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Bootz Kicks Buckwild and New York

4/27/2007 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

VH1's "Flavor of Love 2" and now "Charm School's" star Bootz isn't afraid to speak her mind. The bootylicious Flava Flav reject stopped by "Tha Goodfellas Radio Show" on 93.5 KDAY FM in Los Angeles Wednesday night, and answered a few questions about her infamous former co-stars New York and Buckwild.

It doesn't look like Bootz -- aka Larissa Aurora -- will be spending any time brunching with New York. When asked if she would ever be NY's BFF, her response was not just a no but a "Hell NO!" As to her feelings for Buckwild, we'll let you listen for yourself.


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How is Bootz so better than the girls she put down,. Hell she is in the house with them.She wears weave and fake eye lashes. She takes pics with no clothes. She takes sexy pics to make money. She talked alot of mess but never hit anyone. What makes her so special or different then the girls she put down?
How is she so real?

2684 days ago

Just my opinion    


With that said, I know a lot of black people and they do not talk the way this peice of trash talks. Maybe it is the ghetto black people who speak this way, and if so, then she does an excellent job of representing them.

And it's not just the black people at my job who speak well, but the black people I meet everywhere, and in my neighborhood. None of them slanders the English language or degrade themselves, children or others the way this nasty tramp does.

We all saw her on Flavor of Love so we all know she is trash.

And she says she "got education" and went to college - what college? The community college for ghetto tramps?

2736 days ago

Just my opinion    

During her very first appearance on national television, when asked what can she do, she bent over and shook her behind at Flav.

Enough said.

2736 days ago

Just my opinion    

In this photo she looks like New York! So I guess if she considers NY to be a ho then she must be one too?

Go away! These fake reality stars are a waste of time and air. Especially this one because just listening to her made me wonder what type of parents she had. Obviously her mother didn't teach her how to speak English.

It is better to let people think you are dumb, than to open your mouth and confirm it!

2736 days ago


WHO? or should i say..who cares?

2736 days ago


Why would you all post this? She is a super nobody, and I really wish she would speak well.....I never understood why some girls feel the need to speak so street and like they have no education, ugh.

2736 days ago


She's an embarrassment to my race, sex and all of humankind. As an educated black woman I am ashamed that she is on TV, radio and the web behaving this way.

It's people like her who confirm all the racist stereotypes about black women. If Imus had referred to her as a ho, I would have whole-heartedly agreed because in this case he would have been right!

Sad, sad, sad....

2736 days ago

Rose M    

Alright, alright, but at least admit that the fact that she did not sleep with Flav on the show shows SOME class.

And there are way worse things she could have shown to the nation than her ass-shaking move (coughBritneycough).

2736 days ago

The Brudda    

She has to be the UGLIEST GHETTO TRASH BITCH that ever walked this side of the earth!!!

2736 days ago

Just my opinion    

To #9 & #10 - did you even bother LISTENING to the radio clip? If you did, you would agree she talks like a stupid, ghetto chick.

And she didn't sleep with flav but she was kissing all in his mouth knowing he was just kissing all those other women on the show. And even her audition tape was trifling!

And by the way, YES I SAW HER WEBSITE and all the photos of her online and on her MySpace page - she dresses like and acts like a ho. She needs to stop shaking her azz all over the place and learn how to be a lady.

And she curses way too much! And she DOES NOT represent black women at all. Why am I a racist? I'm a black woman talking about this chick!

2736 days ago

Just my opinion    

I meant to reference #9 & #11 (sorry #10, Rose M.) - I'm not racist, I'm just calling them as I see them. Check out her Myspace page and her website and see for yourself!

2736 days ago


shut up wtf -- no one wants to hear from you either

2736 days ago

Just my opinion    

Obviously you do smartypants or you wouldn't address my posts.

2736 days ago


.....and shouldn't you be getting your food stamps or taking care of your kids........

2736 days ago

Just my opinion    

Smartypants, your momma was in line in front of me and took too long arguing about her welfare check.

She did mention you haven't held a job since you were fired from McDonald's a few years ago. Maybe you should open an online ebay shop and see if anyone wants your dingy wifebeater t-shirts and trucker cap.

2736 days ago
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