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Britney's Stripperific Onstage Lap Dance

5/2/2007 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Part singer, part stripper, all WOW!

A stripped down Britney Spears showed up to her first mini-concert at the San Diego House of Blues last night, performing "Breathe on Me," while writhing in a sparkly bra and mini-mini-skirt around a lucky guy plucked from the audience. The Britster appeared to lip-sync the number, as four other skimpily-clad dancers surrounded the seated man. It's being reported on several fan sites that the man is Howie Day ... what do you think?

While there were complaints that the show was too short -- only 15 minutes -- we're guessing this guy wasn't complaining!


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Dani, do you really think Britney's fan base goes to see her to hear her "sing"?

I think they want to see her dance and strip. Which says a lot for her fan base.

2702 days ago


Oh my GOD people...I am an IDIOT. I want my money back. I am so mad at myself for giving this moron another chance. Yes, I paid to go see her...and I feel like crying. Not because of the cash, but because I am so embarrassed for her.
What-a-waste-of-money. The worst show I have ever seen. It was like watching Blubber dance with a bunch of dead chickens on its shoulder. She did not actually sing. She sang old played out songs and she tried too hard. She didn't say much to the audience, because I think she realized she made a fool of herself. There were a LOT of idiots just like her screaming for this talent show-esque performance.

2702 days ago


Whoever took the video sucks!!!! I hope Brit has a plan B that she is working on this morning.

2702 days ago


I agree, the dude is totally part of the show, Howie Day or not . He's not acting like some random guy pulled from the audience - but he is in fact "acting". Brit looks great to be honest and as far as her lip syncing.....hasn't she always? Not necessarily a fan but I do wish her well, the pressure she must feel has to be incredible. The girl is entitled to have her career AND be a mom - she'll hopefully figure out how to do both well, eventually.

2702 days ago


Tiger lily-

I'm not sure what the heck they are going for.. but the truth is, they paid to see her... and if she's stil selling tickets... then guess who has the last laugh....

she does.


2702 days ago


This is totally in appropriate behavior for a mother of two!!! No wonder her family and manager convinced her to go to rehab!! If she is trying to "re-invent herself" like her self proclaimed idol Madonna always does, she needs to take a clue from Madonna..atlease she cleaned up after she had kids and stopped the slutty image.

K-Fed needs to take custody of these children before they are old enough for this to effect them.

What a whore!! Yeah, she looks amazing, but that is no reason to expose your ass in public and preform like this. I don't care if she is an entertainer, she is a mother first now!!

2702 days ago


Totally agree with the comments about the guy being part of the act.

2702 days ago


I couldn't stand to watch and listen to the entire video, but her dance reminds me of one of Madonna's old routines; sitting on the chair and opening and closing her legs; you know strip club stuff.

2702 days ago



Get a life! It's called ENTERTAINMENT, duh....

2702 days ago


stop hatin people...she looks great...and why would you call her a whore? jealous perhaps? keep up the good work there are many rooting for's hard to be in the spot light all the time and having retards critizing you for mistakes we have all made at some point or another....where was all the hateration for K-Fed while Brit was getting herself together? he all of a sudden is the best damn dad in the world..please give me a break....just my own personal thoughts and mine alone....keep it up Brit....peace out...

2702 days ago


#7 and #9 are right on the mark! The world needs more good human beings and less sleeze and troubled people.

2702 days ago


Anybody who spends their hard earned money to go and see this thing perform is a moron. Shame on her. I am a mother of two young boys and I would never do a strip act to shame myself or make my children ashamed of me for any amount of money. She really should start acting like a mother and not a whore like her old buddy Paris.

2702 days ago


Give the girl a break people. There are plenty of sexy performers out there who have children and are still good mothers. I think this is EXACTLY what she needs after all she's been through. She has obviosly tried to straighten up her act since her time in rehab. And I think her body looks amazing comopared to 2 months ago. Personally, as a mother of 3, I am very happy for her. Oh and one more thing...thank god she got rid of K-Fed!!

2702 days ago


Britney must have felt threatened by the Pussycat Dolls. Maybe she's jealous of Nicole. (I can see why she would be.)

2702 days ago


I was never a fan and I really wanted to see her make a big come back because I felt bad for all the crap she has been through and I wanted to see her come out on top. But the stripper routine seems like its not going to bring her back. She lost her sex appeal after marrying a gold-digging dumbass dancer and popping out 2 little ones. People dont see her as a sex symbol anymore. They see a trian wreck passing out in a club, vomiting in cars, head shaving rehabber.She needs to try something different something new and really fresh. She needs to get her shock factor back and not in the bald way. She needs to be more classy and less trashy. If she wants to stick to the stripper stuff she needs to amp it up with more class more entertaining more burlesque....

2702 days ago
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