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"Lost" Diary -- The Brig

5/3/2007 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, it's Daniel from TMZ here, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

So I try and avoid promos and commercials as best I can, but they always find a way to creep in. This week, some people posted on TMZ about a confrontation between Locke and Sawyer. With Locke's dad looming on the island, I have to assume that this could be the week we learn that Locke's dad is the original Sawyer (the man who conned Sawyer's parents, driving his dad to kill his mom, then himself). If that's the case, tonight's episode could be off the charts.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way.

This week it's a special East Coast edition of the Diary. I am back in Queens, N.Y. for the week, so I am not with the usual crew. Instead, I am watching with just one other person; my mom. If she says anything about Sawyer along the same lines as Lauren usually does, it would be uncomfortable. Let's roll:
10:00 -- The "previously on 'Lost'" goes through Locke's history, so I imagine this will be the night we find out what he's been up to since we last saw him.

10:01 -- We're flashing back to eight days ago. I love when "Lost" does an "on island" flashback.

10:02 -- Normally during "Lost," I have no problem typing while a scene is going on. When Locke and Henry Gale are involved, I barely even breathe, much less type. What did Locke's dad mean when he said, "Don't you know where we are?"

10:03 -- "Would you like to come with us?" -- Henry Gale. Can I come too? Is it weird that I want to be Anakin Skywalker to Henry Gale's Chancellor Palpatine? Actually, don't answer that.

10:04 -- We cut back to Kate and Sawyer spooning. Would have thought Kate would have been the little spoon. Oh well.

10:05 -- I bet Lauren even finds Sawyer taking a piss to be sexy.

10:08 -- So Locke has Henry Gale tied up in the forest -- would have thought it was his dad. Actually, I still think it is. I just figure Locke would have had a tough time explaining that one to Sawyer.

10:09 -- "We've been waiting for you." -- Cindy. That rates pretty high on the creepy scale.

10:10 -- So as a gesture that he is ready to be a true Other, Henry Gale wants Locke to kill his father. And why should this take any convincing? I would think Locke would jump at the chance. Oh right, he's not a killer. We shall see.

10:12 -- My mom is actually taunting me with Charlie's presence. She's a loyal reader and more than aware of how much I hate him, but she doesn't have to rub it in.

10:13 -- So Desmond and the crew are keeping parachute lady hidden in a tent on the beach. My mom recognizes her as the chick from "Vegas." Good catch, mom.

10:14 -- Locke is bringing up Sawyer's parents. I feel my prediction is on its way to coming true. I am downright giddy.

10:16 -- Sawyer says he won't kill anyone, Locke says he'll change his mind. Prediction time: since it's pretty obvious Locke has his dad tied up somewhere and not Henry Gale, do you think Sawyer will kill Locke's dad? I go with yes.

10:19 -- Let's welcome Sayid back to the show. All together now, "Hi, Sayid."

10:20 -- Parachute lady is named Naomi. Good to know. Other than that, I don't know what to make of her whole story.

10:23 -- "It's time." -- Henry Gale. Well you just know something cool is about to happen when Henry Gale says that.

10:24 -- "The hesitation that you're feeling is just the part of you that still feels like he has a perfectly good explanation for stealing your kidney, throwing you out of an eight story window." -- Henry Gale. I bow at the feet of Henry Gale.

10:25 -- Locke's dad doesn't think that Locke can kill him. He can't do it, we all know he can't do it. Why doesn't Henry Gale know it?

10:26 -- Man, the Others sure enjoy gathering to watch a man get stabbed on a pillar.

10:27 -- "I'm sorry, he's not who we thought he was." -- Henry Gale. Reminds me of the scene in "The Matrix" before we found out Neo was the one. I guess that makes Henry Gale our Morpheus.

10:28 -- "It's an old slaving shape, mid 19th-century." -- Locke. Is there anything he doesn't know?

10:29 -- Yup, Locke's dad is the one tied up. Things should really start to get interesting.

10:33 -- OK, seriously, Naomi's "satellite phone" is really just the iPhone. I didn't check the credits closely, did Steve Jobs produce this episode?

10:34 -- If Locke weren't harboring a couple of hostages, I would hope that he would have asked Rousseau what she wanted with all that dynamite. I am pretty sure a crazy French woman should never be given a whole crate of explosives.

10:35 -- So Alpert gave Sawyer's file to Locke so that he could figure out Sawyer's connection to his dad. Great move.

10:37 -- "If there were any bullets in that gun, why would you hold a knife to my throat?" -- Locke. That right there is what makes him John Locke.

10:38 -- So, apparently, the Others staged a car accident so they could get Locke's dad onto the island -- or at least that's how it sounded. Interesting note: Locke's dad referred to Locke as his "dead son." This probably confirms Naomi's story about Oceanic Flight 815 being "found" and everyone aboard being "dead."

10:40 -- "If this isn't hell, friend, then where are we?" -- Locke's dad.

10:41 -- "A con man goes by many names, friend. I've been Alan Seward, Anthony Cooper, Ted Maclaren, Tom Sawyer ..." -- Locke's dad. God this is getting good.

10:42 -- "Sawyer's my name too." -- Sawyer. Just a great scene all around. Very possibly the best scene not involving Locke or Henry Gale this season.

10:45 -- "Don't tell me what I can't do, John." -- Henry Gale. Locke's favorite line, thrown back at him.

10:46 -- "Unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, don't bother." -- Henry Gale.

10:47 -- Wait a sec, you're telling me Sawyer still has that letter on him? Come on.

10:50 -- "You wanna go to hell?" -- Sawyer. Great line to say as you're strangling a guy with a chain.

10:51 -- "Thank you." -- Locke. So Locke didn't actually kill his dad, but he might as well have. Not sure how this makes him feel any better about it.

10:54 -- "Anything you can say to me, you can say in front of her." -- Jack. What a tool. My mom had a better description: "A**hole."

10:56 -- "We should tell her." -- Juliet. Well, I guess that confirms that Jack is working with Juliet somehow. But tell her what exactly? Something is up here. They are definitely double-crossing Henry Gale somehow.

10:57 -- Locke is giving Sawyer Henry Gale's tape recorder so he can go back and warn the camp that the Others are coming soon. Seems like Juliet and Jack might be on verge of warning them anyway.

10:58 -- "I'm on my own journey now." -- Locke.

10:59 -- Remember when Henry Gale said, "Unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, don't bother"? Guess Locke is taking that literally.

I can often judge an episode by how many quotes I write down. I am a huge fan of dialog -- Aaron Sorkin and David Mamet being the masters. When Locke and Henry Gale are prominent in an episode, I know I am going to get some great scenes. You can just tell the writers of the show love writing for those two characters.

I am giving this episode a B+. I really enjoyed seeing how Locke had spent his time with the Others. The performances and writing were top notch and there were at least three scenes that had me holding my breath. No startling revelations (we all saw the Sawyer/Locke's dad thing coming) and no killer ending is what kept it from getting an A.

A couple of leftover, random thoughts before I finish. What did Henry Gale mean when he kept saying that Locke was the one that brought his dad to the island? Will the island take revenge on Sawyer for killing someone? A meeting with the black smoke monster, perhaps?

Before I get to this week's question, I owe you guys my answer to last week's. "The Wire" is my favorite show on television and is probably the best show of all-time. If you don't watch it, and if you trust me on the matters of television at all, you'll rent season one when you have a chance. Nothing else compares.

On to our question for this week: As a fan of shows like "The Shield," I have no problem when good guys do bad things. Locke's dad was a shitty guy who ruined Sawyer's life. I am perfectly okay with Sawyer killing him. Are you? See you next week.

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Hey, Daniel! Your mom's a riot! Yes, Fluet, Daniel knows Ben's name. If you're a loyal reader you know he likes calling him Henry Gale! It's part of the fun! Pretty good episode--I've been wondering what Rousseau has been up to! Must know more! Glad to have level headed Sayid back in the fold, although I do love me some Desmond! I'm just worried about who may die next--you just know somebody will buy it! What's this about an Answers night on the 17th?

2707 days ago

love lost    

great show! i have the same questions as everyone else! again, as soon as the show was over...i was anticipating your entry daniel! my boyfriend was being a spoiler and talking about how they're supposed to be killing off 5 people in the last episode..and guess who's one of them?!?!!? =) if what i hear is true...we'll all be very happy for you daniel!!

but seriously..i agree...what's up with kate being all jealous and spilling about naomi and the phone..esp. in front of's not like juliet probably doesn't know! and why do you think sayid was digging the hole?! and where exactly are they - locke's dad raised some interesting questions for me....i can't wait until next week!

2707 days ago



I can't imagine they wanted to tell Kate she was pregnant because they weren't even on that subject. I am probably wrong but Kate was talking about the phone and parachute person. Kate being preggers has nothing to do with any of that.

2707 days ago

Lost Babe    

There is no way that Jack and Juliet know Kate is preggers......It's only been what.... two weeks since her and Sawyer started their fling.
I think Jack knows The Others will be coming.....but then again I really think Juliet is playing both sides. She wants off the island and Ben might be her way so she doesn't want to piss him off. I think she is going to have to make a very public choice on who she sides with.

2707 days ago


I think kate went running to Jack, to tell him about Naomi, becuase she's so jealous of his relationship with Juliette. She was behaving like a little brat when she went over there and wouldn't speak in front of Juliette. I agree with alot of people here, Jack's turned into an other....and kate is totally knocked up.....but by Sawyer, or did Henry Gale do something to her after they first caught her. Remember she was put in the cage totally freaked out and wouldn't tell Sawyer what they did to her?????

2707 days ago


Great episode all around. Im giving it a solid A. It didnt spend to much time with the goings on at the camp involving Naomi, but just enough to keep us interested. Great line by Naomi by the way to Sayid, "remind me not to rescue you". Why did it take so long for the camp to doubt Jack's loyalty? Why didnt Sayid swear Kate not to tell Jack what they found, and why 3 seconds later is she telling Jackliet (thats what 'Im calling the 2 of them). The combination of Sawyer, Locke, and Anthony Cooper was dynamite. Locke is definatley on his own side. I thought he joined the Others and was convinced of it until he gave Sawyer the tape recorder. I just think the man is on his on "spiritual journey". Once the camp hears that tape, the s**t is going to hit the fan. 3 final thoughts

1. Heard a rumor that Michael, remember him, will be appearing for sweeps. I wonder how that is going to play into whats going on.

2. Tonight we had some revealing info about where the island is and was it even an island with Locke's dad dropping bombs like, " a little to hot for heaven dont ya think", and "this is hell". This is a big deal considering writers have never approached this topic before

3. Kate is becoming more of a nuisance week by week. Right now I would take Charlie over her because she cant get over Jack not being her puppy dog anymore

2707 days ago


Kate really sucks!! Does she not understand the definition of a secret!!! A jailhouse snitch can keep better secrets than Kate.

Locke. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I agreed with Benry (gasp!) on his daddy issues: “Clean up your own mess.” Locke greatly disappointed me with his self-centered world is shattered. *sigh*

Sawyer. Loved the nipple action. Hated the heart wrenching letter scene. LOVE YOU SAWYER! Seeing as stupid Kate passed up the chance of cuddlin’ with Sawyer, I felt compelled to yell at my TV again, “You can stay in my tent!” Still waiting for a reply...

Jack. Oh, how I hate thee, let me count the ways...Deep down I know he is going to end up being the hero, that the whole Jack/Juliet/mistrust issue will be explained away....but he will remain on my hit list. Jack is the “Ben” of the Losties, manipulating people perceptions and access to info....Jack must die.

-When Juliet says to Jack “we should tell her” and Jack responding “not yet.” For the love of Dharma, TELL HER WHAT!!!
-When Benry says that Locke brought Mr. Sawyer/Cooper to the island. What!?!?!? Does that mean that all of the Losties “past manifestations” (the black horse for Kate, Hurley’s friend from the loony bin, Sayide’s cat, etc.) are real? Or does it mean that they are?
-The “alter” that Locke’s daddy was tied to. Remnants of the four-toed giant days?!
-The Others, while setting up camp, looking at Locke as if they were about to eat him for dinner and saying “We are excited that you are finally here” What the hell!
-Naomi saying the entire plane was found, not just wreckage, and with bodies too.

Danielle is Jacob, I can’t find any explanation for a woman, a highly skilled jungle-woman, who has been on a island for 16 (?) years not to have found multiple hatches, a farm (the flame) with horses and cows and a giant satellite, a modern housing compound, an electromagnetic fence that’s miles long....And she always manages to disappear right before there is a confrontation with the Others. Something about her is just not right.

I will be totally wrong about this.

2707 days ago


I seriously love your re-cap of Lost - and the little comments in between. No more Entertainment Weekly review for me.

2707 days ago

Lost Babe    

Did anyone else notice how fast John hand healed after being bit by his father?
After he bit him, there was blood flowing and two days later...NOTHING!!!!
Why does the island work for John?
Ben got better after hanging out with John........
Any ideas?

2707 days ago


dmford---I believe the sign said "Namaste, Dharma intiative." Remeber the Dr. in the video greats them with that?

2707 days ago


Hey HaggardHag, were you not listening, the plane was found in a trench off of Bali FOUR MILES DOWN. Dharm or whoever obviously got a plane, filled it with some ones or somethings and dropped it where only a deep-sea robotic submersible could go. At that pressure, the plane and any bodies would be gone long before a manned sub could get down there. The Titanic is at what, 2 1/2 miles down, and that is like a six-hour trip in a manned sub (according to the Discovery chanel on Sunday). It's not like anyone's going to be retreiving those bodies -- which is exactly what Dharma wants, no reason for the NTSB to continue searching for the plane or survivors.

I started thinking last night, that if Lost goes for five seasons, then is each season a different Act in a 5-act, Shakespearean-style drama? In the next three weeks, we will build to ... oh crap, my Masterpieces of Drama class was 15 years ago, but does someone else out there know what I mean?

Once Locke's Daddy showed up on the Island, did anyone doubt that Sawyer would be the one to kill him? Did anyone not know that he would be the real Sawyer? I felt a little cheated since I saw that coming, oh say, in the first season.

I ran the previews through on slow speed -- I can't wait until next week!

2707 days ago


My question is when Henry and Locke are talking in Henry's tent, he says to Locke that he is able to walk again (with a a cane) because Locke is around - so why does he leave him behind - will it affect his walking, will it put him back in the wheel chair - and what is it about Locke that he is "the one they have been waiting for"?

2707 days ago

Just a thought    

Hey Daniel - Welcome to the east coast time slot brotha - In answer to your question, I thought Sawyer killing Locke's dad was OK (expecially since the stupid man thought he was dead & in hell anyway) - I just think Locke is a bit whimpy for not doing it himself.

Kate is a tattletale - they ask her not to tell Jack about parachute girl & Kate ran right over & did just that (in front of Juliete to boot) - what a rat - hope they kill Kate off soon. Kate acts like a little school girl with a crush on Jack.

Benry is using Locke for his own personal gain - not sure why - but Benry is a user of all people.......see ya next week.......

2707 days ago


If Mikhail came back from the dead why haven't other people who have died on the island not come back from the dead?

2707 days ago


Wow,,I'm starting to think the writers/producers are reading the blog to get their story lines!!
Great catch (#6) about Kate, I didn't hear Locke say that, and I am going to have to watch the episode over again for that!
Great episode I thought, and I have no problem with Sawyer killing him, but will this guy stay dead? Seems to be an issue on this island! Sawyer was just waiting for this guy as well, maybe he brought him to the island?

Now I'm still feeling that the "purgatory" theory is going strong! What gives with bringing people to the island that they wish revenge against? Will Jack's father show up next since the dead do not seem to remain dead?

2707 days ago
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