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Cops: Sandra Bullock Watches as Hubby Attacked!

4/26/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra and Jesse JamesPolice sources tell TMZ that a woman obsessed with Sandra Bullock almost killed Sandra's husband, motorcycle mogul Jesse James, during a frightening attack at the couple's Orange County home late Sunday night.

Cops say that Bullock, along with James' 10-year-old child, looked on in horror as Marcia Valentine "attempted 3 or 4 times to run Jesse James over with her silver Mercedes." Jesse was never struck by the car during the alleged incident.

We're told Valentine also "laid in the driveway and wouldn't move."

Orange County Sheriffs were contacted and responded to the scene, but Valentine allegedly fled before they arrived. After an intense manhunt, officers located Valentine early Monday morning and took her into custody.

Valentine is being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, the couple's rep, Cheryl Maisel, said, "The incident did occur. Both Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are fine and it is now in the hands of the authorities."


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Lisa Marie Wiliams    

To: #3 WOW!!! FROM ONE NUT JOB TO ANOTHER! Don't you think that's just a little bit extreme!!!

2704 days ago


I am so sorry that Washington and California feel the way that they do. Thats why the world is so screwed up now. I was teased as a child, raped as a young woman, robbed more than once in my life, had a mentally ill mother and a father who abandoned us for a stepmother from hell who wanted my father but not his kids. Am I bitter? No. The past is the past. You have control of your life and can make it anything you want it to be. Living in the past prevents you from living in the here and now. Yes those things made me who I am today. I am stronger, wiser and never ever thought of revenge. I don't throw things, don't spend my time trying to hurt others or wish them harm. What happened to our morals in this world?. Helping others when they are down. Giving kind words to those who need them. Why do some people feel the need to stalk others, to harm those that don't deserve it. I never got to read the apple story but I read the brick one. I feel shame for those that gloat in the pain of others. Life is too short to spend your time wishing harm and hate. Try bringing love and joy to your life and to those around you. Maybe then you will have happiness in your own life. I for one am sad that Sandra and Jesse had this happen to them. I don't know them and wish them only happiness. I wish that for the world. Too much hate and pain in this world and I for one don't want to perpetrate any more hate. I wish you all much love and happiness. Live in the now, not the past and move on from the pain of things that have happened to you. I remember reading something that has always stuck with me. We choose how we react to things. If we want to be mad, then we will be. So you have control of your life and your emotions. Enough of my ranting for now. Take care all....I wish you all the best.....

2704 days ago


HOLY C.R.A.P.! How sad that the 10 year old witnessed that crazy woman trying to run over her dad!

For the I-D-10-T that is still upset over a apple, If you came here to leave your message to get people to dislike Sandra, you failed. The rest of us grew up a long time ago and don't let our past bother us, rather we nutured ourselves from our experiences.
Sheesh some peoples children and their issues....

2704 days ago


If it was a "manhunt" then how is it that a woman was arrested?

2704 days ago

beth c    

South did I not read the post carefully. I heard what you were saying and I simply want to know why if you are an L.A. Actress and Comic and have a full sucessful life, why don't you let us know who you are ....for all I know you are a fat, bald guy sitting in his undies in his garage. I got your point...coulda been a brick like the other child bully. Please do point out the errors of my ways..unless Harvey pulls my post again.

2704 days ago


wow there are alot of crazy people in this world. Sandra and Jesse and family be safe.

2704 days ago


White people do the damndest things Huh? And all this time you have been blaming blacks for irractic behavior. Every story on a black person on tmz reported gets racial now look at the white lunatics coming out the wood work. Arlen Spector, this brod, and lets not even discuss the hole pop culture. Where is Justin when we need sexy back. ha ha ha! Thanks again white america for making my day!

2704 days ago

Lite it    


2704 days ago


Why is this would -be murderer back on the street?

2704 days ago

Monster Garage    

Damn she missed. Would have been nice for her to play a little pinball with him. I can't stand that dirt ball.

2704 days ago

Britney Get Help    

# 178 - Talk about people who cannot let things go or move on. It's over.

2704 days ago


#175 Andrea

I know Andrea personally. She is a fat ass crack whore and a racist. The brotha she was into chose a white woman over her so now Andrea takes it out on every white person.

You should see her try to walk thru a door. Her ass has so many levels she has to squeeze first one side thru and then the other. I mean U-G-L-Y doesn't even begin to describe this scab.

2704 days ago


At 1st I was lost but have since figured out what must have happened. Was there any reason for the apple being thrown? Apparently 'they' have removed the postings that give the details. Almost everyone has been picked on or made fun of at one time or another. It's pretty impossible to avoid. It is terrible but it is a part of life. I have been on both ends of the bullying. I must say I remember the bullying in much more detail than I remember being bullied. It is sort of crazy to think about it or even remember it after so many years, but I do. It really hit home when I had a child....after watching your own child go through a rough time it makes you sooo mad to think there are people out there raising their child to be a least that's what you think at the time. But then I remembered that my mother didn't raise a bully. Children will be children, they have their own personalities and thoughts. Hopefully all of the bullies of the past have to see, have to remember what pain they caused...and they see it through the eyes of their own children. I can only hope that it has changed them too and they regret what they had done. Maybe even taken steps to right a wrong or to at least teach their children that it is wrong.

2704 days ago


Wow...this is deep ...they women is a nutcase....yes please lock her up...thank God Sandra's husban wasn't hurt...

2704 days ago

The Brudda    

C'mon I thought James was such a tough guy? the bitch is afraid of another bitch!

2704 days ago
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