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Scary Takes Murphy to Court Over Baby Spice

5/2/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy and Melanie BrownFormer Spice Girl Melanie Brown is taking Eddie Murphy to court to prove he is the father of her newborn daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. When one paternity suit case closes, another one opens!

Brown tells People magazine that Murphy won't take a DNA test or sign the birth certificate, "so it's going to have to go to court so he can be forced to do it, which is strange since he was the one asking for it." Murphy questioned the paternity on a Dutch television program last year.

Mel B. says Eddie has yet to lay eyes on Angel, adding, "My people have contacted his people and they just had no response to anything." Murphy's rep told People: "We do not comment on Mr. Murphy's personal life." His actions speak for themselves!


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THIS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!! Now, here you have 2 adults who should of been responsible enough to have used condoms. Rather it's Eddie's, Johnny's, Jerry's or some mans child, I blame Spice for not being mature about 1/2 of the situation (unless she wanted to get pregnant). Now that a baby was born, it's sad that she's so young and innocent to know that her mummy behaved like some crazed teen and brought her in this world. So whoever the father is, the child is ALWAYS the one who suffers.

2611 days ago



2614 days ago


Eddie seems like a jerk on this one!

2642 days ago


I feel bad for the baby for having to grow up with feuding parents. Eddie Murphy is coming off as a selfish jackass (yes, worse than the one he voiced in Shrek)!

2642 days ago

Fiona Flash    

She has people? I thought he was into tranny's? I guess she looks like a tranny.

2642 days ago


Hey Eddie ! You might wanna take daddy lessons from Larry Birkhead! Take that test you little bitch. What a coward.

2642 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

No one can possibly behave as ignorantly as Eddie appears to be doing here.
He's acting like a man deeply hurt by something that transpired there, not just simply like an 'it's not mine' avoiding support guy. There's always more involved than meets the eye.
Or not. He will have to eventually acknowledge no matter what; regardless, if it's his sperm, he put it there, it grew well and fine, and he will need to step forward and man up. God knows he has the wherewithall, and that sweet little girl, if indeed his, did not ask to be here.

2642 days ago


Just take the damn test already. He knows he could be the father. What an a$$.

2642 days ago


this witch set him up. he did not want a kid and she set him up. she told him she was on birth control. that is why he hates her.

2642 days ago


The bitch should have taken the test when he wanted her to take it.Dont come down hard on him he wanted her to do the test first and she refused.....Seems like she wasnt sure herself.................................

2642 days ago

Just my opinion    

Why does TMZ pick the worst pictures to show of a celebrity? They have more recent pics of Melanie - why use this old pic from two years ago? She's much prettier than this.

Eddie Murphy is a true as shole. He's not a real man, real men take care of their responsibilities and do not dump their girlfriend after getting her pregnant.

He's a disgrace. He should take a lesson from Chris Rock - there's a real man! He wants a paternity test and would like to help the child out if it is determined he's the father.

Eddie, you just lost all of your good press. Too bad, you have a new movie coming out and you're acting like a jerk. I'm glad you didn't get the Oscar!

2642 days ago


I USED to like he just a dumbass! I hope she takes him for EVERYTHING!!!
(Tricks are for kids Eddie, not grown adults!)


2642 days ago


Men like to believe the saying "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" is true. Got to watch out tho. Sometimes the milk spills and you get a mess you have to clean up.

2642 days ago

How in the hell    

Umm the baby was just BORN so how could she have taken a test before? Geez. Nobody can trap a man, a smart one anyway he could and should have worn a condom as a woman can't "trick" a grown man into not wearing one. Her getting knocked up was the least of his worries as he or she could have had HIV or AIDS. He was lazy now he's got a baby so he needs to find out if the child in his becuase no matter how he feels about Mel B this child is innocent in all this and needs to be cared for.

2642 days ago


Sounds like Eddie knows he's the father, since he refuses to take a test!!! Take the test, Eddie--and take care of the child, if it is yours!. His reps won't comment on his personal life? Then why would he need reps? We don't to hear them comment on a movie!!!

2642 days ago
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