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Paris Hilton's Corpse

Educates Teens!

4/27/2007 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Viewing Paris Hilton's naked body could save lives!

An interactive anti-drunk driving Public Service Announcement titled "Paris Hilton Autopsy," created by artist Daniel Edwards, features a life-size clay sculpture of a naked, tiara-clad Paris Hilton, complete with a Tinkerbell replica at her side. What about her Blackberry?!

The "art" installation is designed to counter "the disturbingly glamorized trend of Hollywood's girls gone wild," and is highlighted with Hilton laid out on a coroner's table with "removable innards." That's about the only part of the heiress the world hasn't seen!

In the last year, Paris, Nicole Richie, Michelle Rodriguez, and most recently, Eve were just a few of the celebs who joined the Hollywood DUI club.

If you want to get a look at Hilton's lifeless, nude body in person, you're going to have to make a trip to the Capla Kesting gallery in Brooklyn. Unless, of course, you are Stavros Niarchos, Travis Barker, Josh Henderson!


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That's creepy.

2738 days ago


All of you are just a pack of jealous LOSERS! You don't even know this beautiful woman. Get a life!!!!

2738 days ago


paris hilton really needs to stop showing her body to people. we get it you like to view yourself naked. get over yourself already.
they have the audacity to call this pile of crap art.

2738 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

I'm curious... Paris lovers, there are sevsral vidios floating around the internet of Paris where she is actually dressed. However, she is using the "N" word in the vidios and some people who allegedly know her have stated that they have heard her use the word. When you defend her, in my book this is what your defending. How can you defend that?

2738 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

Is it me? I mean really, laying there naked with a dog on top of you. I love my dog but it looks like the dog is humping her arm pit? What gives? I don't get. I hope Paris does some jail time for her DUI (I wish the same for all drunk drivers). When she gets out of jail, then I would like to see her in one of those orange vest picking up trash on the freeway.

2737 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

OMG...I just clicked on the link in the article entitled, "Paris Hilton Authopsy". Woooowsaaaa That spread eagle pic is ...well...drunk driving message my ass!

2737 days ago


To bad that wasn't Paris's real corpse!

2737 days ago


#56- You seem to be the most bitter and pathetic one oh here!
#58-Big fat white guy who loves everybody except Paris, Why the hell do you care? You're not black! And she wouldn't like your fat ass either!

2737 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

This is a bad message, using this to make a point about DRUNK DRIVING!
people that are killed by drunk drivers don't look like that.They are a bloody mess.
If this is the way she is being punished for her DUI then the message is lost.
She should be made to visit with love ones who have actually lost someone to a drunk driver.Or better yet visit the people in prison who killed someone.
Instead of partying all the time and being known for the party girl, she needs to do something meaningful with here celebrity status.Like go and help people rebuild houses in the gulf,vivit sick children in the hospital,donate time at a soup kitchen for the homeless.In other words something that 's not all about her.

She's already know for being dirty and being on her back........
Her parents must be sooooooooo proud...........................

2737 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

sorry for the typo..........

2737 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

#54-We already know more about her than we want to know!
I think people are angry at her because she is just a waste.Instead of a SIMPLE LIFE she could have a MEANINGFUL LIFE.Instead of leaving something for her future children to read later(god forbid) partygirl,drunk driver,sleeps with every body in hollywood,drives when shes not suppost to.Instead she should leave a legacy of helping the unfortunate and underprivlaged.Reading to kids in the hospital,dying from cancer,aids go and help the people in the gulf coast anything that helps.The Hilton name I use to remember as a nice place to stay when you travel ,but now when I think of the name Hilton -it only reminds me of a self absorbed (I am in no way jealous) PERSON.
I have two Beautiful daughters that I'm proud of.Ones in the navy and while she was training in Florida she drove to gulf coast on her spare time to donate time at the animal rescue center.And my other daughter is doing the 3 day walk in San Diego for breast cancer.Neither of them have big money , but they have big HEARTS and I am Proud of them...........:)

2737 days ago

That\'s Hot!    

Okay, what is the deal with her position she's in? Legs spread like that - is that a typical pose for the autopsy table? Retarded. And the artist tries to act like he's doing some service for young women. But only if you're flat on your back with your legs spread as wide as possible and your back arched *just so*! Thats hot!

2737 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

MORONS! She is NOT a regular person she is ABOVE you all & as such can do no wrong!Why would she waste her time walking for cancer?

In a hundred years people will still talk about her she is an ICON in 100 years NO ONE will talk about YOU.



2737 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

#68-Team Paris----You need to learn how to spell ! (JEALOUS) You need to repeat the 1st grade...................And I really hope that you don't have to watch someone you care about die from cancer.........

2737 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

#68 - GODDER ? You cannot spell & you cannot speak-you need to start from kindergarden.The first grade would be too much for your little mind.

2737 days ago
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