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Spidey Sensitive? Tobey Slaps Photog

4/27/2007 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He may be "Spider-Man," but Tobey Maguire did his best impression of the Hulk when he smacked a camera out of the hand of a fan who got too close. Tobey smash!

Maguire was headed back to his hotel in Paris when the fan, who was walking right alongside him, held the camera in front of Tobey's face to snap a pic. Tobey's spidey sense immediately kicked in -- and he swatted the camera to the ground -- you can clearly hear it bounce on the sidewalk.

Chill, Spidey.


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Haha, I'm STILL GOING to see Spiderman anyway, I've ALREADY got my tickets!

2735 days ago


i hope the fan not only dont touch him..but never spends another dime watching him so tobey makes money off it...what an ass tobey is..i sure wont pay to see anything he's in again..thanks tmz

2735 days ago


i bet that little bastard isn't that repulsed by touching the money fans like that kid make for his lazy ass,..

2735 days ago


Oh my god I almost pissed myself laughing at this video....why dose the "photog" seemed so surprised at what just happened. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Tobey!!!!!!!


2735 days ago


I would have smacked Toby in the back of the head with the camera. Guess where that spidey money comes from boy with the beard wife? Um..those fans with camera's.

2735 days ago

back in the day    

Hey Maguire, If you don't like the fans bothering you whom paid big money to go to a theater, rent your movie or better yet buy your DVDs THEN STAY HOME!!m THE FANS MADE YOU! YOU WOULD BE NOTHING AT ALL WITH OUT US!

You little tweep!! Didn't look like tough spiderman hitting that camera out of a fans hand more like a female swipe!! I wish that were me, you would have had a law suit on your hands buddy!!

Personal space my butt !! STAY HOME!

2735 days ago


It has proved that Tobey Mcguire is the jerk I always said he was. We stumbled across him filming Spiderman in NYC, my daughter who was 12 at the time was so excited but Mcguire was so rude and gave us a dirty look. That was 4 years ago and I have never gone to the movies to see or rented another movie that Mcguire was in. Hope his career goes down hill fast....

2734 days ago


Well the 1st attempt was real close to his face, the second not so, & without a stunt double, he was finally able to whack it away, I also heard him say "son of a bitch".

The more important issue for Toby better get a better bodyguard...even tho you haven't risen to John Lennon status yet.

2734 days ago


Tobey is an ugly wimp who looks like a lesbian. He has a dog of a fiance, that's actually an insult to dogs, and he has an ugly bastard baby. If that asshole touched me I would knocked him out. I wouldn't even take a picture of Tobey ugly face. Spiderman can be played by any other actor. Screw you Tobey and your butt-ugly illigitimate family.

2734 days ago


Tobey did the right thing, notice he said "dont touch me dude" before he knocked the camera out of his hands - its not like he punched the guy, people need their space - the stupid "fan" shouldn't have done this.

P.S. my first comment on, great site! :)

2734 days ago

back in the day    

Hey Tobey, you chose this life!! You knew the rules, so keep your hands off other people's stuff!! Or better yet, like the other guy said, STAY THE F#$% HOME!! If that was me, I would have slapped you silly! I hope the guy sues you sorry looking butt for damaging his camera!

You look much better in the mask!

2734 days ago

Sir Patty    

What a JERK OFF "Panseyman" was! If he had slapped MY camera, I'd have KICKED HIS SPIDEY ASS! If you look closely, it just looks like the guy wanted to get in the same SHOT as PANSEYMAN!

2734 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Why do actors who end up in franchise films turn into pricks that can't give their fans the time of day.

I hope the fan sues his ass !

It won't be long before Tobey is back in rehab or drinking on the sly.

2734 days ago


I think that were very wrong on Tobey's part to knock an expensive camcorder/camera out of a fan's hand simply because it was in his face for one second. Even if the guy accidentally stepped on his heel or whatever (therefore making him say, "Don't touch me")--that is no excuse for acting out the way he did.

Fans are indeed what keeps this man's career alive. Like one poster said, he knew what he was getting into when he decided to go the route of a Hollywood actor.

2734 days ago


Tobey is a snob. Yes, it was rude from the fan, but at least he should of asked nicely to the fan to NOT shoved that camera into his face. Tobey doing that show that he's unprofessional, and a total snob. Shame on you guys for defending him. I bet that if it was Lindsay or Paris, it would have been the other-way-around for you guys. Tobey should know that it wasn't just the movie that made him, it was also the fans. The fans are the ones who pays 12 measeley dollars just to go see his movie. Tobey should be ashamed, he desserves no fans at all. I hope they replace his ass as Spider-Man with Jake Gyllenhaal because this video shows that he doesn't desseve to be Spider-Man at all.

2734 days ago
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