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Fan to Angelina: Please Sign My Balls?

4/27/2007 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As Angelina Jolie exited a press conference yesterday in DC -- her car was rushed by a fan asking her to autograph his baseballs ... random!

The crusading superstar was in Washington to plead for more US funding for orphans and other children around the globe, and to open the headquarters of Global Action for Children, to which she and Brad have already given a million bucks.

The UN goddess obliged her fan, and signed the baseballs ... making one more child a little happier.


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Does it hurt having your golf balls signed by Miss Jolie?

2733 days ago



2733 days ago


The United States is a cesspool. Get over yourselves. "Biggest Baddest country in the world"...*choke* forgive me for giggling. All I see over there is ignorance.

2733 days ago

the madder hatter    

"Wherever a hungry newborn baby cries" ~ Rage Against the Machine

2733 days ago

hitler man    

I love you Angelina Jolie .

You are a wonderful human being .

2733 days ago


To all of the Jennifer Aniston fans in denial, you guys are the one's who need to wake up, here's a part of a recent Bill O'Reilly interview that he did with her father Jon Voight, regarding her visit to Washington.


Now, your daughter, Angelina Jolie. You know, we checked her out. I don't know whether you know this or not. Big investigation on her. And we found out she walks the walk, that she gives all the money, millions of dollars and this and that.

She has become, I believe, the most interesting celebrity in the world. In your opinion, why?

VOIGHT: Yes, she is fascinating. She's fascinating to me. She's my daughter. I'm completely fascinated with her. And I have a great admiration for all the work she does and in her humanitarian effort.

I think she's quite stunning, of course. Very attractive gal. And she, for whatever reason, she has a certain charisma.


2733 days ago


I keep reading the comments about all the children in the U.S. that need good homes. Have you seen the mountain of paperwork as well as how long a wait there is to get a U.S. baby? Three of my friends tried desperately to adopt here and after 3 years gave up for an international adoption. They each had a beautiful child to love and care for within 9 months. I agree with the other person who reminded us that Angelina chose to adopt children from poverty. It appears from the 3 million plus photos that she genuinely loves her children and it also appears that she is passionate in her work as an ambassador to these countries.

2733 days ago


Guess there no poor or orphan kids here in us.

2733 days ago


For those of you who say that celebrities should adopt children from the US first need to do a little RESEARCH first. The US has some MAJORLY screwed up adoption laws that favor the biological parents over the legally adopted parents.

For instance: Lets say a family adopt a newborn baby from a single mother who puts her child up for adoption because she knows that she can't afford to give it the kind of life the child deserves - A VERY admirable move. If in a few years, the biological mom gets her life together, has a steady income, and decides she wants her child BACK, she can petition the courts and has a STRONG case to have the adoption order REVERSED. THAT's why so many people look OUTSIDE the US for adopting. Its more permenant.

2733 days ago


If ORELLY consider her as a good person, She must be very bad person.

ORELLY do not like people who helping? Do you ever his show.

2733 days ago


Directed to "RIGHT"!

I didn't refer to Rikki you dumbass. I wrote down the number & even the damn name, KR. I was referring to KR & what she was "trying" to write.
hmm, wow, they're not the same thing.
You need glasses.

2733 days ago


I am so sick of people saying that immigrants steal US jobs. Many immigrants do jobs that Americans are too lazy or embarassed to do. Our unemployed could easily get those jobs; many just think they're too good for menial labor. Besides, most immigrants are unskilled while the demand for skilled labor is constantly increasing. Maybe more people in the US should strive to educate themselves. Unemployment is a problem, but it is by no means a result of immigration.

Immigrants help our economy, so come up with some better reasons to complain about them. I know that it's tempting to just repeat things that support your prejudices, but you might want to do some research first.

I don't particularly like Angelina from what I've seen of her personal relationships, but I think it's great that she's helping out people who need help, wherever they may be.

And before you start labeling me as anti-American, I was born in California (as were my parents) and I love the US. I also love capitalism, so much so that I'm also graduating in June with a Business Economics degree.

2733 days ago


This is interesting to read all the comments, but I am confused re: #76 by "get over it"
First it is about Brad and Jennifer Anniston
Then about Billy Bob
Then about women getting over themselves/woman hate
Then about how good US orphans have it
Then about companies leaving the US
Then about immigration

I don't know, it seems to be a kind of "flight of ideas" thing, "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I'ms schizophrenic, and I am too".

Even funnier, after trying to keep track of this bizarre runaway train of thought, the next person agrees with them! And...says they hit the nail on the head! Which nail? There were so many of them! What head? This is great.

This is so much fum. I am coming back tomorrow!

2733 days ago


If Jolie wants to adopt 30 orphan kids, good for her.
If Jolie wants to back pack to all these 3rd world countries, I applaud her.

Whatever she decides to do in her private life, with her charitable foundations, her giving 1/3 of her income away to the less privilidge....or her UN Goodwill Ambassadorship...I don't care.....That's her life, her choices....

However, when she goes in front the Congress of these United States, wanting MORE than the 2.6 billion dollars going overseas, to help out these poor regions...THAT is when THIS becomes MY business, when it is MY tax dollars, and MY taxes go up to pay for this........all the while she hides HER income from the IRS, in tax shelter charitable foundations....or has all those accountants finding as many tax loopholes for the rich hollyweirdo's. That is where I have a problem.

I just heard on the news, that 100 of our district school teachers are going to be laid off, because quite frankly the school district is BROKE. That affects me, my children, their future, and the whole of the country. You tell me why it is, that 2.6 billion dollars is going overseas, and WE can't AFFORD to educate our own YOUNG here??

2733 days ago


One tabloid says homewrecker and the haters believe it. I mean how gullible are you ppl. Jennifer aniston and Brad pitt both said there was no affair. I blame the media for putting Brad and Jen's marriage on some sort of pedestal. You all remember the the whole "golden couple" thing. They got a divorce. whoppy doo...nobody held a gun to brads head and said be with Angelina. Jennifer asked for a divorce. They both moved on. God 50% of marriages in this country fail , so why are brad and jen any different. You people just love to bitch about her but the fact of the matter is your lives are so miserable b/c all you do is spew hate...but angelina is living life and doing what she loves. the only man who can judge her is looking down and smiling with approval. I suggest you people look at your lives and stop judging others.

2733 days ago
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