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Scary Takes Murphy to Court Over Baby Spice

5/2/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy and Melanie BrownFormer Spice Girl Melanie Brown is taking Eddie Murphy to court to prove he is the father of her newborn daughter, Angel Iris Murphy Brown. When one paternity suit case closes, another one opens!

Brown tells People magazine that Murphy won't take a DNA test or sign the birth certificate, "so it's going to have to go to court so he can be forced to do it, which is strange since he was the one asking for it." Murphy questioned the paternity on a Dutch television program last year.

Mel B. says Eddie has yet to lay eyes on Angel, adding, "My people have contacted his people and they just had no response to anything." Murphy's rep told People: "We do not comment on Mr. Murphy's personal life." His actions speak for themselves!


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Well, you can be on the pill and STILL accidentally get pregnant so that doesn't mean she was "lying".
I have to agree with others that the bottom line is if the man doesn't want a baby he needs to protect himself and use a condom.
People seem to forget that stuff is baby batter.

2693 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

what the heck was Spice thinking ?
Murphy has a truck full of kids already, he would have wanted her more if she had only stuck to fun instead of pro-creating.
The man ran off before she made another one

2693 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Murphy's wife never looked right with him, now with the ex-ball player he will tower over her.

Murphy's-ex looks old and haggered, at least Spice looks young.

2693 days ago


I feel bad for the mother, but she kind of had Eddie on the rebound. I think any woman enough to think any man is going to be committed to them, after getting out of a 13 year marriage, and 5 kids is nuts. She was Eddies first girl after his wife. Eddie, will probably play the field along time. Any woman who gets involved with him for at least a few years, should mentally know this.

I do however, think he should take care of his new baby, and visit her like he does his other children, and put a condom on. Six kids and no wife??

2693 days ago


this is so sad. really. that little baby will grow up knowing her dad did not care enough about her even to have a little swabof his mouth done. which he asked for in the first place. jerk

2693 days ago


I used to like Eddie Murphy. But his actions toward this situation are immature and sad. Surely he cares enough about his CAREER to do THE RIGHT THING. And if he doesn't DO THE RIGHT THING, I hope his career suffers for it. There is nothing worse than a GROWN MAN acting like a infant denying paternity. It makes him look like an idiot and a a$$hole . As for Scary Spice, I only liked one of her hit songs with the spice girls but no woman deserves to go through this and be led on in the press ( by Eddie) as a woman who sleeps around. Take the TEST EDDIE!

2693 days ago


eddie murphy is a deadbeat!!!! he needs to go and take the test acting like he doesnt have to take care a baby he made... hes trash anyway with his ugly self.. he should be glad he has such a beautiful liitle girl with the way he looks... hes like alot of black men today running from there responsibilities.. acting like "ooh she set me up" or she just wants my money" like its someones elses job to take care of there kids .. if eddie didnt want a child he shouldve worn a condom.. it takes but 2 seconds to put one on ...his rep in hollywood is ruined now because of the way hes treated her.. acting like" i didnt do anything" its not mine" prove it then ..larry birkhead always said that dannielynn is his baby and fought larry k stern to prove it and did.. eddie needs to do the same thing... prove it!!!!!!!! he was with her and now hes trying to act like he doesnt even know her.. hes trash.. plus i remember when he was caught with a trans on hollywood blvd claiming he didnt know it was a man .. when you could clearly see it was!!! hes probably gay its been the talk for years....

2693 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Eddie's behavior is very disappointing. If he were a true man he would have simly gotten the mouth swab DNA test. Instead, he choices to be a jerk about it. In the long run this may damage his career if he continues to drag this out. There's simply no excuse to not take the DNA test. Every child deserves to know who their father is.


2690 days ago


Scary Spice has been added to a long list of women who fail to use birth control in they sexual relationships. Being from the south I can see that he sole goal was to trap Eddie or any man that her thinks she loves into a committed relationship. Maybe he is the father, but this is a foul and will continue to be a foul tacty mov by women to 'Seal the Deal', 'Piss on a Tree' or the most common known 'Trap a Man'....Get a life!!!

2689 days ago


Why do women keep popping babies out???Poor kids suffer with only 1 parent...She did not have to get knocked up....Money??? who knows...Love??? Eddie is a naughty boy..What happened between him and his beautiful wife?? She was a classy lady..He lost her...Why??Im not up on this gossip...who cares He dont want to get up off the child support for spice girl africian british mixed up trollop...hahaha...The baby is adorable

2689 days ago


i like eddie murphy, but i think he should get a life and own up to his responsibilitys. he stated on tv that he wanted a dna test so he should pull his finger out and just settle this once and for all.
the only person who's gonna suffer is their daughter.

2688 days ago


I think mel should take him for all he's worth.

2686 days ago
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