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Fan to Angelina: Please Sign My Balls?

4/27/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Angelina Jolie exited a press conference yesterday in DC -- her car was rushed by a fan asking her to autograph his baseballs ... random!

The crusading superstar was in Washington to plead for more US funding for orphans and other children around the globe, and to open the headquarters of Global Action for Children, to which she and Brad have already given a million bucks.

The UN goddess obliged her fan, and signed the baseballs ... making one more child a little happier.


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"Angelina is a very messed up woman.she wrecked a home and a good marriage"

Angelina is not a messed up woman. She might of been a messed up young lady but I think she has grown as a woman. As far as her "wrecking" a good marriage. I think it's time Jennifer Aniston admitted to the world what a farce her marriage was. Angelina did not break up that marriage.....Jennifer and Brad did a great job of breaking it up themselves.

2735 days ago


woooopppss !!!!!!!!!

i meant # 16

just keeping real !!!!!!!! I like that !!

2735 days ago


I am wondering if AJ would be permitted to adopt in the US. She has admitted to being a drug addict at one time and also attempting suicide more than once. I seriously think she would be denied a child here because of our regulations.

2735 days ago



All I can say is ...applause. ..applause...applause

At least some Americans see here for what she really is and congress just wanted to see her face to face. Wasting my damn tax money.

2735 days ago


#3 is RIGHT ON!

The only people who complain about what or who she helps are low class people themselves!
Why is it so bad that someone with Millions of dollars she earns is GIVING it to less fortunate people?? I don't get it!
All I know is, more people should be like her. She in an angel sent from God. And I am not even a religous person!
And I also agree with the person who wrote that this is the reason people do not like USA. Because of how selfish most of us are! Look at how lucky we are. Even if we live pay check to pay check we are a million times better off than most.
Appreciate what you. And be grateful for Angelina for doing what we all wish we could do.

2735 days ago


Angelina Jolie is doing so much for children all over the world that she doesn't have time to go to clubs and throw up in the alley. Any critisism of her and her good works, ask yourself have you done anything today to make the world's children safer? If so, do it the next day and the next...and you won't have time to hate. It's about LOVE. Thank-you, Angie.

2735 days ago


Ms. Jolie is very needy for attention as she puts herself out as some flowing angel of mercy. NOT! She is a phoney who decided adopting foreign children is chic and draws more attention to her. Like so many other people I wonder why she refuses to adopt a needy child from the US? There are minority children who need homes. I believe she thinks it is chic to adopt from Asia and Africa now just as it was chic to adopt from South America several years ago. Audrey Hepburn she is not. Brad Pitt is so naive.

2735 days ago


Angle sent from God?? Oh please LMAO I help poor children I do the Human Race to help rise money for my community every year. I still hate her nasty ass. Kissing her brother and she carried around a bottle or blood from Billy.

2735 days ago


A very worthy cause and one that the United Nations should fund, not the United States. We already give far too much in aid to other countries - so disproportionate to what the rest of the world does. Angelina was bashing George Bush as early as her Ann Curry interview at Shiloh’s birth for not doing more for Africa. Say “UNITED NATIONS”, Angelina.

2735 days ago



RIGHT ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2735 days ago


Jealous arent ya

2735 days ago



Most of your tax dollars do not go abroad, The US gives less than 2% of its GDP in foreign to the rest of the world including Third World countries and the largest receipent(s) are Israel and Egypt. South America, Africa & the Caribbean are among the least receipents. So get your facts straight, we do not get your money and Ethiopia did not call Angelina. She chose to go there..... GET IT!!!!!!!!

We do not get your yax dollars nor do we want it, You get your own poverty stricken citizens that Your Govt neglects............Remember KATHERINA ..........Your country needs more than we do.

2735 days ago


lol Hispanic orphans, Our country already has to many.

2735 days ago


Oh wow. These comments make me so sad. I thought that Americans have matured enough to realize that we are part of the global community; that we must do our share to make the world better, just like other countries. This is why other countries don't respect us - we are quick to pick up our guns, but slow to open our hearts and pockets to those truly in need. I understand that we have needy people here in America, but they are no more important than those suffering in other countries. All people are equally important. We must make sure that no one is forgotten.

2735 days ago


listen, there are some really angry people here. USA has far bigger social problems, but it takes so many other people to fight for all these causes. Angelina just fights for one, help the poor countries .USA is a very stingy, self-centered place, who abuses the entire world for its own benefit. I've traveled and live in over 20 countries now, and I have a different opinion than all the people who lived here all their lives.
Angelina is just fighting one cause only! she cannot fight all your social problems in US, you morons. you need a ton of people to fight all these problems.
anyhow, I do agree she's messed up and she needs to focus on her own family and the ones she already adopted and she has to spot adopting others. maybe she needs some therapy too, to stop stealing other women's husbands.
but I do agree with her with one thing, USA should give money to Africa!
I am an IT professional and I suffered long enough for the jobs going to China and India. And who's fault is that my dear? Your dear president and government for allowing this to happened. and if you are telling me that the companies do what they want,. then you are wrong. you have a president who should fix all your problems, social security, health system, poverty and jobs going to China and India.
Angelina is just fighting one cause only, and USA should give money to Africa because is ripping off India and China in order to get richer here. and yes, the companies are ripping off the Indians and Chinese paying them little money to write code instead of hiring people in USA and pay them 10 times more money to program this code. It is your government fault that allows for this to happen.

2735 days ago
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