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Hayden Acts Her Age

4/30/2007 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brits who put Hayden Panettiere #6 on their Sexiest Women Alive list might want to think twice.

Hayden, spotted walking her dog yesterday in Los Angeles, was looking more like a Junior High student after gym class than a cheerleader with the power to launch illegal fantasies.

That bitch is really cute.


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down to earth? And you people are basing this on WHAT? First of all, I met her in L.A. at Big in 06 and asked for a pic. She rolled her eyes, contemplated walking away, then finally (hesitantly) stood next to me for a pic. Bitch isn't even that famous, she needs to get her little 17 year old ass in check. Oh and she's so "Sweet and innocent" partying with Paris Hilton and all. Ugh, these kids need REAL parents.

2733 days ago

I like em young    

im 72 and I would do her

2733 days ago


Dear # 50: You're not big brother: Hmmmmmm. We'll see.

And why so defensive? Are you off your bipolar meds again? LMAO

2733 days ago


It's about time!!! Thank GOD there is a young woman out there that is worthy of respect. Amen!

2733 days ago

Baby-f***ers come as no surprise    

I love all the guys making jackasses of themselves saying they would love to have sex with a child...if the "teen porno" sites on the internet and the "girls gone wild" enterprises were not enough of a telltale sign that there are more than enough pervs looking for little girls, I don't know what is.

It's sad, though. Hayden has such a nice "good girl" glow to her. Too bad men old enough to be her great grandfather spew such crap about wanting her on TMZ... You guys might want to let that ripen into a woman before you start openly confessing to your perverse pedipheliac desires. Give it at least 5 years, gents, then it won't look so bad for you to be making sexual comments since she will no longer be a CHILD.

2733 days ago

Get off your high horses    

I am a female in my early 20's, and I am absolutely disgusted by several remarks here. I personally know how it feels to be stared down by older men, and it makes me feel so dirty and appalled that I want to go scrub myself raw with the strongest soap there is. You nasty men need to go back to your wives and get freaking lives. This younger gal thinks that you guys are the most disgusting creeps and would never want to go near the likes of you! Ewwww *shudders*

How would you feel if your daughters' hot friends' fathers were thinking the same about YOUR daughters??


2733 days ago


All you perverted men make me sick. How would you like to be thought of nothing but a good hole to put a rod up your ass (being that your male). I don't know much about this girl but she is a human being who deserves respect. If fantasy is what you are looking for, go crawl into your dark caves and have sex with your hand and your lonely minds.

2733 days ago


How refreshing to see a young actress today looking so HEALTHY!!!! You go, girl!.Been watching you since you played little Lizzy Spaulding on Guiding Light. Loved you then, love you even more now. Please keep that head of your's on straight. Show the world that not all of young Hollywood is a Lindsay or Paris or Nicole or....

Save the Cheerleader
Save the World

2733 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Yes, Hayden is cute, but she's only 17! Kinda creepy that the Brits put her on the top 10 do-able list. I guess our cousins from across the sea are kinda pedophilic...

2733 days ago


omg man this stuff is really gross...ive never seen so many pervs in one not even mad or angry im just in total shock of how people can be so gross and say stuff like this where the world can see......i agree w/some of you who said that she can be a goo influance on some of the younger girls these day cuase she is but you pers you really need help or jail time cuase this is really rediculious

2733 days ago

Buck Naked    

dmoney ... learn to spell

2733 days ago

Buck Naked    

Looks good to me

2733 days ago


there are a lot of sex offenders on this site.

2732 days ago


Taun, Slappdaddy and Nate screw you three! Who made you all the Dudley frickin Doright of the chat rooms? Do you idiots really think that anyone buys into your crap? You three are not talking to anybody anywhere about anything. Just to prove my point I am going to whip out my pecker and pull it while I type what a hot little body Hayden has!

2732 days ago

Oh My Gosh I BET U R FAT !    

Man let me at her! I could eat her 24/7! I might be an old geezer ( 72 ) but I'll blank her silly!

2732 days ago
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