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WTF?! Eve Gets Jailhouse Visit from ... Sean Penn??

4/26/2007 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hard time couldn't have been that bad for just-busted rapper Eve -- TMZ has learned that she got an early morning celebrity visit from Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn! Talk about special treatment!

Penn arrived shortly after the rapper-actress was booked by police on suspicion on driving under the influence. As we first reported this morning, Eve was arrested after crashing her Maserati into a center divider on Hollywood Blvd. We spotted Penn leaving in a taxi close to 4:00 AM.

Police sources tell TMZ, "He came to see how Eve was doing." No word yet if Sean and Eve had been out together before her car accident.


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That little bitch is cheating on Robin! I hope she dumps his arry ass.

2703 days ago


sean was probably at the same bar yacking with eve that night. He was probabaly being a good samaritan and helping her out if he could. Its nothing to do with black ,white or purple skin. You people on racial issues are truly messed up.
Christ i am a white chic and if i was talking to someone black at a bar and knew this black person may have not been drunk or that drunk i too would go follow up on them and not just ditch them. I am sure jail is a cold place. He was just being a gentleman !

2703 days ago

Freedom of speech    

another freedom of speech question? Why are white people so racist? I'm sensing some jealously!!!!!

2703 days ago


who is this person

2703 days ago

mickey lou    

How punk visiting another.

2703 days ago


how could she wreck maserati,take a taxi or someone in your group drive it back home

2703 days ago

London not England    

I guess Sean likes his chicken Fried!
And as for #5 - Seems to me White people couldn't DANCE without us.....oh except the Waltz....PLA-EASE!!!!

2703 days ago

The point is    

Sean Penn is the most caring and giving man, he takes care of his friends and neighbors.

2703 days ago


who gives a crap what color anyone is? this race card - race issue- race hating is getting out of hand....
while we are at it.... please dont call us white anymore -- take the time to find our where our ancestors are from and go from there... you can call me Irish-American --- I have a friend that is Scottish-American... a friend that is German-American... my boss is Mexican-American and we all have a couple of friends that preferred to be called African-Americans.

2703 days ago

She Looks Fabulous    

Hey guys, stop it with the racial stuff. It is truly silly and takes a conversation nowhere.

Is this what America teaches its people? You get together with other races of people and start putting each other down. The type of talk of bashing and trying to put down a group of people so you can feel on top is idiotic.

It seems to me that Sean Penn is a man and Eve is a woman. Those are two natural ingredients. His concern for a woman seems appropriate to me.

2703 days ago


Hey, anybody but me old enough to remember this is the same guy who tied Madonna to a chair in her own home and left her there? Sean Penn is not a nice guy - not unless the cameras are rolling the mikes are on.

I hope Robin divorces his ass and takes him for ALL he is worth.

2703 days ago


5. Eve has a well paying job and earns much more than you do. Don't forget that.

2703 days ago


Ignore the rascists. This is not about race. This is about that SEAN PENN IS A PUKE!!

2703 days ago


#5. Also, Eve is a millionaire who was driving a Maserati. Do you think you'll ever own a car like that in your lifetime? Or any other member of your family for that matter? Think about it.

2703 days ago

Txs # 32    

Thanks #32. As a African American women I was wondering how Eve going to jail and Sean Penn visiting turned into a race issue. The race bashing is so old. Anyhow...I think people who speak bad about another person or race are just angry/jealous individuals. Everyone please keep on keeping on.

2703 days ago
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