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Hasselhoff's Ex: I was Abused

5/1/2007 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff appeared at a Los Angeles County courtroom this morning with her new celebrity attorney Debra Opri. The two were present for a hearing on the bitter divorce between Bach and estranged husband David Hasselhoff.

When asked outside of court to describe some of the rougher parts of their marriage, the Hoff's ex said, "There is emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and if I didn't have a restraining order there would be physical abuse." Opri also claimed that David's alcoholism contributed to the problems in the marriage.

When reporters asked about hiring new celebrity attorney Debra Opri, Bach replied "Debra is a winner, and I'm sick of being abused."

A rep for David says, "Mr. Hasselhoff continues to fulfill his obligations to his former wife and their children and as a result they continue to maintain the same lifestyle they were accustomed to. Unfortunately, his ex-wife continues to use the press and the children as a tool to present herself as a victim. She has had no less than nine sets of attorneys who have all let her go due to the inconsistency of her behavior."

David tells TMZ, "I have the respect of my daughters and my fans and most importantly my self respect. I will continue to keep my personal life private for the sake of moving on and living a happy life with my children."


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Just my opinion    

Someone should seriously consider getting Opri disbarred or banned from TV appearances with her clients! That woman is the devil.

Now we're going to hear all types of stories about the h*ll this woman suffered at the hands of KnightRider. She obviously wasn't too upset about it because she stayed with him long enough to share in all of his millions! He's paying to take care of her and his kids and she still acts like her life is so bad.

And I'm not buying the 'abused wife' theory - she had enough money to live in a hotel if things were so bad. Or move into the pool house. Or just stay at your seaside resort if you couldn't take the arguing.

2730 days ago


Pammy....just make sure you aren't being charged for the interviews opri gives!!!

2730 days ago


Now that your have Opri, you can add finacial abuse to the list.

2730 days ago


I agree with Nos. 1 by Do Not Like Opri. Opri should barred from one of the network is Fox News Network. I haven't seen her about month ago on the O'Reilly Factor with Bill O'Reilly. I hope she is not with FOX anymore.

2730 days ago


How much is Opri charging Pam for her services~~~~?

2730 days ago


Oh lord I hope she is keeping tabs on the bill she may get from that blood sucking lawyer!! She needs to be locked up for that high ass bill she sent Larry B. What does this women do ? Roam around looking for rich people who are in court battles DAMNNNNNNNN

2730 days ago

Tired and Ready for A Nap    

Debra Opri is trying to become the next Gloria Allred!

2730 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Oh cry me a river lady. You'll be taking his money all the way to the plastic surgeons. I have an idea, go out and get a job like the rest of us instead of living off your husband you pathetic botox injected moron!

2730 days ago


Debra Opri is NOT a winner. She got caught with her pants down trying to mount Mr. Birkhead! She will turn on you too, Pamela- but that's OK since you are a professional victim!

2730 days ago


Poor David...look what he gets now...screwed in the back by two bloodsuckers!

2730 days ago

Hasselhoff's a drunken loser    

Its hard enough for abused women to come forward, especially when the hubby's public persona is that of a good likable guy, but for her to be slammed for it is pathetic. Husbands who abuse are wrong, no matter how famous he is or how much the wife's lawyer may be disliked. Open your eyes, people! These so-called nice guy actors can be pure hell behind closed doors - I've been there. And just because she "shared in his millions" doesn't mean she should put up with the abuse. Hope you kick his ass Pam!

2730 days ago


Why isn't Debra Opri being charged with something. That bill she gave LB was outrageous. She even tried to squeeze money out of him for attending ANS funeral, and he didn't even want her there. Can't she be disbarred, that was criminal what she did to poor Larry Birkhead. Watch your pocket book Hoff, this one is in it for the MONEY!!

2730 days ago


Pathetic! The newest craze in Hollywierd, airing your dirty laundry to the media in hopes of getting the sympathy vote in court. Pam meet Kim, you two should become fast friends, if you haven't already. A never-been and a has-been trying to milk it for all it's worth. Don't worry ladies, we see through you.

2730 days ago


Don't hassle the Hoff! Duh...

2730 days ago

yirmine snipe    

Sadly it is getting to the point that the only chance a guy has of ending a marriage without getting screwed over with these claims of emotional or verbal abuse (which hell you can't disprove since they don't leave any scars if they actually happen) is to pass on hiring a lawyer and just hire a hitman.

2730 days ago
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