have avoided the bad press. No one forces any of the celebs to go out and party every night. If you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen.

2736 days ago


Years ago, before Brit became so famous, she'd had killed for that kind of attention. In fact PR pays people to follow them in the beginning with some want-to-be's...Then they get rich and famous and want their "privacy" when everything they do is in public.
Maybe she should try to wear panties next time she's out partying.

2736 days ago

Tommy Dreamer    

look at that no respect for traffic laws. looks like a funeral persetion who does brit have in the trunk?

2736 days ago


Does Princess Di ring a bell? Someone is going to get killed or seriously hurt again. Paparazzi need to back off of people. The public isn't as interested in these celebrities as much as the paparazzi are. Maybe if tabloids and magazines wouldn't offer as much money for photos it could get some of them to calm down a little bit.

2736 days ago


There are many star more famous, talented and successful than she is and they have intelligantly found a way to manage a private lifestyle. She goes parading around in a covertible...IN Malibu! Hello? For all we know she tips them off to track her down.

If she REALLY wanted out of it, she COULD get out of it, or minimize it consierable.

The girl has turned into a freak and likes it like that. I have NO sympathy for. But, I have all of the sympethy in the world for those innocent children she brought into this crap and neglects and humiliates. They have this over their head as a legacy.

There are plenty of classy young ladies out there she can take not of and their actions. AND they are WORKING.

2736 days ago


How inspiring! If you take the time to actually read back what you type - maybe we'll actually know what you are trying to say pipe!

2736 days ago


...and comparing this selfish whore with Diana needs to be shot!!
Diana did a lot of good things and she didn't tell the paps where
she was GOING unlike this crazy durg addict skank!!!

2736 days ago


Sheesh. I think she's a giant dipstick, and I even I think this is absurd. Of course, it makes me wonder about her choice of transportion: a convertible. I'd drive around in a beaten up station wagon with super tinted windows.

2736 days ago


I heard shes hitting the vino again....hmmm how long has she been out of rehab?? I feel sorry for her. She will never recover from what she has done to herself and kids. She is blaming everyone elce for her problems, she dresses and acts and talks like low life. She has no class. She doesn't act like a woman nor does she have any maternal instincts. How old is she??? I don't think she wants to grow up or have responsibilities.

2736 days ago


I think Britney should raise up her dres and FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRT...I bet they will capture that

2736 days ago


She is never with her kids... she should go back to rehab and stay for 6 mos... she is screwy... was always very sleezy if u ask us...

2736 days ago
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