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Sharpton Marches Against Words He Won't Apologize For

5/3/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reverend Al Sharpton took to the streets of Manhattan today to protest sexism, racism and homophobia in music, however, the soapboxer has a history of firing off blatantly offensive slurs himself -- for which he's reportedly never apologized. Hypocritical?

According to published accounts, Sharpton publicly bashed former NYC Mayor David Dinkins as "a n----r whore," and once referred to his political opponents as "recycled white trash." Sharpton has also never publicly renounced his 1991 inflammatory public remarks against "diamond merchants" -- after which a Harlem mob singled out a random 29-year-old Jewish rabbinical student -- and stabbed him to death.

During a recent debate at the National Action Network Convention, Sean Hannity resurrected the bigoted soundbites from Sharpton's past ... which begs the question: If Imus had been armed with the same research during his face-to-face with the influential Rev, would he still have his job? Too little, too late.

Calls to Sharpton's rep were not returned.


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hey world..... is what got ro odonnel off the view {but i like ro} please go to that website we need fat al....... stoppped... IMUS shouild not have lost his job and he is sueing . 770am for his contract pay....... i want IMUS . TO SUE AND FAT ASS AL SHARPTON to be forced to sit for a depostion,,,,,,,,, he will be asked all about his finances ,, divorce and all the icky stufff ... help THATS ALL HOPE YOU POSTERS will help.... email me

2707 days ago

shelley smith    

Reverend Sharpton is to be commended for broadening his horizons, and focusing on problems created by Rap music lyrics. He is on the right track. Major Black radio stations like Inner City Broadcasting in New York, stopped playing offensive rap music years ago, but other stations still need to be convinced that they can do it too.

With that said, with all due respect to Reverend Sharpton, he doesn't speak for all Black people, all of the time. I resent the game the media plays, where they give him air time on every issue, and then play back all of his sound bites from the past. They Interview him, then bring out all of his skeletons, harp on his past mistakes, and distract everyone from the issue at hand.

All too frequently, he says things are politically incorrect or worse. However, how can we compare Sharpton to Imus, when NBC wouldn't have hired Sharpton in the first place? I stand by Reverend Sharpton when he is right, but I certainly know, he isn't always right. I definitely don't always agree with him, and I didn't go to College to be lead by anyone else anyway.

The next time the media needs the opinion of Black America, I hope they either take a poll, or consider interviewing spokesman and women like those we have put in elected offices, including Councilman, Mayors, Congressman or Senators. Or depending on the case at hand, other professionals like teachers, Professors, Lawyers, Doctors or Broadcast Journalists.

There are issues that any blind man can see are worthy of protest. It is commendable and very necessary that Reverend Sharpton is there for victim's families when someone has been brutalized or murdered. However, most other Black people are just as concerned for victims of other races. We just don't get a chance to voice our opinions on TV.

The media needs to stop playing games. The only people who seem to get interviewed are those who can be criticized in the next sound bite. Even Snoop dog gets his 15 minutes more of fame to give his opinion on World events.

Ever wonder why we don't hear from Jessie Jackson Jr. sometimes? I say the media would rather interview Jessie Sr., and then remind us that he has said or done some inappropriate thing years ago.

I wonder why I have to keep hearing from Reverend Sharpton for every Black issue myself, and in case you hadn't noticed, I'm Black.

2707 days ago


DUDE YOU ON THE BUS.................. I WANT HIM held accountable , he is a phony,has set race relatiions back way back how do we get IMUS. to tell his lawyers there will be no talks about his contract and LET A COURT DECIDE. i want al to have to give a deposition,

2707 days ago


What bothers me is that most of you are blaming Al Sharpton for his trouble towards the black community, and not taking responsibility for your race. Al didn't cause a pinhead as much trouble as the white race has done, and is doing to our race troday...especially the sneaky ass government. No, Al isn't right, I don't care for him, so I don't listen to him, but please don't sit here and think he's done worse to us, than the white race has, I mean that's just a given. This one man to almsot a whole race? I think not. Also,last time I checked, the white race is the hateful, racist bunch.. you all always start it. You all are just happy to be blaming someone for racist comments other than yourselves,not that u will ever admit it...feels good doesn't it? Makes ya feel not respeonsible, but the problem is, you always will be respeonsible.

2707 days ago

Troubled by all the mystery    

He is so racist. Imus should HAVE NEVER went and asked for AL's FORGIVENESS! This gave AL too much power and brought down Imus. He should have just asked for the girls he offended to forgive him and told AL to go to HADES! Someone who told Imus to go to Al should be fired. This was ridiculous to go to this racist for a confession and forgiveness!!

2707 days ago

douchebag3000 how do we get to IMUS show to show support that IMUS doesnt accept a settlement from 770am new york radio....... YOU ALL POST HOW ABOUT SOME ACTION.

2707 days ago

Troubled by all the mystery    

When is Al and Jesse Jackson going to DUKE to apologize to these guys who they had tried and convicted and said they were RAPISTS? I am sick of this RACE BAITING and using the RACE CARD for their agendas.
People should BOYCOTT the sponsors of AL AND JESSE!

2707 days ago


Mr. Sharpton, you are a disgrace. How you call yourself a reverend is beyond me.

2707 days ago


Jesse Jackson is a GIANT DOUCHE and Al Sharpton is a TURD SANDWICH. What a team.

2707 days ago


#58-- Your first line said it all---
{ commended for broadening his HORIZONS }
The only yhing he is BROADENING ,is the GAP between the Black African American,
and everyone else in the U. S.
He will be responsible for the MOTHER OF ALL RACE WARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2707 days ago


Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, will have clout in the White House if Barack is elected. That should make most of America run for cover to another country.

Remember this when you think electing Barack Obama is a good thing.

2707 days ago


by so get a life your post is so long worded and WE CRACKERS dont have time......... the bottom line is REV al is a race baiter... and u took the bait. i dare you read the words u just wrote ,,,, us crackers are not digging youit. and you just proved FAT ASS AL RIGHT YOUR a HATER. .........

2707 days ago


so you mean you people. the crackers wont vote for obama ,,,,,,,,,,,,wow you missed the bus.......... iam glad rosa parks isnt around to kick your asss..................

2707 days ago


post 58 jane cant be bothered reading .... i doubt your black.............your argument is 2 wacky cracky lol nice try .lol

2707 days ago

MS. M    

support Imus by blogging & signing petition at as well another good informative site is BOYCOTT MSNBC/CBS & show these mothers a REAL action NOT a threaten action....yeah he lost his job because sponsors pulled their spots but who egged them on to do that? gave the taped remarks to Sharpton & Jackson & they played the RACE card....Imus is as racist as Sharpton likes whites....I believe there is a war on the middle CLASS...just easier to accomplish by calling in the likes of Sharpton et al and making it RACIAL.....sign the petition & BOYCOTT the MEDIA HO'S at MSNBC/CBC

2707 days ago
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