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Sharpton Marches Against Words He Won't Apologize For

5/3/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reverend Al Sharpton took to the streets of Manhattan today to protest sexism, racism and homophobia in music, however, the soapboxer has a history of firing off blatantly offensive slurs himself -- for which he's reportedly never apologized. Hypocritical?

According to published accounts, Sharpton publicly bashed former NYC Mayor David Dinkins as "a n----r whore," and once referred to his political opponents as "recycled white trash." Sharpton has also never publicly renounced his 1991 inflammatory public remarks against "diamond merchants" -- after which a Harlem mob singled out a random 29-year-old Jewish rabbinical student -- and stabbed him to death.

During a recent debate at the National Action Network Convention, Sean Hannity resurrected the bigoted soundbites from Sharpton's past ... which begs the question: If Imus had been armed with the same research during his face-to-face with the influential Rev, would he still have his job? Too little, too late.

Calls to Sharpton's rep were not returned.


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Ah, yes, Brotha Al and Brotha Jesse, the Righteous Brothers, dressed in fancy suits, what job do they have????What do they do???they are like the entertainment persons who bore the civilized to death. Always have their faces out there, their mouths yappin' and rappin'. Wasn't Rev. Al James Brown's hairdresser? And I do remember the picture when Martin Luther King was shot. Wasn't that Brotha Jesse with the fro' in the golf jacket looking like a gopher hanger on of the inner group????These people are lame, played out, as they say, and need to move on. Let Barack Obama be the prominent black person. It is time for the New Guard, Obama, Condi Rice, etc. to step up and get center stage. Enough with the angry blacks of yesteryear. Do they realize they and the rappers and thugs and slugs keep black people in the spotlight as stewing in their own juice. There are so many hard working, articulate, goal oriented black people who have achieved and continue to achieve much. Stop focusing on the looooosahs. They are preventing their own race from what they should have - recognition for doing something with their lives, not hate mongering. Go away Rev. Al and Rev. Jesse. Get real jobs.

2693 days ago


I would like to ask the respondents to please control your vulgarity in making your comments. There is no need to use the "F" word or the "Cu_t" word in your expressions or opinions. I know we have freedom of speech, but have a little class and rise above the common, lowclass cussing. Less cussing, more opinions!

2693 days ago

Lenn K.    

As I read some of the posts the name calling by white and black people makes no sense. For those of you who say that blacks should be killed by dragging them behind a truck, you are just stupid and sick. And for the blacks who say whites make them pay taxes, well we all pay taxes idiot. This not about just blacks, it's about two men who have gotten away with murder so to speak. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the devils in blue suits who the media won't condemn and we all know the media is liberal. Sharpton isn't concerned about the plight of black folks, he concerned about how this will elevate him so the cameras will come to him for opinions and wow who do you blame for that? Most medias know his background, why don't they ask him about it?

2693 days ago


ok ok so the truck thing was a bit much

2693 days ago


Sharpton does not deserve the media coverage he gets. Polls of all sorts clearly show that the public, from all ethnical backgrounds, views him as not only a hypocrite, but a hate mongering racist of the worst type! He is a liar and has NEVER taken responsibility for his own acts against society. Does anyone remember the Tawana Brawley case? If the media would stop following him, he would slink back into the dark hole he came out of.

2693 days ago


Sharpton is a Religious Leader right? the Bible teaches that we are to have Love If we do not have love we are like a clashing Symbol so this my be why people are so turned off by Sharpton. We can do all kinds of good deeds and and preach all kind of sermons and have faith that can move mountians, but if we are doing it for money or to draw attention to us , without love we are nothing!

2693 days ago

Things will never change.....    

With people like Al Sharpton the racial problems will never go away. With the media and the tabliods who keep giving him a voice it will only get worse. Wake up and don't let A**holes like him keep things in an uproar.

2693 days ago


I disagree that Condi should be part of the new guard. The woman is heartless. Her response to the revelation that the U.S. rejected millions in aid from foreign countries in the wake of Katrina was pathetic. She couldn't care less. I'll be glad when the Bush reign is finally over. He can get lost and take his lap dog with him.

2693 days ago


jck, have you considered taking a remedial English class? I'm sure it would improve your grammar.

2693 days ago

can't believe this    



2693 days ago

Chuck Degenres Whitley    

We should start cutting off these networks where it hurts...their pocketbooks. Boycott them, stop watching them, make them suffer and lose their jobs like us regular people do.

2693 days ago


Imus should have been for all shock jocks who make comments racial or sexist comments! Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should also get the ax.!.....These mainly male
(some female) leaders are horrific to say the least! No wonder so many of our young people in the USA are so cruel! The police really have ther hands full in this country!

2693 days ago

Laure H    

Al sharpton complains about Don Imus remarks (which were'nt as bad as they are making them out to be) but yet it's ok for him to say whatever he wants. He is the BIGGEST hypocrite there ever was.He seems to think that white people are not allowed to say anything but black people can say whatever they damm well please. So would someone please give sharpton the kick in the ass that he deserves.

2693 days ago

A Fellow Black American    

As a black man I have never been more ashamed of a fellow black American. This is a person who has no moral ground to stand on. How can you judge others when you are unable to be judged yourself. A man of beliefs, I say not, unless they are to serve his own selfish purposes. As a race we must decide at some point to take a stand and let the rest of the world know that we are can speak for ourselves and that this so-called black leader has failed to carry out the responsibilities he accpeted when he self appointed himself the next Dr. KIng. How can you not be embarrassed by his lies, misrepresentations, and deception. If he is not heard he will be forgotten. Keep his self promotions off the front page.

2693 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Sharpton is an anochronism; he belongs and helped contribute to an earlier time.
The man is heroic and driven, but what was needed in the sixties now creates unrest
and an unecessary divisiveness that should no longer exist. The constant stirring up of old cliches feeds his 'raison d'etre' which has ceased to be constructive, and in some cases has been destructive. Who now gains by keeping this old cause fresh and alive? Continuously opening old wounds keeps a new generation from moving on and up,
and creates a mindset that I daresay would no longer exist if people would let it go away and die a natural death. To be constantly reminded that one was once unjustly deemed inferior keeps future generations on gaurd and feeling unjustly inferior; and this serves whose cause??? Al needs to retire with grace & help to promote a brand new vision that seems less self-serving and more universal and will serve these new generations in a better way and take them into the future. He deserves great respect as he is one of those who came before, and should be treated as such.

2693 days ago
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