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"Weak" Virgie Defeated in Court -- Larry Finally Free to Go

4/27/2007 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie -- LarryThere is no one else standing in Larry Birkhead's way.

Virgie Arthur's last-ditch appeal to block Dannielynn's biological father from leaving the Bahamas with the infant has just been denied. And to add insult to injury, the judge verbally and financially smacked Arthur, calling the appeal "weak" and ordering her to pay $3,000 in attorney's fees for wasting the court's time.

At one point, the judge reportedly said that he was "perplexed" as to why the case even made it into his courtroom.


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this comment is for post #50.....You still don't get it....HKS could have cared less about ANS, Daniel, or her daughter.....the only reason that HKS relinquished everything concerning the baby, (except the money) because he knew once the DNA tests were performed, he would look rather foolish trying to hang onto someone that doesn't belong to him....he doesn't have a choice but to stay in the Bahamas, because he has lost his reputation as a lawyer in the US and no one would have him in their law firm, especially since he has been an enabler to ANS & her son's death.....there is still a lot of unanswered questions.....he is still trying to do damage control....anybody that would trust him in the Bahamas or the US is crazy.....he used ANS to the very end.....anyone knowing that a woman is on drugs & is walking around with a duffle bag full of drugs, is really a pusher himself....there is no way that he or anyone else could convince me that ANS was acting on any of the video's showing her so drugged that she didn't even know she was in the world.....and the dirty dog (HKS) sit and laughed about it not to mention the fact he wanted to sell the video.....what a poor excuse of a man (woman).....what in the hell does staying in the Bahamas with Daniel & ANS have to do with anything.....they both are gone, so his staying there in the Bahamas is another way of him showing his stupid greed...what does he think they are going to do...sit up out the dirt & have a conversation with him....what HKS is trying to avoid is prosecution in the US for taxes etc....what a creep......

2699 days ago


I watched and listened to every single thing and I am sure the judges seen thru Stern and Vergie. Also Anna on video telling the world not to let vergie touch her baby should and was upheld. I too am so glad Larry got his baby. I knew from the minute I saw the baby she was his..duh ! Stern never fooled me , nor the body guard or the so call nurse and the evil doctor who sent the perscription, all who knowing Anna was in high fever and did not rush her to the hospital who also gave her the drugs and they did her precious son, all in my opinion planned both deaths. Thank G-d the baby is with Larry, a wonderful man who loves the baby.. I would not trust stern with a rat ! and who needs him to fight for Larry and who cares what he thinks or says..who needs the murderer or money hungry ass. Notice when things started surfining how he uped and said the baby goes to Larry , full custody..Gad ! He and Vergie both need jail and need to be kicked out of the Bahama's and the US. Good Luck and G-d's blessing Larry with YOUR baby girl. She will be in good hands.

2699 days ago

Virgie is fat    

136. This really doesn't make sense, why a Grandmother would be that self obsorb that she would want to be legally intitled to be "next in line" to be the "legal" parent of her grandchild. What makes her believe that she would be the better choice? Curious, if the world did turn screwy, and she did get her way.... would she put a hit on Larry's head, so when he is 'finally' out of the way, she would have the control to practice parenting Anna's child, because she thinks she can do better.... than she did with her own children? Anna was very clear how she felt about her birth mother's parenting techniques. Anna didn't turn out the way she did because she had a loving, caring and secure childhood.
I do believe that Danielyn will be just fine with her father. His family appears to be very loving, caring and supportive. The love in Larry's eyes for his daughter is clear to me, and I hope that Vergie will get the reality check that her role is Grandma- if she hasn't blown that. I hope she steps back and looks at what she is doing. Maybe, if she really does that reality check, she will 'get' what love really is about by observing how love is offered to a grandchild, then she will be able to practice her role as a grandparent who, like millions, are able to do, happily. Just my 2 cents worth-

Posted at 12:17PM on Apr 27th 2007 by Siera

She never asked for full custody--or joint custody--she asked for joint guardianship. The crap about 'in case something happens to Larry' is an O'Quinn tactic to get to any money the baby inherits in a trust fund--or the share that is given to a guardian for the benefit of the child.

O'Quinn is the big loser here. Virgie could have demanded from the court more visitation with Dannielynn while Larry was seeing his child on a regular basis. We'll never know if she did demand same and was refused, or whether Larry declined to allow her visits, or whether Howard held all the cards regarding visitation and refused. I rather think the latter is correct.

Still, Virgie did see the baby before the funeral--once--probably Milstein's idea.

We really don't know all the ins and outs because of the gag order--

2699 days ago


Rachel, please.. Virgie may have worked at the Sheriff's Dept in her county, but i rather think she was working as a Matron in the jail.. Don't give this.. she's 55 and was a police woman. I'm over 60 and I really was a Police Officer.. I also know that I would never have to fight in court to see my Grandchildren, if something ever happened to my children. It's called common sense.. Treat your family - whether its a natural child or a child by marriage, very well. Trust, kindness and being a pleasant person makes all of the difference in the world.

2699 days ago


The judge used the word perplexed...I have to agree. First off I am so happy these's judges from the Bahama's can see through all of this. But what perplexes me is that Virgie said "I just want to be a grandmother" if she just wanted to be a grandmother, then why wasn't she fighting or going to court to see Daniel all the years she said that Anna kept him away from her. Does she not think we all don't see through this? It amazes me how we were all on Howard for blocking things, but the true person blocking everything was Virgie, even her own daughters funeral down to the last wire...that is perplexed. Good Luck Larry and Dannielynn

2699 days ago


# 116
Well, I don't see how the old bag VA can even write a book.
About what? How she threw out a 15 year old Anna?
How she never saw Anna or her Grandson Daniel for
the past 10+ years?
How she accused Anna of killing Daniel?
Her book will be a joke and a big pack of lies.
Just like her saying "I only want to be a grandmother"

2699 days ago


28. Drama Continues!

Surely you do not believe that (everyone) who resides in California is a "freak". I grew up in the Midwest (always grateful for those basic and grounding values) and have lived in major cities throughout the world--people are people wherever you go!

There remains prejudice in our country and the State of California has always been the most progressive of the States. Please don't stay rooted in (old) thoughts as a new SOCIETY throughout the United States and the entire World is being created in this 21st Century. We've learned in this particular case that positive changes are not without pain!

If Larry Birkhead decides to return to California with his child, he "knows the ropes" and has many, many different options for creating a healthy lifestyle on behalf of his child's long-term future!

No more drama for Larry Birkhead and his Daughter!

2699 days ago


At least this part is over with. Hopefully, dad and baby can get started on their life together as a family.

2699 days ago

Virgie is fat    

141. Rachel Get Real Stupid,

I have my quotes correct.

Bonnie Stern said that the baby would be taken away from Stern "over my dead body". It had NOTHING to do with Virgie.Better get your "dead body" at the airport in the Bahamas cuz Larry is taking his baby over your dead body you ugly b*tch!!

Posted at 12:20PM on Apr 27th 2007 by mldsap

You're full of it and that's that. Bonnie Stern was talking about Virgie Arthur getting the baby over her dead body. Arthur didn't get the baby.

Keep posting your crap, loser.

2699 days ago


Hmmm....sounds like Virgie might still take legal issue once Dannylynn hits state-side. What I also find interesting, based on the news article, that when $tern asked whether he will visit with Dannylynn once she gets back to California, he stated: "if I am allowed to". Sounds like Larry is FINALLY to going to cut ALL TIES THAT BIND in this fiasco and he should. Even though $tern repeatedly claimed he was the Daddy, as soon as the DNA came in, he didn't even TRY and counter the decision on ANY level in the Bahamas, not in the least. Instead, he gave Larry carte blanch with the child. Guess egg (big time) on one's face will do that. Hey, $tern, the truth will always run faster than you!

2699 days ago


You all are falling in Howard K. Sterns TRAP.

He is making you focus on Vergie as the Bad Guy and now he is the Good Guy.

2699 days ago


Rachel...I got the info from MSNBS Donna Somebody that was in the court room. I haven't even read ET or Tony Potts

2699 days ago

Love Ya    

She is now known as the "APPEAL QUEEN" I wonder how much her attorney fees are.

Also, I wonder if this will affect her relationship with Larry?

2699 days ago


GREAT news! Thank God!

2699 days ago

Mary T.    

Shut Up about HKS...he has helped Larry and that shows goodnes in his heart..Can you imagine the sadness he will feel when Dannielynn leaves probably never to return....Some of you people are so heartless....This is a good day.... but you still have to bash the man you said would kill this sick can you be???? HKS loves this little girl.

2699 days ago
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