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Rapper Backs Off "Snitching" Comments

4/26/2007 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cam'ronCam'ron is apologizing for his comments on Sunday's "60 Minutes," where he told Anderson Cooper that he wouldn't turn in a serial killer if he were living next door to one. Good thing he doesn't host a radio show.

As part of a story about snitching, Cam'ron said, "If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me? I wouldn't call and tell anybody on him -- but I'd probably move. But I'm not going to call and be like, 'The serial killer's in 4E.'" Word?

In a statement, Cam'ron tried to explain what he said, "Where I come from, once word gets out that you've cooperated with the police that only makes you a bigger target of criminal violence. That is a dark reality in so many neighborhoods like mine across America. I'm not saying it's right, but it's reality."

Cam'ron went on -- "Looking back now, I can see how those comments could be viewed as offensive, especially to those who have suffered their own personal tragedies or to those who put their lives on the line to protect our citizens from crime," the rap star said in a statement issued today. "Please understand that I was expressing my own personal frustration at my own personal circumstances. I in no way was intending to be malicious or harmful. I apologize deeply for this error in judgment."


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I agree with # 31 ... they focus so much on what has happend to them and blame the "white man" or the "privillaged ones" for the enviornment they've created for themselves ... yet they completely demoralize and degrate THEIR OWN ... its sad .. so much ignorance that never seems to go away because its passed down from generation to generation .. its a vicious cycle that doesnt end and probably will never end until these so called "rapper" dusche bags step out of their closed minded little world and REALISE that the "hood" isnt what has created these masacres .. its the dumbass individuals who always choose the wrong way out of their "beefs"

2700 days ago


TH, you can't stereotype an entire race of people based on the actions of a limited number. You must consider that there are black attorneys, physicians, executives,
professors and so many others who did not fall into the trap that people like Camron did.
Their beliefs/behaviors are not a reflection on the black race, only themselves.

2700 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

EARTH to AL and JESSE..Where are you now! I don't know who this jerk is but he'll be cursed within nine months!!!!

2700 days ago


Well, there is a difference between turning in a serial killer and snitching on people for doing illegal business, such as dealing drugs or murders linked with dealing drugs. That's just the code of the street, not to get into other's business.

2700 days ago


one of the most depressing stories i have ever seen on television. i knew that a segment of the black community was against speaking and acting white (ie stay ignorant to prove they aren't uncle toms) - but the idea that they've actually tossed out one of the basic moral codes of western civilization - that's beyond a tragedy.

it's also more than a little ironic that in his apology he acknowledges "those who have put their lives on the line to protect our citizens from crime" - when he obviously doesn't have the courage to do it personally.

and yet he calls himself a man?

2700 days ago

Karen Walker    

Earth to #49 Vivid.........Al Sharpton was on AC360 last night, talking about this issue! For the record, he is against it. Which proves even a broken clock is right twice a day.

2700 days ago

Just Thinking    

To #12: You said it well...Way I see it, to know someone has committed a felony and not turn
over the info makes you part of the problem... like, accessory after the fact, aiding and abetting a criminal....Thanks, I like it safe on my street. Made it plain and clear, I go down because I champed on your turf, then I will take 15-20 off you while you cool your heels on a tax payer vacation, all expenses paid... I got respect on my street because I wasn't afraid to get in "your" face when the crap hit my yard, my street, my family... 'Stood? Want it different, then do it. Do it wisely. Don't be dumb. Make your street clean and safe for your own.

2700 days ago

Britney Get Help    

OH..... on the night in question per say ya honor.... idiot....

2700 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    

Let me start off by saying that all of the racists comments that are being thrown out are very much uncalled for. Just because one black american has an opinion on something (which by the way he is entitled to) does not mean that it is the opinion of all black americans. While I think that you should let someone know if a serial killer is living next door to you, I also understand where Cam is comming from. If you have never been in a situatuion like that then you really can't say what you would do. If you live in a neighborhood where there is a lot of crime(it happens in neighborhoods that are dominated by other races also) then you know that if you run to the cops you will become a target. Your family also becomes a target so I think that you would need to put a lot of thought into whether or not you're going to "snitch". As I was reading through the comments I noticed that a lot of them were full of ignorance. Yes it is true that the only way that the black community is going to progress is if black americans make it happen and you can believe that it is going to happen. Part of the problem is the people who continue to think in the ignorant way that a lot of the people making comments on this board think. It sounds to me like many of the people who have left comments before me have not had to deal with a lot of the issues that go with being black. I'm not going to sit here and say that everything that goes wrong in the lives of black americans is because of the fact that they're black because I know that is not the case but a lot of times blacks are held back by the stereotypes that are put in place by white americans. As long as the black race as a whole is put down, how can anyone expect progression? Let me remind you all that there are people of every race who commit crimes, and uneducated and live in poverty. I agree that black americans are their own worst enemies just as white americans are their own worst enemies, hispanic americans are their own worst enemies, as well as all other races. The problem is that everyone is so focused on putting down all the other races that they don't do a damn thing to help uplift their own communities. The world is never going to change as long as people are judged and classified because of their skin. So to the person who left the comment refering to black americans as the N word, your clearly the ignorant one. And also to the person who had the nerve to say "do we really know how many black women know who their fathers are to their babies" you sound just as ignorant because in this country there are just as many women of other races if not more who don't know who fathered their children. These are clear examples as to why people need to think BEFORE they speak.

2700 days ago

A-yo Leroy!    

at least he realizes that he was wrong. i give him serious props for admitting that. it takes a real man to do that.

2700 days ago

Just Thinking    

Something else, get off this crap about the Blacks being the only gang out there... There are many gangs based on color, religion, politics, economics, geographics (like, my part of town is better than yours so I get to come and kick your butt), ht and wt., etc.. Choose your hatred and you can create it, Ugly Betty!

Give it up with this disrespecting crap. Little minded stupid, bored and illiterate fools...

2700 days ago

so what    

Cam'ron -- good start.

Well, it's going to get interesting if Russell Simmons really does make an impact on rappers. Funny tho, rappers/hip-hop are what made him a mogul.
I believe him when he says he wants to tame down rap by bleeping certain words out on public airways but you either believe those words should be used or you don't. Anywhere.
Seems to me Russell wants it both ways.

2700 days ago


TO SIMONESDAD2007: Wow, you are a very well spoken gentleman and I like what you said. Rock on.

2700 days ago

Just Thinking    

Any of you got balls? I thought they were more than space fillers taking up unused space...and keep you from being knock kneed. Beginning to think K-Mart had a Blue Lite Special on balls and no one showed up. Sad...

Try: "Courage of my convictions," "Taking back my hood for my babies," or "I'm kicking ass because this IS my hood!"

If you can't walk it then don't talk it.

2700 days ago

Karen Walker    

Now lets see if the record companies pressure Bustaryms to come forward and tell what he knows about his body guard's murder! Thats more important than what this drug dealer said!

2700 days ago
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