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Introducing: Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead!

4/27/2007 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry BirkheadA new birth certifcate has been issued for the 7-month-old daughter of Anna Nicole Smith. The certificate lists the little girl's new moniker as Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead -- not Stern. It's about freakin' time!

DNA testing unequivocally proved that photographer Larry Birkhead is the father of Dannielynn, and not Howard K. Stern, whose name appeared on the originally issued document.

Earlier today, Anna Nicole's mom, Virgie Arthur, lost a last-ditch appeal to block Larry Birkhead from leaving the Bahamas with Dannielynn.

Now Birkhead can bring his daughter home!


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Well, it is what it is and he is her father. So be it.

I still can't get over him saying in an email to Anna "I can't believe you put a cross around that kid's neck" regarding Daniel's burial, or how he and his lawyer waged a media campaign after Daniel died, Anna just had C-section and so on. Not too classy. So Larry Birkhead doesn't get my respect. But, he is her father and that is that. He probably helped drive Anna over the edge with all of that, otherwirse the little girls would still have her Mommy. Only a what if of course.

The only thing that could be worse is what most of you say. VIRGIE! Oh dear lord. Keep that baby's legal rights from the weirdo.

Looks like we could learn a thing or 2 from the Bahamian courts. ???

2704 days ago


I am so thrilled for both Larry and Dannielyn. Now she will have a loving family and somewhat of a normal childhood if the paparazzi leaves her alone. She is so beautiful and looks like she just loves her daddy and he sure does love her. You go Larry and congrats!!!

2704 days ago

Alec has no brains    

The Bahamians are amazing! All that railing against them was ridiculous--we should always be so effective. We can all vacation there now.

2704 days ago

diana g    

Stern sounded better as a last name.....
It doesn't flow as well as Birkhead, but of course that's not the point.
Im glad he is honoring Anna with keeping her name.

You know Larry styled his hair to make them look more alike...
And beginning soon, everyone will be judging him on his parenting choices, relationships, career, blah, blah.....

2704 days ago



Has anyone ever seen a prettier baby than she is in these photos? She looks exactly like her daddy.

2704 days ago


I think he kept the perfect name! He kept Marshall out of respect for Anna - he obviously knew that she really did love J. Howard. I think its perfect!!

2704 days ago


I hope you know what you are doing if you go back. Please contact a US lawyer immediately.

2704 days ago


Marshall is there because that was her mothers real legal last name. Larry is giving the baby the mothers and fathers last name. That is very nice.

2704 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

Here's the ET video after court this

2704 days ago

Karen H    

Thank God...for Larry and Danielynne's sake. Keep that baby as far away from Vergie and the rest of the snakes on that side. Vergie you hopes of wealth and fame got buried when you shoveled that dirt on your daughters grave with such hatred and vengence. The 15 minutes of fame is OVER and your true colors are well known...I hope the media is done with her and does not give her the time of day. Go ahead and write your book...what can you possible say about a daughter with any credibility as you had not seen or spoken to her or Daniel in years. I hope your future publisher does not front you too much money as I doubt any decent person will buy your book.....they'll get stiffed just like your lawyers. Nice try ole your fines and go home.....its over. At last

2704 days ago


The name on the birth certificate says "Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead."

Access Hollywood has expanded the video of the 3 parties leaving court. Now Virgie, only about 56 years old, is barely able to walk out of court. More DRAMA! -- Remember the drama when she lied on the witness stand and then tried to pretend she couldn't remember the name of her friend from SPLASH? That really turned me off to her.

She should go away but she never will. She will fight until ehr daying day. What a hypocrit to essentially ask the Bahamian court to leave the baby in Stern's care until June, when all along she said she feared from the baby's life.

I am liking HKS more and more each day, maybe because he seems to care more about the baby than Virgie does. (Never thought I would say that!)

2704 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

I think he kept the perfect name! He kept Marshall out of respect for Anna - he obviously knew that she really did love J. Howard. I think its perfect!!

Posted at 4:20PM on Apr 27th 2007 by You people are DELUTED

He kept the Marshall name for the day when they go after the Marshall estate !

2704 days ago


Virgie..............Texas is calling.............. Go home......they were all right.......It's all about the money..........What a phoney. You had a lot of people fooled. You should have considered
that you might be jeopardizing visitation with the baby......I wouldn't blame Larry one bit, if he reconsiders, knowing what and who you are now after this last foolish stunt you pulled.Glad the court fined you......We all knew it was frivilous and stupid............Why aren't you listening to your heart.................Oh that's right, because it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. DUH
Go home and start writing your are just another money grubbing player!

2704 days ago


Stay happy and private :)

2704 days ago


I can tell you MY reason why he kept the Marshall in her name. The better to influence and remind a judge and jury that this child is a direct descendant of the Marshall family and hence, this Larry Birkhead guy deserves a share of Marshall's Billion Dollar fortune - that's why. Isn't this the REAL reason why all these people were fighting for this baby?

Yes this is the cutest baby ever, but this baby might be VERY rich one day, and don't think that Larry won't be selling pictures every chance he gets. You people are in dreamland thinking his motives are pure.

This is Ben Thompson's or Ford Shelley's baby anyway.

2704 days ago
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