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"Weak" Virgie Defeated in Court -- Larry Finally Free to Go

4/27/2007 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie -- LarryThere is no one else standing in Larry Birkhead's way.

Virgie Arthur's last-ditch appeal to block Dannielynn's biological father from leaving the Bahamas with the infant has just been denied. And to add insult to injury, the judge verbally and financially smacked Arthur, calling the appeal "weak" and ordering her to pay $3,000 in attorney's fees for wasting the court's time.

At one point, the judge reportedly said that he was "perplexed" as to why the case even made it into his courtroom.


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Finally VIrgie is showing her true colors. Maybe people will believe what Anna said about the COW all along. Send the trash back to Texas where she belongs.

2736 days ago

THAT money??? what money???    

You might think differently, and wish there WAS someone around Dannielynn when she gets to be a teenager and young adult if she gets on drugs like her mother was. Anna's mother tried to get HER to be off them too... and look what it got her. A daughter who goes on national television spewing nothing but hatred with a wicked, evil look on her face as she's verbalizer her diatribe against her mother... BECAUSE her mother dared to suggest that drugs were the source of problems... with Anna, Stern and with Daniel's death... and of course ultimately... Anna's death as well. And because her mother spoke in an interview saying... "Watchout babygirl who you are associating with... you could be next..." She wasn't far wrong, was she?

Anyway, when the baby grows up... if she's on drugs as her mother was... it might be nice to have someone who cares enough to publicly confront her with the problem.

I also think that if anyone watched the video of ANS spewng venom and procaliming that her mother would never touch her baby....there would never be any question about keeping the baby from that woman. ANS did not say many intelligent or coherent things in her life -- but that video where she speaks about her mom seeing the baby leaves NO DOUBT what her wishes would be.

Posted at 12:19PM on Apr 27th 2007 by Ugghh!

2736 days ago

Virgie is fat    

For midsap, the liar:

ET EXCLUSIVE: Howard K. Stern's family speaks out on Virgie and the tabloid headlines!

HOWARD K. STERN's family is fighting mad and talking exclusively with ET, as BONNIE and GARY STERN defend their brother's name!

Since his partner, ANNA NICOLE SMITH, passed away in February, Howard has been called everything from a murderer and a kidnapper to a free-loader.

"It makes me sick," Bonnie says. "Because, first of all, I know it's not true."

Some reports in the media claim that Howard is making millions off of Anna's death, but Bonnie blasts these claims.

"The person who's being accused of making all the money -- whether from life insurance policies or selling things to the media, even the funeral and stuff -- that is the person who has to pay all his own legal expenses and his own legal fees," she tells ET. "My parents are the ones who are paying for it."

"He set up a trust fund for DANNIELYNN," Gary explains. "Any money that came from the funeral went directly to that trust fund for Dannielynn. He has not made one penny off of this, not one penny. For 12 years he was [Anna's] companion, attorney, publicist," he adds. "He helped rebuild her career, her legacy, and did it for free. He did it because he loved Anna."

When it comes to Anna's mother, VIRGIE ARTHUR, Howard's family holds nothing back.

"She's staying in hotels that she definitely can't afford on the amount of money she says she makes," Bonnie claims.

Virgie has reportedly filed papers in the Bahamas hoping to become Dannielynn's guardian ad litem.

"You will never get that baby," Bonnie insists. "Never. Over our dead body. That's my reaction to that. Never."

Gary believes Anna made her wishes known, saying, "I think Anna was very clear about who she wanted to be in her child's life and who she didn't. She wanted Howard to be the father. And Howard, until his dying day, is going to make sure that Dannielynn is loved and cared for in a loving and nurturing environment."

When contacted by ET, a rep for Virgie declined to comment, saying, "She won't dignify the members of Howard Stern's family with a statement."

2736 days ago


YEAH! That is sooo cool ! Good luck Larry. Verrgie, you really screwed up. I am gad they fined you. You need to drop the case all together now and give Larry and your grandaughther some time to heal and bond. Then after a cooling off period you need to say your sorry to Larry. You can tell by his demenor that he is a good man so stop butting up all these walls! How stupid can you be? Instead of supporting him and celebrating the return of your grandaughter you choose to try and minipulate the situtaion and hurt him even more. Lucky for you, Larry has a good soul and a forgiving personality. I'm sure if you start doing the right thing now he will still let you see her. For every action there is a reaction. Check yourself before you wreck your self seems to apply here!

2736 days ago


True HOWARD finally came to his senses and realized probably before DNA was reported that LARRY was the father! BONNIE & GARY you knew it too, hopefully NOW we won't have to see either of you on TV any more especially you BONNIE! so shut your PIEHOLE!

2736 days ago


Where is this crazy women getting all this money for attorneys? It would be a tragedy if she ever got the chance to get the child. That baby girl's life would be destroyed. Ana Nicoles family are all child molesters, drunks and drug addicts. That baby would end up being molested just like her mother. I really hope that the judges tell Virgie Arthur to just let it go. The women is so creepy, and capable of anything.

2736 days ago


I hope no one want,s her story I myself will not buy a book,mag,or watch a tv new,s show if she is on it.I hope she owes so much money out she has a heart attack.she has truely proven to be the witch Anna said she was.

2736 days ago


One of the stations said that the judge told Mrs Rosie Virgies Attorney, that once Larry gets the baby back in the states it is up to the the courts here. He really didn't say he had to be back.

2736 days ago


Coast Guard should be on the look-out for Blonde 55 year old woman-swimming in circles in the Ocean-blabbering-but-but-but your Honor! Maybe we will all get lucky and they will think she is a enemy submarine and have Navy bomb her.On serious note Larry this woman is not right in the head! I would use some type of security and have your lawyer file against her! She wants to be in spotlight-so be careful of her.

2736 days ago

A Fan of Larry Birkhead    


2736 days ago

THAT money??? what money???    

HKS will NEVER be the "good guy"... to anyone with any logic and common sense... lets get on with the Inquest... and hopefully down the line, someone will bring charges against HKS for wrongful death and negligence. Some how... some way!!!

153. You all are falling in Howard K. Sterns TRAP.

He is making you focus on Vergie as the Bad Guy and now he is the Good Guy.

Posted at 12:25PM on Apr 27th 2007 by .

2736 days ago


I had a lot of goodwill for Mrs. Arthur, but she blew it with this last, desperate Hail Mary manuever which backfired. She is getting the same bad legal advice that Anna Nicole did. I am at a loss as to understand what made her or her Bahamian lawyers think her appeal would be granted since none of the parties involved are citizens of the Bahamas and are only there by happenstance.

Reading between the lines, it's clear the Bahamian court is sick and tired of this nonsense, and if Larry didn't return for the hearing in June, no one there would lose any sleep over it. Once Larry is back on native soil, the Bahamian court has no jurisdiction over him or the baby. No doubt, if Mrs. Arthur keeps getting rotten legal counsel, she will file one frivalous lawsuit after the other. Pissing off LB is not the way to go if she truly wants to be a Grandma to DL.

2736 days ago

NOT a fan of Paris    

This news is just ORGASMIC. I am soooooooooooooooo HAPPY for Larry.

I am just disappointed that Vergie was not fined a lot for than $3,000.00. I was hoping for $30,000.00.

Larry, go home with your daughter and put Howard & Vergie behind you. Even though Vergie has been such an ASS, I think for the sake of the child you should allow her to have a relationship with her grandmother (maybe you'll have the change of heart a few years from now, when you have found the strenght to forgive that IDIOT). I quite frankly WOULD NOT allow her to go to Texas, let Vergie visit her in California or Kentucy. She can afford the airfare, she has hired several attorneys, so she should have enouh money to do visit her grandchild.

PLEASE, HURRY and leave the Bahams.

2736 days ago

Mary T.    

Even the courts see what you are Virg....I think I'd be packing my bags and getting back to the place where the rats and the bugs roam....

2736 days ago


Rachel..What JoAnn wrote on 118 is what the judges said.

2736 days ago
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