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Reunited and It Feels So Good!

5/2/2007 1:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With a tender kiss and a cuddly teddy bear, Larry Birkhead shared an emotional moment with his daughter Dannielynn yesterday, before the two took a private jet out of the Bahamas.

Shortly after this photo was taken, daddy and daughter landed in Birkhead's homestate of Kentucky, where Dannielynn is getting to know some of her extended family.


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snow angels    


The June 4th date is seven days from the deadline of May 28th which was the deadline date for G. Ben Thompson/G. Pro Pinder to pay the $100,000. Security Deposit to proceed with petition in Supreme Court regarding "Horizon's".

G. Ben Thompson/G. Pro Pinder were given 7 days after the deadline to notify Wayne Munroe/Howard K. Stern that the deposit had been made and therefore constitutes a continuance in the petition.

Since that time, Art Harris wrote a piece stating that G. Ben Thompson did not pay by the deadline and was given an extension of seven days. If that is indeed true, then the deadline would have been yesterday, June 4th. Presuming now that June 4th was the deadline, then seven days to notify Wayne Munroe/Howard K. Stern is now moved to June 11th.

In my opinion, the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas will not issue a press release regarding whether the Security Deposit to the courts has been paid. So, we won't hear anything from that quarter.

If we are to hear anything at all, it will be a statement from the lawyers from either side, or we may hear nothing at all. Another scenario could be either side will leak it to the media and we'll hear that way.

It does seem that every date associated with this circus has some mystery & confusion surrounding it.

What we do have now is everything coming together at relatively the same time which will only add to the confusion in my view. We have Friday, June 8th for resumption of the Custody Hearing regarding Dannielynn Birkhead and the June 16th Probate Court Hearing(s) in California. In that mix somewhere between now and after June 11th, there could be details of the "Horizon's" petition & whether it is going forward or not.

It has been my understanding all along since Vickie Lynn Marshall's (aka Anna Nicole Smith) death that the "Horizon's" petition is on hold until the Last Will and Testament is probated in California. Once an Executor has been affirmed by Probate then the Executor can proceed on behalf of the Estate in the petition.

So, it's bound to be a very interesting time for the next couple of weeks.

2667 days ago


Where is Lucas?

2667 days ago


Hello Suzanne ~ I'm hoping that you will stop by for a visit!

I'm wondering, if "our" Lucas is the person that has been posting this morning.

Retiredsoldier had made a comment the other day, about some disgusting things that were thrown at Lucas by the Stern supporters. I didn't save his post, but it sounded like they went too far as usual.

I was surprised to find that the myspace site that Lucas created was deleted without a word. He's so communicative! I gave him my name and my email address, and he sent me an email regarding my letter to Mr. O'Quinn. This was the day after he got the site up and running. Do you know anything? Has he mentioned the "Support Virgie Arthur" site at all, on these blogs? ~ Thanks!!

2667 days ago


Bahama Nana and Just Me Again,

Such a pleasure seeing you. I am so frazzled from writing in "Will site", and have a blinding headache. I think we have been in this too long, I am not a real blogger, and spend my time in the computer in pleasant communication with people like the two of you and some others in our group. But, I do not like constant arguments, and have never had such unpleasant experiences online!

First, Bahama Nana, I am thoroughly confused by the proceedings in the Bahamas, and I don't mean this as a criticism of the court system, but I honestly do not understand all these delays. Also, I don't blame
Ben Thompson for being reluctant to fork over $100,000. That is a lot of money to me, and IF Howard has bribed some people Ben Thompson could lose the money and the house, although there is no doubt that the house belongs to him. Anna knew it, and she bought another house, and according to Moe was moving to the other house, and that is where the boat was going, since the other house had a dock. But, what if the court system just wanted to absorb the $100,000? It isn't as much as a million, but it is a nice enough little bit of cash. And Howard could pay someone a large bribe to get that house. But, it still wouldn't be his house, it never was, and he should have been out of there long ago. But, enough of that. I think the custody case is nothing but just a farce. Reading the post above saying the baby would be raised without a Christian environment doesn't sound too good, and I am beginning to think that Anna's mother would provide a better and more stable home, but of course she isn't even allowed to SEE the baby without buzzards standing over her. And, the Inquest, if justice is done, that is going to be interesting! And if it is true that the life insurance policies made Daniel the beneficiary, and Howard the next beneficiary, that will say it all.

About Lucas, I believe that is truly him. His site, honoring Virgie, was attacked, and a woman was threatened, and was told someone was going to throw acid in her face, and things were very horrible. I feel terrible for Lucas, and suspected something like that would happen. I told Lucas that the most horrible of the cretins here would go there.

I am a little weary, but I, like the two of you, will ALWAYS take the HIGH ROAD!

2667 days ago


Ladies, I have some comments regarding this article (of course!)

I'll put my comments in ((double brackets))

29th May (2007)

"Date Set For Constitutional Challenge To Coroners Act"
By Quincy Parker

On July 16, Supreme Court Justice John Lyons will hear arguments from representatives from the Office of the Attorney General and lawyers for Howard K. Stern in Mr. Stern’s Constitutional challenge to the Coroners Act.
Mr. Stern, the lawyer/lover ((..bothers me that Quincy always refers to Stern as the lawyer/"lover". "Companion" is appropriate)) of the late Bahamian permanent resident ((..NOT a permanent resident)) Anna Nicole Smith, is challenging the Coroners Act as unconstitutional because it doesn’t allow the coroner to question a coroner’s jury. ((..does this set a precedence in the Bahamas?))

The inquest into the death of Ms. Smith’s 20-year-old son Daniel Wayne Smith has been on hold since Mr. Stern’s legal team raised the issue of wanting the coroner – in this instance Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez – to make the jury answer a questionnaire.

Mr. Stern’s lawyer, Wayne Munroe, said his client was concerned about the media coverage of the death of Ms. Smith in February, of Daniel’s own death in September 2006 and of the court battles over Ms. Smith’s infant daughter Dannielynn.

Mr. Stern, he said, may have been painted as the villain of the whole affair. ((..this part bothers me the most, since Stern isn't yet named a person of interest. He's "having his way" with the court))

On May 22, the parties met before Justice Lyons for what Mr. Munroe called a "mention" hearing. ((..what is a "mention" hearing, but just another delay?))

"The hearing of arguments is set for the 16th of July," Mr. Munroe told the Journal. ((almost 2 months from this date!))

"Both interested parties will put their case. It is estimated to last half a day. It was simply the setting of a date (for arguments to be heard). Nothing was discussed; it was just the setting of a date." (( can there be TWO "interested parties"? Who are the TWO?))

Mr. Stern has challenged the constitutionality of the Coroners Act based on his contention that it contravenes the Constitutional promise of a fair trial before an "impartial" jury. (( "trial" exists, yet))

Since the Act does not allow coroners’ juries to be questioned, Mr. Stern contends that it is impossible to ascertain whether the seven-member jury empanelled in the Daniel Smith inquest is in fact impartial.

Therefore, he argues, the Act is unconstitutional, and he wants a direction from the Supreme Court, which exercises a supervisory function over the Magistrate’s Court (including the Coroners Court), allowing the coroner to compose a questionnaire in consultation with the lawyers for all interested parties.

The court would then allow the lawyers for interested parties to question the jurors based on the answers they give to the questionnaire.

The Crown has opposed this move, as it is outside the ambit of the Coroner’s powers as outlined in the Act. ((..OK. "the Crown opposes it. Shouldn't this MEAN something?!))

Daniel Smith died suddenly at Doctors Hospital on September 10, 2006, while visiting his mother and newborn half sister three days after she was born. His death was ruled an accidental drug overdose, and the inquest was called to "answer any unanswered questions," according to Chief Magistrate Gomez. ((..of course, Stern had his hand in getting rid of the first inquest ...and Linda Virgill))

The inquest could resume in July, depending on the outcome of Mr. Stern’s Constitutional challenge. ((..the inquest "COULD" resume? Does this mean that it's a possibility that the inquest may NOT resume at all?))

It is expected to take months for the inquest to be completed, so it is likely that it will be nearly a year before a legal cause of death is definitively determined in the death of Daniel Smith. ((a new email addy for me is

2667 days ago


Some people refuse to believe that Stern said, "Don't touch anything until I get there", to the guys in the boat. This is such a sickening thought, considering where he was at the time.

9th February (2007)

"Anna Nicole Is Dead"
By Quincy Parker

Controversial Bahamas permanent resident and embattled celebrity Anna Nicole Smith has died in circumstances that are shrouded in the same uncertainty that surrounded much of the last six months or so of her life.
She collapsed in a hotel room at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, and was discovered at around 1:45 pm on Thursday, according to authorities.

Captain Fitzgerald of Hollywood Fire and Rescue explained what he found at the scene.

"Seminole Rescue was attempting CPR at the time. Hollywood Rescue stepped in and took over the scene, and intubated the patient – that means put the tube down her throat," said Mr. Fitzgerald, whose first name was not given.

"We started an IV, we pushed all the medications, we attempted ‘pacing’ her – which would be an external pacemaker for the heart – and we had electrical capture, but no mechanical capture, which means we couldn’t get her heart beating."

Captain Fitzgerald said his crew was told that Ms. Smith had been left alone an undetermined amount of time before she was discovered on the floor of her hotel room.

It appears that her bodyguard discovered her, and alerted Ms. Smith’s private nurse, who called for help. When the rescue squad arrived, according to Captain Fitzgerald, Howard K. Stern (Ms. Smith’s partner and attorney) was present as were the bodyguard and nurse.

Captain Fitzgerald explained that among the medications paramedics gave Ms. Smith was Narcan, which he said was "for any chance of overdose," and epinephrine – an adrenaline booster to get the heart going.

He said Ms. Smith did not respond to anything the paramedics did.

"All the agencies worked together as well as we could have, given the circumstances. There was just no way of knowing how long she’d been down before she was discovered, which could make all the difference in the world," he said.

Eyewitnesses at Memorial Hospital in Florida, where she was rushed to, reported that Ms. Smith was dead on arrival.

She died five months after her son, Daniel Smith, who died at Doctors Hospital in New Providence while visiting his mother, who had just given birth to a daughter.

The shroud of mystery clouding the last months of Ms. Smith’s life now spreads to include the last minutes of her life as well – questions remain about whether she was abusing drugs when she died, or whether she committed suicide or whether her death was accidental.

As indicated, it is not clear how long Ms. Smith had been left alone, but it appears that her companions had all gone to take possession of a 35-foot yacht she and Mr. Stern had purchased weeks ago.

Reports say the group was supposed to sail the yacht back to The Bahamas, where Ms. Smith has lived since sometime before she gave birth to her months-old daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

Suggestions that Ms. Smith was abusing drugs, and that drugs may have played a part in her death continue to surface.

Ron Rale, Ms. Smith’s California lawyer who is representing her in the litigation with Larry Birkhead (who claims to be the father of her baby), said the news was shocking. He spoke with a newsperson from his California offices in the minutes after the news of Ms. Smith’s death.

Mr. Rale said he’d been concerned over Ms. Smith’s physical state in recent times.

"I have been concerned because I don’t think anybody should have to endure what she’s endured, having lost her son and people attacking her left and right…I don’t know what the cause was, but I felt like Anna was the underdog having all of this thrust upon her and she really just wanted to be a mom. She was a good mom, and this is tragic," he said.

On Tuesday, Ms. Smith and TrimSpa – the diet products company for which she was the spokesperson – were sued in a class action lawsuit alleging that their marketing of a weight loss pill was false or misleading.

That action came just a day before a California judge ordered Ms. Smith to submit Dannielynn Hope to DNA testing to determine whether Mr. Birkhead is her father, as the photographer who is reportedly Ms. Smith’s ex-lover continues to claim.

And those actions are on top of at least three separate legal actions that enmeshed Ms. Smith in The Bahamas – she sued Callenders and Co. law firm, her first lawyers in The Bahamas, for breach of duty, but they responded with a counter-suit for what they claim are unpaid legal fees.

That is in addition to the legal action initiated by

2667 days ago


Just Me Again,

Thank you for the very interesting information! This is well
worth reading, however discouraging.

It seems "the Crown" needs to give some direction to this meandering bunch of do-nothings who are letting Stern block justice. Also, who are the two parties? Are they speaking of Stern and "the court"? Also, it is news to me that this was ruled an accidental overdose, and it was first ruled "suspicious", and Stern has been allowed far too much leeway in all the proceedings in the Bahamas.

The phrases "may" and "could" are not very encouraging words in the matter of proceeding with the Inquest. In fact, trial is the word that SHOULD be used, and it should have been in progress for several months now.

If the feds here don't step in and do something about this we are going to see the deaths of two people go unresolved, and the estate of Anna Nicole Smith vanished into thin air by the shenanigans of a scoundrel.

It is a mystery to me how anybody can support a man who exploited and victimed someone who trusted him, who never worked and was always supported by others, and who seized an opportunity to make a mint for himself through an insecure woman who trusted him, as she said in front of the nannies, "I trusted you and you killed my son". Her last months were pure hell, and then it was over, and where is her estate, and why was Stern
allowed, after Anna's death, to stay in the house from which he was evicted
and to continue to control the estate, Anna's possessions, and to continue in his fraudulent claim to be the baby's father? He was only a "live in" person, the will was invalid, and Anna's family should have been called in immediately upon her death. This whole scenario seems rotten to the core.

The problem with sociopaths is that they have no respect for rules, life nor laws, and if nobody steps in and takes charge of them and their heinous actions, they continue like a train out of control, wrecking everything and everybody around them, without conscience.

2667 days ago

snow angels    


Well, the Sternies were out in force yesterday on the Will site. I was out at the hairdresser, came home, checked the computer and all of a sudden an unprovoked attack on my credibility, yet again. What a bunch of 'crazies'. But, I do suspect for some reason, they see me as a threat. Maybe because of the court case tomorrow. Not sure.

Anyway, have a relaxing coffee while visiting this site. I see they were attacking you as well last evening. Remember, just take the high road.


2666 days ago


Hi , The will site is crazy today. Everyone quit posting except the trolls. She is really sick. I think we drove her absolutely crazy! I do not think anybody is that mental on purpose.

2665 days ago

Greedy Lawyers Suck    

Is it safe to come yet......

2665 days ago


Hi JoJo

2665 days ago

snow angels    

Peggy, Real Jo Jo & Suzanne

Just take a deep breath. It is not easy dealing with these psychos. Relax. She is hitting on everyone. Just take a break and relax. Tomorrow is another day, and it's June 8th, Court day in the Bahamas! Hopefully, this will be the end. The "gagging order" will be over and we can hear each of the players' side of what went on in the Supreme Court regarding the Custody Hearings for custody of Dannielynn. After we've heard from the players, then weigh what they have said, and individually form your own opinion of the Battle for Dannielynn Birkhead.

This is a tragic story and the answers we have been getting are not good enough! In the interest of a young man, in his prime, we owe it to him to keep the pressure on. Daniel Wayne Smith died age 20 of undetermined causes. His Death Certificate indicates Cause of Death: Reserved. It is high time the Inquest gets underway to determine his cause of death.

2665 days ago

Bonnie From The Fugly Stern Family    

test test test

2665 days ago


Bahama Nana,

Thanks for the nice note! I am interested in the court session today.
I am even more interested in what is going on behind the scenes in
investigations, which I think will expose much of what we have
suspected, and more.

Have a great day!

2664 days ago


I look at this picture of DANNIELYNN and i see she looks like Virgie i see a lot of her in this baby. i don't mean that in a bad way either take a good look. Larry hope you have a heart and take the baby to visit her grams..... Don't be so stubborn....

2664 days ago
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