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The Baby Has Landed

5/1/2007 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead is back on U.S. soil with his daughter, Dannielynn.

Birkhead just landed in Louisville, Kentucky via private jet. We're told Birkhead will spend time with his family, but will eventually return to Los Angeles.

The custody fight is not over. Birkhead must return with his daughter to a Bahamian court next month for a formal custody hearing. Virgie Arthur is the only obstacle standing in Birkhead's way.


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Grow up Howie and face the're duhn.    

Dannielynn is SO adorable! I am so happy for Larry.

Where is Bonnie Stern these days? Is she dead? I remember her saying "over her dead body"....would someone take the baby away from howie.

2669 days ago


Howard K. Stern- Pulitzer prize winning author of the book "My Life With Anna" living in the Bahamas in his exclusive beach bungalow. Still unmarried but living with 2 blond Anna look alikes. No charges ever brought against him.

Is this a mushroom TRIP?

2669 days ago

Just leave Larry alone and let him do what he thinks is best    

None of the news media said Howard was on the plane. I want to know. And not from people say they think it was Howard. News Media..was Howard on that plane?? If he was I am concerned.

2669 days ago


HOWARD STILL HAS CUSTODY OF THE BABY!!! Howard said on one of the shows, that as long as Vergie holds up the hearings he has custody. Stern said it didn't make sense that Virgie was holding it up, because she supposedly is so afraid of the baby being in his custody. He said as long as she holds it up, the baby remains with him. So until June, Larry has to put up with him. If Virgie had given up the baby would have been out of Stern's hands.
Stern's point was that she isn't too concerned about the baby being with him.

Birkhead could come to the USA but Howard is still in control of the baby, that is why he is with them.

2669 days ago


Who cares if Stern was or was not on the plane. Some of you really need to get a life of your own.

2669 days ago


You guys are too much! This should be a place where we are all like, yay, welcome back to the U-S-of-A.....not fighting about who got on the freakin plane!!! Are you kidding me? Too funny. I really hope the ones that are fighting on here are not adults.....cause if so, you should be paying more attention to your own lives and conflict resolution.

2669 days ago


That plane is paid for by NBC/BRAVO - it is a deal that Larry has. He and Larry have a big interview in LA about the movie they are doing on Anna. If you don't believe me just wait and see. I don't care.

2669 days ago


I am so glad Larry is home with Dannielynn! As a native and current resident of Kentucky, we are proud to have him home. I just hope he chooses to raise her here where she has a chance at a normal life. And as for the comments on Larry selling out, please remember he has an astronomical bill from his ex-attorney (what a rip off!) to pay for and he has to raise this little girl, right now he is not the trustee of Anna's estate and therefor gets nothing until the courts change it or unless Howard helps him out, since he is the trustee. He did what every other celebrity does, sells pics of their kids (and I am not calling Larry a celebrity, he's not). I just hope the press allows him and Dannielynn to fade into obscurity for a normal life. Being a single dad won't be easy and hopefully he can find a good woman to be a good mama to that precious baby!

2669 days ago

mickey lou    

Vergie you are way to old to have custody of this baby. Why don't you kiss & make up w/Larry so you can have a relationship with your granddaughter.

2669 days ago

hurricane katrina land    

well anyone who has ever read my posts knows that i am a huge Birkhead fan. NOT ANYMORE. i have no interest in this story any longer. i just saw the video and HKS got on that plane. Dannielynns life will be a circus...just like the one HKS created for her mom. Birkhead in my opinion could have been so much more had he chosen a legitimate representative. now that he's chosen STERN to be his "pal" (for lack of a better word) he'll be nothing more than a low rate, low life, trash celebrity just like anna was. what a shame. oh...and sayonara. i'm out!

2669 days ago


It sure looked like Howard getting on the plane to me, I replayed it and I'm quite sure it is him getting on the plane at first.

2669 days ago


Oh this is a good day!!!!!!!
Thank you God for allowing Larry and Dannielynn to land on American soil safe and sound!!!!!
Larry, you are going to be the best "Daddy" in the world!!!!!
You should stay here and not go back to the Bahamas, the judges there are tired of this, especially Virgie the Witch!!!! They already told you the custody needs to be decided in the states and you know how far Virgie will get here!!! NO WHERE!!!!!

2669 days ago


Who's paying for private planes its ridiculous all you Howard haters need to get a grip, larry will now become a rich man just because he slept with Anna, the media is disgusting and so is he.

2669 days ago


Don't you people think if HKS was on that plane MSNBC< CTV< and ACCESS HOLLYWOOD would of been all over it. That was Tony Potts and the access crew camermen.

2669 days ago

crazy tragic    

Warms the cockles of my heart. What a nice ending.

2669 days ago
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