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Sanjaya's Mom

Popped for

Growing Piles of Pot

4/25/2007 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0426_sanjaya_mom_mugshot-1Maybe that's why Sanjaya's always got that goofy grin on his face! Turns out that Sanjy's mom, Jillian Blith, used to be a pot-growing potentate -- and that his sister Shyamali was no stranger to the art of toking herself.

The Momjaya was pinched by the Pierce County Sheriff's Department in February 2005 in Pierce County, Wash. after they found 310 marijuana plants -- and the Sis-jaya keeping watch with a bag of weed and "smoking devices" -- in the Malakar family garage, as the National Enquirer first smoked out today.

But -- buzzkill -- Shyamali, who was arrested for possession, directed the cops to another green-growing facility nearby, where they arrested Blith and her husband, Charles Quist (Sanjaya's stepdad). Quist's mugshot, obtained by TMZ, bears a striking resemblance to Gary Sinise, a very blitzed Gary Sinise. (We're told there's a mugshot of Shyamali, but it can't be made public because she was only 17 at the time of the bust.)

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Blith could've gone to jail for up to five years after pleading guilty to one felony count of unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance, but got off with a relatively mellow 30-day sentence.

Just one word more: Ganja-ya!


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I wonder how many times he was high while singing (or I should say trying to sing) on A I ?

The whole family is a bunch of Pot Heads.

I hope this is the last we will hear of him and his 15 minutes of fame has burned out.

2735 days ago


Oh My!
well Let me be the first to say [ or at least one of the first to say this]
It was NOT Sanjaya who did this.
It was his family [ be they few]
who did this.
It is no different than any other American Idol who has been in a mess with the law .
So let it be.....or if you can't let it be at least be able to understand the life Sanjaya has had to live up to this point where he will
be able to rise above this.
He is a great kid in spite of his [ bad parent] or if not bad not law abiding.
And to think she sat among the dinner guests at the Dc Dinner!

2735 days ago


Getting a story is a job, but TMZ this is low down. Sanjy was a juvenile who don't dictate to his mom/step dad so why humilate this child's past experience he was subjected to. He and his sister are children trying to make a better living for themselves with their gifted voices. They are not the greatest singers, but the determination to want to venture into this cruel world of reporters and critics hopefully someone would see the desire within and help them in the career. I'm sure anyone's past is not what it is today, if we could write our life journey we all would have a positive journey, but when folks like TMZ producers and staff stoop low to ruin a young man's pride and dreams it's disgusting. The world wonders why so many in the past has turned to violence that results to so much blood shed and killings, because, the world pushes people to their limit. NO one needed to know about his mother and step dad's past which is insignificant.

2735 days ago


Sanjays mom looks like a crack ho from "trailerville" USA. I bet his real dad is a "dot-head" who works nights at a 7-11 and answers tech questions for Dell at the same time. Those Hindu types are just so damned industrious....but sing like crap.

2735 days ago


I don't really understand why people like the media find it necessary to dig up every little piece of dirt on someone. Why can't you just let people live in peace? Not everyone has a clean closet you know! What about your skeletons? May God bless the jerks who do this to people.

2735 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

This is yesterday's news. I live in CA and there is more to the story. The reason this hag got off serving 30 days for a serious felony, a felony that others have spent 20 years in state prison for, is because apparently one of the cops, a rookie, did an illegal body search of the daughter, they were supposed to have a female cop there and didn't. THese are total nobody's.

2735 days ago


I've got one comment: Who gives a damn. Like the kid has anything to do with his pot smoking parents. Like most of us haven't done it anyway.

2735 days ago


For all you folks blasting TMZ for posting this story....YOU were intrigued enough by the headline to read it, weren't you??

2735 days ago


Sanjy took the next level in his life to use the gift that God has given him, if you who sits in judgement seat would encourage one, because he does have a decent voice just need the opportunity for someone to fine tune he and his sister who are reaching for a better life. I respect Simon's critiquing, Randy and Paula also, but Simon seems to be the one who cut no corners, and tells it just like he hears it, it's to either better the contestant . Hopefully if this is what they really want to do have scouts work with the ones' who didn't make it on american idol, for a possibility of reaching their goal further down in life. The public humility that TMZ has brought to Sanjy and his sister is unacceptable and whoever went that low down to destroy these two innocent young people should be reprimaned or demoted. The parents past is just that the parent's not the children's.

2735 days ago


Slow gossip day? I would have rather read about Paris Hilton's dogs taking a dump in the neighbors yard. This has nothing to do with Sanjaya, he was a child and can't control what his parents do. #6 Margo, get a life! A friend of a friend, sure dear. Guess you feel really special, huh? TMZ this is low, even for you.

2735 days ago


I wouldnt be surprise if Sanjaya was on pot when he was up on stage, hes such a goofball asshole.

2735 days ago


Very sad to hear about such negetive events in the lives of young and talented kids.

2735 days ago


Mommy is a dope MILF.

2735 days ago


this is way to much to handle--I need a bag of weed!

2735 days ago


I have no problem with story writing, but intirguing headlines are suppose to attract the reader's attention, that's the goal of a good writer attribute is trained to do. It's readers like you folks as you put it, that make writers on TMZ staff go to the length to humilite one. Seems as if you folks as you put it enjoy putting a knife in one's heart.

2735 days ago
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