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Britney's Stripperific Onstage Lap Dance

5/2/2007 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Part singer, part stripper, all WOW!

A stripped down Britney Spears showed up to her first mini-concert at the San Diego House of Blues last night, performing "Breathe on Me," while writhing in a sparkly bra and mini-mini-skirt around a lucky guy plucked from the audience. The Britster appeared to lip-sync the number, as four other skimpily-clad dancers surrounded the seated man. It's being reported on several fan sites that the man is Howie Day ... what do you think?

While there were complaints that the show was too short -- only 15 minutes -- we're guessing this guy wasn't complaining!


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Britney is a no talent hillbilly. If it were not for her gay fan base (there is nothing wrong with that!), she'd be nowhere. These guys will pay to see her freak show when she's 50, like Cher.

2709 days ago


Britney should stick to Stripping and Lap Dancing....Lord knows she has NO TALENT!!!!

2709 days ago

Please God help her    

you people are freeking crazy...
umm can someone tell me how this would consitute as a "comeback"
u cant be she doesnt look good
no....its not the smart thing to be doing w/custody being an issuee...
her dads right it is all her fault NOW
what a dumtwat

2709 days ago


Wow! must have some great wig glue!! I am all for a Brit comeback, but come on girl, you need to class up your image a bit. Carmen would be proud that you followed her strip video, almost exactly. And what is with that lipsync? What's next? A Britney porno? Ewe, gag!!!! just the thought makes me ill. She does look like she has been working her azz off at the gym. Props for that.

2709 days ago

doo wop    

SAD!! No wonder these females get no respect . Showing their butts . No wonder they are called "HOES"What do you expect? When was the last time they went to worship GOD? This society is making whore's out of our youth. Who is this Spears? A corporate invention to make a buck from a no talent!

2709 days ago


Britney Spears stll has the sexist body in the world, next to Madonna!! Britney is HOT!!
I just hope her career lasts for a good while.

2709 days ago


I agree with one of the above comments: No one is perfect...let's put your life on tv and infront of everyone and see what your life is like. She is only human, for Pete's sake! You have to be jealous why else would you be ragging on poor Brit. I feel for her. She has been through a lot and everyone making the negative comments, I can see it all now, you, infront of your computer, naked, over weight with a twinkie in your mouth....PATHETIC! So go back to driving your 1960's pinto. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but take a long look at yourself before you make your remarks about anything or anyone...

2709 days ago


Britney Has turned into a drug invested slut. I guess she thinks that give her more attention.Like she needs that.

2709 days ago


When you try to make a come back, well .... come back with SOMETHING baby, not the same old stuff, already done (see Madge), the stuff that any beeeoootch out there can do anyway.

Britney = Play. Repeat. Pause. Repeat. Stop. Repeat.

2709 days ago


How pitiful. That thing with the guy looked totally rehearsed. She's fallen a long way from selling out stadiums. All the personal trainers in the world aren't going to help this has-been. Who is going to want to buy her albums now? Parents aren't going to want their kids to listen to the music of an addict and a whore, so that rules out her former target audience. And discerning adults (like myself and everyone I know) have always thought she was a total joke. I guess she'll have to go for the same audience Madonna currently enjoys, gay male club-hoppers.

2709 days ago


Britney, Britney, Britney. Haven't you had enough of the gutter image yet? This performance isn't anything more than a $20 lap dance. The guys will love looking at you, but they loved looking at you when your act wasn't so wraunchy. You have your whole life ahead of you - this is your chance to come back in a better light with a new spin on your image. Everyone is rooting for you. Surprise us - clean up!

2709 days ago


She is think Britney is a role model for teens and a mother of two....those babies should be taken away from's scary to think that her husband is the better parent. Donna

2709 days ago


Hey dred, you nasty low-life, I'm a woman, and a hot one at that. And listen to you, you sound like an angry little boy with a dirty mouth. Go argue with someone else. As I said, I like Britney and I'll say it when and where I want. That really bothers you doesn't it? They do have medication for conditions like yours, little boy. Get some anger management...

2709 days ago


Why is this a big deal? She's prancing all over the stage -- NOT EVEN REALLY SINGING -- wearing a wig!!! Geez.

2709 days ago


Ok In the first place~~~~ Brit doenst need anyones permission. There are lots of moms who would love to do what she does and look as well doing it. She needs a break. She has never had anyone looking out for her. Pressure Pressue Pressure Thats all this girl has ever known. Buy her CD's Dont Go to her concerts, Dont ~~~ your call, But stop judging someone you really dont know anything about. There are lots of entertainers who have had their share of controversy ~~~~ we all make mistakes. The fans and her family made her what she is and I wish her nothing but the best. BRITT I have but one question. Why would you want toget back into a business that did nothing but destroy you? If you ahve the money ( and I hope you do) Take your children, buy some nice island and tell everyone to kiss your a@@.

2709 days ago
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