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Tracy Morgan

Ordered to SCRAM, Escapes Jail Time

4/28/2007 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy MorganTMZ has learned that "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan has copped a plea that will keep him out of jail, but he'll have to wear a high-tech ankle bracelet to make sure he stays off the booze.

Friday afternoon, in a Los Angeles Superior County Court, a judge ordered Morgan, who was not present, to wear a SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) device -- an ankle bracelet worn to test for alcohol vapors that come out of the skin. The tests will go on every 30 minutes for 90 days. If Morgan tests positive for alcohol use he will have to start his 90 days over, and if he fails a second time he'll be forced to spend 30 days in a county jail.

Morgan will also have to complete five days of community service.

NYPD officers busted Morgan after he was spotted driving erratically in November. The bust violated the probation of a previous DUI conviction in Los Angeles.

Morgan is due back in court May 25, when he will be fitted for his new accessory.


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alcohol is a horrible drug for many reasons. it's legal (with restrictions) and having a few drinks or beers can be fun for most people. but abusers/alcoholics are not much fun at all for their loved ones. there is NO excuse for driving while impaired. will Tracy get all boxed up again and grab up the keys? probably- and that's a shame.

2706 days ago


Man he got off easy, wonder if the judge was high.

2706 days ago


Take away his Hollywood card and send him back to the ghetto.

2706 days ago


What's with all the scary racist comments? No one looks a Alec Baldwin and goes, "Oh yeah, typical crazy sociopathically abusive white dude!" even though that would be closer to the truth (and I'm WHITE)!

He shouldn't get this special treatment because he's famous! This isn't his first offense. That's frightening. He should be in jail during the 30 Rock hiatus.

2706 days ago

concerned citizen    

Like I said before in a previous post concerning Eve and Paris. There are two seperate justice systems at work here. One for the rich and famous, the other, well sad to say it's for the rest of us. When is there going to be a DA or Judge that is sick and tired of these people getting away with crimes.

To Cape Codder, I am truly sorry for your loss and it is a shame what happened. If there is a petition or a website that you or anyone you know is working on to get the laws changed? Please post so that people like myself can sign or write to make sure things like this doesn't happen again.

To those of you who chose to make a racial comment. Drunk Drivers come in all colors, shapes and sizes, but I'm sure you know this.

2706 days ago


I think that's good this bracelet could possibly save his and other lives, Eve should be next!!

2706 days ago

GOD 1    

1. He looks ugly and mean in that picture...he also appears to have foam in the corner of his mouth. I think that show 30 Rock has a curse on it or something...its actors seem to have drug/alcohol or personality problems.

Posted at 7:51PM on Apr 27th 2007 by Rockstar

Thats chicken grease in the corner of his mouth....

2706 days ago


Any one who drinks and then decides to drive is dangerous. Regardless of race # 10. Drinking and driving is a deadly mix, and any one who gets caught driving intoxicated should be jailed. If first ime offenders were jailed, I believe that would curb repeat offenders. Anytime someone is caught drinking and driving they should be jailed. Our laws should be changed, no one should be above the law. Think about how many lives would be/ could be saved if every state had zero tolerance . You drink, you drive you do time. Point blank and period.

2706 days ago


Hey #'s 7, 10,19, and 24, I guess all those stereotypes of redneck hillbilly bigots is pretty accurate. There are many degrees of mental retardation. I'm sorry for your affliction. At least Tracy can go into rehab and improve his chances for a better life.

2706 days ago

Cape Codder    

#21 and anyone else who is interested, you can find more info on the Mass laws, what we would like to do to change the current DWI laws at the state and federal level and also more info on my mother's death on our site

2706 days ago

concerned citizen    

To Cape Codder:

28. #21 and anyone else who is interested, you can find more info on the Mass laws, what we would like to do to change the current DWI laws at the state and federal level and also more info on my mother's death on our site

Posted at 11:35AM on Apr 28th 2007 by Cape Codder

Thank you and I will do my part and definitetly pass it along as well.

2706 days ago


A cave-in and another excample of pandering. This creep is on probabtion for the same type of crime and gets a pass from NYC Police? No doubt, the police were intimidated over the fear of a pouncing by the morally upstanding vigilanti crowd that includes the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, Simmons, et al. If this had been a white celeb, guaranteed they would've had to do jail time. Geez, I wonder how both the LA and NYC Police are going to feel when this drunken illiterate punk celeb causes an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which kills or permanently injures someone.

2706 days ago

Judy B.    

What is it going to take to WAKE us up??? Can we find a punishment to fit the crime. One DWI (or the other offenses), should be a felony and go on your record forever. Then maybe they will get the message. Who knows??

2706 days ago


He'll have to get his drink on before May 25

2706 days ago


I come to this site for pure entertainment and have never posted until now...... It's laughable to me how you racist, ignorant, unearned self entitled people of non-color are. He is a human being that should be punished by his actions just like all people(including you self righteous dumbasses that never do anything wrong at least in your eyes, you believe that even your mistakes and flaws should be put on a higher platform than anyone else who doesn't look like you.... again, dumbasses with your dumbass racist comments (at least make them funny, but even your jokes are corny)

2706 days ago
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