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Alec Baldwin

Gives His "View"

4/27/2007 11:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0425_baldwin_tmz-1Alec Baldwin was welcomed with applause to a sitdown in a taped segment that aired on "The View" today, with Baldwin giving a heartfelt and somber tale of parental alienation that drove him to the boiling point.

Baldwin said that his "deep and endless frustration" in being unable to communicate with his daughter, Ireland, led him to misdirect his anger to the child, because he "can't address the other person in this dynamic," but stopped short of mentioning Kim Basinger.

The "30 Rock" star went on to address the topic of parental alienation and his frustration with a litigious and complicated custody battle. Baldwin said he was sorry for all those who were offended ... also mentioning how many people he'd heard from who had either been abused by a parent, or frustrated with an ex-wife, and those who were alienated from their children.


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Glad he was able to get his plug in for his new book.

2734 days ago

No-Amount-of- Bush-Bashing-Can-Save-Baldwin-Now.    

VERY interesting how tMZ has softened it's tone toward Baldwin
these past few days....

Any thoughts HARVEY???


2734 days ago

Alec's Done    


2734 days ago

Dead Robot    

Oh wow. I can't believe that this is even an issue.

Have none of you ever pissed off your parents to the point of yelling?

I strongly doubt that any of us can say they've never disappointed their parents to the point of uttering a curse word.

2734 days ago


I do agree that Mr. Baldwins words were harsh BUT what I got out of the voice mail message was this has happened repeatedly the child not answering his calls and the frustration is that it is not being encouraged or enforced by the mother.

It is my understanding that Kim B and Alec B have court agreed documents where
they both agreed to VISITATION and PHONE CALL times between Dad
and daughter.

It sounded to me on the voice message this HAS NOT BEEN THE FIRST TIME Ireland did not answer the phone at the designated time.

This clearly shows Ireland not being responsible to the agreement made between her, her father, mother and the courts.

If her mother does not make her follow the agreement, the courts/JUDGE don’t make Ireland follow the agreement and guidelines and Dad is not allowed then a 11 year old has been left to learn responsibility from WHOM???

All teenagers have to be made by the adults to be responsible. I am sure Kim says that Ireland does not want to talk to her Dad. Well of course she is a teenager but all teenagers have to learn to abide by agreements and it is a real travisty that Kim is doing to this child.


I understood what Alex was talking about how the Judge signs off on a document and then when it is violated the Judge won't enforce his own signature. It happens all the time in American courts. It is called a way to make the courts money and the attorneys money.

The lives of these family are of no importance. VERY SAD!!!

2734 days ago


The only problem here with the Alec's sympathizers, and apparently you don't get don't call your kids "pig". How do you expect to raise healthy, confident childern when you're screaming at them and calling them degrading names??? Further, if you think this is the first time he's communicated with his child in such anger, think again. He just got busted, that's all.

2734 days ago


From FOX News:

"Baldwin knows 'the guy that's responsible' for leaking the tape, but he didn't disclose a name.

"The actor previously blamed his former wife, actress Kim Basinger, for the leak, which she denied."


It will be interesting to find out who actually leaked the voicemail.

Divorced parents, married parents, significant others who have a role in a child's life should put aside their own bitterness and disappointment and self-centeredness and put their children's interests first. Can't go wrong there.

I have seen divorced parents who work together for their kids and are civil to each other and attend their kids' events together. It can be done, and it does a world of good for the kids.

2734 days ago


I would love it if somebody would expose the people behind the tabloids. I wanna know about their dirty laundry.

2734 days ago

Alec's Done    


2734 days ago


I feel bad for Alec. Kim is obviously bitter about him leaving her for Kristin Davis
and has been on a vendetta ever since. I hear Coty hired her as spokesmodel.
I don't think they should of hired someone who's so ugly. She's beautiful on the
outside but inside she's mean, spitefull, bitter and ugly. Six years of trying to make
things difficutl for a Dad who works hard to see his daughter and she finally got him
to explode and she leaked it to Harvey Levin. She's a real scumbag. I hope the Courts
finally see through her smoke and mirrors of revenge and give the guy some support.

2734 days ago


Alex Baldwin is known for being a first rate asshole. Many of you are unaware of the many, many horrible things he has said about this country, about people he has worked with and obviously about his own kid and her mother. Number 12 you are exactly right. Time will tell and more stories will come out as to how this lousy, selfish bum has ALWAYS ranted to Ireland and Kim. Go Harvey... thank God everyone NOW knows what has gone on behind Irelands door. Alec Baldwin is the pig. And the rest of you who say poor little Alec (puke ) YOU need to SEPARATE the issues of father alienation from this two bit actor and his disgusting behavior.

2734 days ago


well he is DEFINATELY an actor. Blaming everyone and everything but himself, slinging mud at Kim, and accepting no responsibility. What an ass he is.

2734 days ago


"123. Stan....Not denying what your saying, I just think you are being extremely dramatic. It's bordering on silly"

How exactly? There are countless noncustodial parents who have had their beloved child turned against them. It is not rare or unusual at all.

I asked family court for help with the endless assaults my wife committed on me. No help, if anything it was held against me. I had to have my arm surgically repaired.

I prevailed in civil court on that where my ex admitted guilt. But family court ignores what the other court found.

I'm struggling just to see my son...I have not given up. I have to beg my abusive ex to see my son who wants to get out of there and live with his Dad.

The situation I and others face is not silly at all.

2734 days ago


Alec is a human being and every parent who hasn't had a bad day cast the first stone. He said he was sorry and whoever is placing Ireland between her and her relationship with her father is the guilty party. That is sick and he seems to love his daughter. Divorce simply sucks and this alienation of parents only makes it ten times worse and as always the innocent party the children pay the price. It's the Judge and the lawyers who set up visitation ,custody ec. Kim speaks of Alec's anger who wouldn't be a bi coastal relationship is difficult enough then have the ex's issues and hatred thrown in on top of that. Alec is being victimized by a bureaucratic nightmare that no one should have to face struggle with and control just to have parental rights. The Judge in this matter should be tarred and feathered for what he or she is doing here.

2734 days ago


Oh pleeeezz Alec, the old "the system made me do it". He's not taking responsibility at all for his behavior. Had that tape not been made public, we would not be seeing this idiot apologizing (and to who, no less, the nut Rosie).

And giving up his career to focus on family, more like his career is giving him up..his talent agency wants nothing to do with him.

Who's next on Rosie's forgive me list, OJ, Michael Jackson?


2734 days ago
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