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Fan to Angelina: Please Sign My Balls?

4/27/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Angelina Jolie exited a press conference yesterday in DC -- her car was rushed by a fan asking her to autograph his baseballs ... random!

The crusading superstar was in Washington to plead for more US funding for orphans and other children around the globe, and to open the headquarters of Global Action for Children, to which she and Brad have already given a million bucks.

The UN goddess obliged her fan, and signed the baseballs ... making one more child a little happier.


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We should make a day called "adopt-a-baby" like adopting a street let's just all go out and adopt babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I want to see if that will really make the world a better place.

2644 days ago


and thats another thing what makes you think i'm a women? i'm not .have you had trouble with a woman named kr , because if you did you've got the wrong person. you might not be in college either, for all i know you are just some retard with a 500lb ass who cant get none if you gave it away. but i know what i do for a living protects people everyday even people like you. and i'm satisfied, and i feel good at the end of the day. so i'm gonna have to end this and go to work . so you can move on to a new blog and find another person to harass, good luck with your miserble life...and to everybody else, hope you had a good time , it was fun!! wooo!

2644 days ago


Yea i know in the beginning she was a little weird and a little off but idk i like all her movies and she is trying to do good.

2644 days ago

nia can turn tricks also, not just women!
so 46 year old men go to gossip sites...didn't know that.
But yea it was fun, have fun at work, be safe & take care..=)

2644 days ago



2644 days ago


It never fails. If you don't think jolie is the hottest thing , the jolienuts call you names, say you are fat and jealous, say you are uneducated, then proceed to make fun of aniston. Jolienuts are very intertaining. They do need some better insults, these are getting old. I think they pick fights so they can get the comments up. Sorry jolienuts. ANS has her beat, and she is dead. I also will not spend my hard earned money on anything jolie/pitt. With our goverment the way it is, Americans need to help other Americans. Let the third world rich go live over there and teach them birth control and how to make a living.

2643 days ago


why should we help all these other countries with their problems. We are not the big brother to the world and these supposed poor countries why do their leaders live in the lap of luxury. You dont see Jolie staying in shacks with these people shes put up in some fancy hotel. The governments in these supposed poor countries need to take care of their own people and stop lining their own pockets and then beg for some one to come save them. i'm fed up with feed the children and christian charities. I think its time each country take care of their own and mind their own business. Jollie is just in things for publicity and nothing more. Other stars do not brag about the fact they adopted from other countries like Mia Farrow, Meg Ryan and many more. What makes her so special oh yah thats right she sets up these interviews and makes herself look important . She aint no different then me she puts her pants on one leg at a time. Just cause she is rich makes no nevermind to me. The fact of the matter is she has no feelings for the USA or any of its people thats probably why she has no feelings for her own daughter. She didnt go shopping for her and pick the one she wanted. Too bad she got sadled with a white baby obviously it has to be one of color for her to care. All this hype about her being so good for this and that is just what it is a crock. A for you JOlie fan this is my opinion so keep your tacky comments to yourselfs

2643 days ago


damn....I sure wish she could sign my balls :-(

2643 days ago


The company I worked for for 10 years and it has now been outsourced to India,
Friends and I have looked for jobs for almost a year with no success. Yes I know there is jobs flipping burgers but even with those small wages I cannot afford my rent. I have a friend that had to go on social security disability, She has been paying in since she was 16 years old she only gets $563.00 monthly.,$12.00 dollars a mouth in food stamps. But we know of foreigners who get twice that amount plus freee medical care
They have never paid in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They do not speak english so our taxes go towards bilingual speakers, If we go to other countries that do not speak english we would have to learn their language.

The USA needs and should start taking care of their own We have homeless and hungry people here and children that need to be adoptedas well

I dont see celebrities shelling out their money to help our own!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to buy Made in the USA only we would have more jobs, and send made in other countries back to them,

2643 days ago


Love your neighbor for the sake of humanity, my a$$. These foreign people do menial jobs but they also take advantage of your stupid humanitarian tendencies. They break the law and expected to to be pardoned. They expect to be given driver licenses when they dont bother to learn English. We Only incapacitate them by spending tax dollars to aid people read documents in their native language. And they know, if you do everything for them they dont have to do anything. Go to BH and see wife housekeepers earning $900 a week with or w/o papers under the table. They dont pay taxes and yet their kids get free education and and whatever they state as income-their numerous kids are sure a great incentive for tax credit. Geez, these people are smarter than you because you read the bible. And hello, the US also gives foreign aid to poor countries and yes, this country even gives to Venuzela and do you think they LOVE the US for it? Why dont you tell these law breakers to love thy neighbor and not undermine our laws. And Angelina Jolie, is a cunning man-snatcher in giving to the poor disguise!

2640 days ago


Who's the Howard K Stern dude lurking in the back? Angelina better be careful and not leave any drinks unattended while in his presense.

2639 days ago


It makes me want to scream when people complain about WHERE people adopt from. Who cares...they're adopting! And if I had the means to adopt, I'd adopt from another country also. Children who need to be adopted in the United States have a much better chance of a nice life than those children who are orphaned in poor countries.

2636 days ago

wake up    

While you are all admiring her for all her "do-gooding" You might want to remember what is truly being published about her in all mags.. not just the trash mags.. how many of you have daughters.. who are say 13?, 14? (her interview discussing when she was 5 and 14 - theres a gooder) and are reading the crap (sex) she talks about.. looking at her pics.. (that was a whopper of a kiss she gave her brother at the oscars not so long ago hmm) - how many of you daughters are going to get the wrong idea of sex and sexual nature.. how many daughters will catch std's this year.. get pregnant, practice cutting?(good ole blood letting) this person is not a role model, this person is practically dangerous -- have any of you realized the rise in stds???? this is not a free world, this is the world of hiv.. awake up already, before you daughter comes home with it - think about it!

2625 days ago
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