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Kirstie Alley

I'll Have a Juror Sandwich

4/25/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was at Los Angeles County Courthouse when we spotted Jenny Craig spokesdieter Kirstie Alley, doing her civic duty ... jury duty, that is.

Alley waited impatiently on a hallway bench, sandwiched between several other potential Celeb Mugshots gallery: click to launch photosjurors for a contract dispute case, when she was heard saying, "What time is this thing over?" A fellow would-be juror replied, "4:40, and it's 4:30 right now." Kirstie proceeded to drop her head in her hands and let out a huge sigh.

We're not sure if she was sick of jury duty ... or just getting hungry.


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You can't even tell that is her . That picture is so bad I could say it is a picture of me.
give me a break.

2698 days ago


Yes, it is good she is doing jury duty, but I don't think she is even pretty, never did, and it is great she lost a lot of weight, but she is still FAT and has a long long way to go. Notice how the camera in the commercials hides her stomach!

2698 days ago

Maria in Ohio    

Give this actress 100% for JURY DUTY! The comment is not interogatory to anyone, why can people see that this Actress is doing a good deed! Kristy, Keep up the good work and don't let these comments bother you!
You have come a long way...... and I have to give it to Kristy she sticks to her gun!

2698 days ago


I agree most with "gel." Everyone is ragging on her being there, but we would be all doing the same thing. At least she went. She's a great person! DON"T DOWN HER!

2698 days ago


I'm hating this story, but loving these comments. Glad to see people taking the tabloid press to task when the mockery is undeserved. Power to the people!!

2698 days ago


How cruel to have a by-line of "fat actress". She lost 75 pounds in front of the world and could probably lose more, but, that is no ones business but her own. Whoever you are that wrote that story - are you so least she is doing her civic duty and for that she should be thanked - not ridiculed. Shame of you!!!!!!!!!!!!111

2698 days ago

frist time voter    

Get a life TMZ not many people do ther job at lease she did it ! How many of U at Tmz have sat there and waited to do ur duty as a voter ??

2698 days ago

Steven M    

I am confused why this is news. Next thing you know you'll be following people into the bathroom and reporting if they made a #1 or #2
This is the kind of material that makes the American public bored, and leads to a decline in clicks to TMZ, which means lower revenues.
Hot and juicy is what we want, which I thought you knew. Having nothing on a day here and there is better then using up my time for this NON-NEWS event.

Any comments from the public?

2698 days ago


Why can't commentators post decent pics of celebrities? If I was waiting to be called on jury duty, I would sigh also. Like I don't have better things to do? Can't you inform us of something better and/or more interesting? I think Kirstie has been great at taking a positive turn in slimming down and helping others do the same thing. She is beautiful by the way, and doesn't deserve what you wrote about her or the picture! I know that TMZ people could have even worse pics of them posted!

2698 days ago


The real problem with this story is that you've got the wrong girl. Anyone can see that the person who had their face in hands was the 2nd person and dressed in black, Kirstie was the 3rd person w/ tan top and jeans. She is sitting straight up. Is this an awareness test???

2698 days ago


Give her a break.
At lease SHE can find the court house & spell "jury" which is a lot more than the whores Brittany or Paris.
I've been on Jury Duty, even though my disability could have excused me, and IT IS DEALY BORING!
Those who are picking on Kristie need to get on Jury Duty and not fall asleep or moan at least once while waiting!
O.K. so she's overweight, why does that mean she was c"sandwiched" between others
sitting in the hallway. We get it, she's fat & lost a lot of weight. Drop the food references.,

2698 days ago


that doesnt even look like her....

2698 days ago


^5 to all who told TMZ Staff off. I think Kirsty deserves kudos for not trying to get out of her civic duty as well and it can't be fun having to sit there for hours waiting to find out if you're going to be called or not. And she HAS worked hard to lose the weight and keep it off. Go find some real news instead of picking at someone for being tired of sitting around doing their duty.

2698 days ago


Thanks Kirsty! A celebrity who steps up to the plate when she is called! I spent a day doing nothing at jury duty, and as I write this I have a friend who is turning himself inside out trying to get out of going to it,.,, it's part of being an American... right to fair trial, jury of peers...
you get called, just bring a book to pass the time if you have to wait! oh yeah, and mints to ward off hunger pangs !

2698 days ago


Yeah, I'm thinking slow news day... I don't blame her, I'd be bored too sitting there waiting on that bench. And judging by that picture, everyone else sitting there is just as bored as she is. is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one... and that insult at the end was just unnecessary.

2698 days ago
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