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Bon Jovi and Crew

Chow Down

5/3/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from his live performance on "American Idol," Jon Bon Jovi -- looking more like Babwa Walters every day -- took his crew to Mr. Chow for an post-show dinner.

Bonny Jonny B wasn't the only celeb at the Beverly Hills eatery last night -- sisters Hilary and Haylie Duff were spotted leaving, keeping quiet when asked if they'll be attending the "secret" Britney Spears concert tonight in L.A., while "EXTRA" host Mark McGrath gave a special shout-out to TMZ.

Across town, Kato Kalein came up with his own variation of what the acronym TMZ stands for -- it's Thirty Mile Zone for all you wonderful newbies.

Also out were Danny Masterson, Andy Dick -- who raved about riding his bike everywhere and showed off his girlfriend -- Jason Biggs, Mac Guy Jason Long and a shop-happy Paris Hilton ... who likely isn't as cheery today.

All this and more in today's eat-it-with-chopsticks version of Star Catcher.


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LOL Kato Katelin is still around??

2638 days ago


WOW THEY ATE!!!!!!! Good for them. This is gay.

2638 days ago


slow news day huh

2638 days ago

Pepsi Lover    


I'm a Bon Jovi fan, but JBJ is looking a little rough. Screw it, I'd still hit it.

2638 days ago


It's Justin Long, not Jason.

2638 days ago


Im also a big fan of Jon Bon Jovi..sometimes he takes a great pic, and some times he doesn't..I still think hes good looking...

2638 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I can not stand Jon Von Anchovie. His voice is horrible, but that goes to show you that you do not have to have a good voice to be popular. Just the looks I guess. All most all of their songs have one catchy little verse that they repeat constantly and pound the heck out of over and over. Not exactly my definition of an artist. I call this bubble gum rock. Also, why does Jon Von Anchovie have a camera crew follow him around for every charitable act he does. He has to donate a check on Oprah's show and make a big spectacle out of it or he has to have a camera crew follow him around in Philly. Does not seem like the charity is being given for the right reasons. All publicity. We get it Anchovie your a great guy!! Yuck!! Blah Blah Blah look at me.

2638 days ago


Not only will Jon Bon Jovi ALWAYS be good looking to me...but those boys from Jersey CAN STILL ROCK!!

2638 days ago


Whoa, what a touching performance that was on AmIdol. That song sends chills..... Richie's dad passing, I felt for the guy. BJovi, you keep that music coming at us and those tours going, WE'LL BE THERE FOR YOU. For you haters, Jon will be kicking it in his gazillion $$$$ SoHo apt just reflecting how loved he is.

2638 days ago


I think Jon looks great. He just gets better with age. I saw them in Pittsburgh over the summer and Jon looks just as good in person. I'm sorry to hear about Richie's father. He's had a rough year and it is showing.

2638 days ago


Jon, 2 words -- PLASTIC SURGERY.

2637 days ago

Satish Bhardwaj    

I bet Hillary Duff preformed at the Britney Cobcert while Britney Sang. That is why she was Quiet.

2637 days ago

Karen A.    

I liked seeing Jon look a little worn out. It a different side of seeing him. He puts everything he has into his performances.

2637 days ago


Hey Bon Jovi,
I'm One of your biggest fun !You are so smart.I liked you from the start ,your first album is two years older than me and I'm loving it.You know the song "She Don't Know Me"is really great.My favorite song is "Bed Of Roses" Sometimes I think you can't be a human .Your voice is too good and I have no better words than to admire you.I have all your albums from the start and I like it all.My favorite album is "Cross Road". Whatever people says about you you are my hero.I like not only your songs but also your style.You look great on long hairs.Why did you cut this?But you look really nice on short hair cut .I like your style in "Crush" album.I'm waiting for your new album .I hope I can buy the original.What I'm trying to say is If you read those words and remind me and send me mail back to this address as your kind behavior.

2635 days ago


Bon Jovi is still hot, he doesnt need surgery. That would only make him look like all the plastic in Hollywood. However, I have always wondered if he is faithful to his wife?
After all, they have been married for atleast 20 years now, and being a rock idol and away from his wife and family 90% of the time you would think that his marriage now is merely and arrangement. She does her thing and he does his.
Bottom line is, he is a really good looking guy and its obvious he knows it. Can someone like this really love only his wife of so many years?
Just a thought..

2631 days ago

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