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Spidey Sensitive? Tobey Slaps Photog

4/27/2007 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He may be "Spider-Man," but Tobey Maguire did his best impression of the Hulk when he smacked a camera out of the hand of a fan who got too close. Tobey smash!

Maguire was headed back to his hotel in Paris when the fan, who was walking right alongside him, held the camera in front of Tobey's face to snap a pic. Tobey's spidey sense immediately kicked in -- and he swatted the camera to the ground -- you can clearly hear it bounce on the sidewalk.

Chill, Spidey.


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I would have done the same - its instinct. If someone you didnt know suddenly put something in front of your face you would slap it away too!
Who knows what object it could be.

2673 days ago


If you watch close you can tell that the guy grabbed a hold of him to slow him down just so he could try to get the picture, and who to say the guy wasn't a mark that was paid to try and get a cool shot.

2673 days ago


id slap that camera outta his hand also. to 5 and 6...what if someone came up to you and stuck a camera in your face? youd react the same way.

2673 days ago


i side with tobey. what would you do if somebody came up beside you like that guy did tobey. you'd be like, 'wtf???'

and i know toby is a star, but people need to ask before they take pics.

2673 days ago


I don't get the people saying that just because the guy was a fan that somehow it is ok for this "stranger" to shove an object in someone else's face?? Hello?? Get off it people! It could have been a gun or who knows. Even so, I would have slapped that friggin camera out of the guy's hand too! Ever hear of personal space?? Anyone??

2673 days ago


Why is he such a jerk to his fans? why cant he be nice like Angelina Jolie?

2673 days ago

A-yo Leroy!    

apparently, not only did this fan shove the camera in tobey's face, but he also got physical with him. if you listen closely, you can hear tobey say, "don't touch me, dude!" and as the guy's putting the camera up to tobey's face(which was EXTREMELY close), tobey smacks it out of his hand. I don't see any wrong in what Tobey did. Fan or not, that guy was really invading his personal space.

2673 days ago


shut up chris

2673 days ago


I think it was totally rude of Tobey!!! He could have broken the camera and those aren't cheap!!!

2673 days ago

hay lee    

Looked to me like the "fan" may have stepped on Toby's heel or something because Toby turns around says don't touch me then slaps the camera out of his face. I would have done the same thing. Plus I feel sorry for Toby having to be around that fuggly Kirsten Dunsts.

2673 days ago


The fan was not that close with the camera. Besides, in a polite society it is never acceptable to slap a person. It would have been just as easy to keep walking. Those who are saying "I don't blame him" and "I'd have done the same", need to hold themselves to higher standards than the animal kingdom.

2673 days ago

Bi-Polar Hippie    

Tobey , spiderman,...I dont give a damn who it is....if you slap my hand and knock my camera out....I am gonna slap your ass right back.

2673 days ago


After watching the video a couple of times, it looks to me like the camera may have bumped Maguire in the face. It's only after that he smacks it out of the way.

2673 days ago


what an asshole.......

he has a fan??????? wtf

2673 days ago


Team Tobey on this one. Hasn't that guy heard of personal space? That's just plain rude to shove a camera to another person's face.

2673 days ago
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