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Akon Axed by Verizon Over Simulated Rape

5/4/2007 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Akon has been fired by Verizon -- and is being threatened with prosecution -- after he reportedly simulated a rape of a 15-year-old on stage during a concert in Trinidad a few weeks ago.

Verizon promoted Akon as one of the musicians on its mobile-phone music service, and said it would no longer sponsor the Gwen Stefani tour in which Akon, who recently performed on "American Idol," is the opening act.

The rapper invited 15-year-old Danah Alleyne onto the stage, and the girl obliged, thinking that she was entering a dance contest to win a "trip to Africa," as Akon promised. But when Alleyne "won" the contest, the "trip to Africa" turned out to be an on-stage encounter with Akon during which her "head was hitting the floor, said Alleyne to the Trinidad Express (via FOX News).

In its account of the incident, the Trinidad Express said that the "Smack That" rapper was "turning, twisting and even flipping [the girl's] body," while "mimicking sexual positions" and sandwiching the girl with the assistance of another performer. The Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds said, in FOX News' report, that Akon should be prosecuted.

This isn't the first time Akon has done some sketchy work on stage. TMZ obtained exclusive footage of Tara Reid getting the Akon treatment during a party at the Sundance Film Festival.

A rep for Verizon told TMZ they were sponsoring Akon and made a decision this week to end the relationship for, as they called it, "reasons." Beyond that, the rep would not elaborate.


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B Villa    

I've seen Akon a couple of times in concert and he does act this way all the time. Both concerts he invited girls on stage and threw them up on his waist like seen in the video. I think it is demoralizing and is teaching the wrong things. At one concert he even had a little boy no older than 8, up on the stage and having the boy smack the girls rear. Where do we draw the line?!

2701 days ago


I don't approve of this type of conduct but it looked to me as if she enjoyed the entire content.

2701 days ago


first of all she knew her ass was to young to get in. y'all comin' down on akon, think about it what is her underage ass doing there in the second place. it was wrong for what he was doing to a fan. how in the hell did she get pass security w/ an i.d that wasn't hers and her dad is minister com'on now y'all know she already wild

2701 days ago


Verizon-wireless acted swiftly when bombarded with e-mails from customers who were just plain tired of "acts" like Akon's being commercialized, which they are, when mass fortunes are made from them..all having to do with corporations aiding and abedding pockets of culture that serve no purpose but to MAKE MONEY..oblivious to the violence they contribute to of Women.

The Trinidad video had Akon snatching the girl from the audience (saw the video on Michelle, performing a simulated rape scene on her and then casting her back into the audience again. Her mother said her daughter was bruised after her "attack". The mother did not know at that time if they would take legal action against much for the "I am sorry statement"..saving his sorry A$$!

Akon has some of the most vile lyrics of all rap artists (artist being questioned). When is it even ok to degrade women as he has done ongoing?
Only need to see the idiot's lyrical history minus the music to really see that he is abusive to the rights of women. He is abusive and even vile to look at!

Long story short Akon lost the partnership with Verizon-wireless as they "have children too" do you keep your child from being exposed to people like Akon who serves no purpose to society via his "musical expression" and is abusive to our power exercised under our "1st Amendment Rights" by promoting him through your own Corporation. You do not ! You fire him. Verizon- wireless took the thousands of e-mails seriously. They said in an e-mail : "We know longer partnership with Akon." Money talks. It becomes a moral issue. It becomes keeping our kids safe from the personas of his ilk. These Creetants who are arrested every day for beating up some old lady in her hallway to steal her purse. Can't just steal an old lady's purse anymore, seems these thugs have to beat the 85 year old women as well. The young guy who beats on his girlfriend, sleeps with as many women as he can, fathers as many kids as he cans and takes no responsibility for his actions..leaving victims where ever he travels. These are the people who listen to people like Akon and then re inact Akon's lack of civilized morality into their own. A HISTORY of abuse toward women.

(Sorry if I have offended the posse of Akon, but that's my opinion and guess the opinion of thousands and thousands of Verizon-wireless customers!!! GO VERIZON-WIRELESS!

Now it is time to also mass e-mail the New AT&T-Cingular as they have partnered with this vile hip hop "person" who degrades the music of this genre. His actions are repeated over and over..his music speaks for who he is. He thought he could get a way with this in Trinidad, but he didnt' as it was caught on video.

So e-mail, the new AT&T/Cingular wireless, as many already have, but with no response from them on Akon....they have not acted swiftly as did Verizon-wireless. Are they money means more than what comes down to a "moral issue"? Keep promoting those fancy phones to the kiddies..we can't lose that huge customer base?

There is nothing wrong with hip hop music. It is a culture within itself and there are gifted artists amix, but Akon is a vile, decadent creature who needs to clean up his act. He cleans it up and no one listens? He has to resort to abuse of women, violence toward women to make a buck? Have diginity in yourself the same diginity to another when in a relationship. Over 18 and listening to this excrement sandwich, then am sure , women must be flocking to your 'crib'. Sad..women can be just as much to blame for allowing this abusive '"Akon attitude mentality" to take place within their midst.

2701 days ago

Not that Bad    

It wasn't that bad. Looks like people were just having fun.
Maybe her parents should watch over her more. What's Akon supposed to do? Ask for ID from every girl who jumps on stage?

2701 days ago


140. It wasn't that bad. Looks like people were just having fun.
Maybe her parents should watch over her more. What's Akon supposed to do? Ask for ID from every girl who jumps on stage?
Posted at 10:32AM on May 10th 2007 by Not that Bad

You need to be informed then you would not look like the idiot you appear in your post. The video provided by a poster here was inaccurate and the music industry pulled the video days ago. The girl was not having had pulled her unexpectedly out of the audience (I have seen this video) and then threw her down and held her legs up high and simulated a rape scene on her for a a few minutes in his "rap like" sound no matter how you others now distance him from rap music..Island music with rap influence genre.
She was then tossed back into the audience and was bruised ..the mom was extremely upset and had not decided to sue or not..this is why Akon is playing the I am sorry escape the law suit perhaps..? or to prevent the further loss of other Partnerships such as Cingular. The ringtones are gone on Verizon..takes time to make technical changes aka legal advice aka correspondence to such contract. You need to educate yourself and not be so influenced by "simulated rape" as Looking like it was enjoyed by all--fun). THE VIDEO HAS BEEN PULLED because of copyright by the studio).The video out there now is to confuse and make this look like less than it really was..called covering your A$$$ by your handlers!

2701 days ago


She did't look 15 and like other comments read here. She looked like she was having fun. Dressed like that who knew she was 15. Now it would be wrong if he knew she was 15 or IF she pulled away and made a scene.

2701 days ago


She is 14? She is 6'1 with a boob job? 50 bucks says she brags about that moment for the rest of her life!

2701 days ago


Whatever! All you guys are coming down hard on him. I'm sure if he knew her age , he would not have done that. I'm not condoning what he did but come on. She could have easily said no, stop, I'm only 15. I'm not saying it's her fault either. This has been blown up so ridiculous. If Akon wasn't famous, nobody would be making a big deal. I do feel bad for her, but you guys need to stop.

2701 days ago


You all cannot just drop AKON like that. The girl did not look like a 15 year old. She wore a revealing top and a tight black jeans. She told her parents she was going out for "ice cream". She should not have been there in the club in the first place coinsidereing her age. Secondly she volunteered to go onstage. Thirdly she has pics of her and Akon up on a website labelled - me and my man don't hate, appreciate. So I don't think it is fair to throw all of the blame on AKON at all.

2701 days ago


Ok, Akon is a fresh face, they had to blow somthin up! Akon hasn't done anything on stage that hasn't been done before at hip-hop concerts.

2701 days ago


well what was a 15 year old doing there? when she needs to be in bed sleeping.. and what was she doing trying to get on stage she knew what was going to happen she was the idiot... i think akon was just giving a show and she got what she wanted.

2700 days ago


People don't get confuse, this is totally clear!!!

1. Minister, where were you that day?? Teaching other people what you don't do at home?
2. I don't think Akon is responsible for this when the club staff should not let minors into the concert. They should request driver licenses or ID's at the entrance. Akon and his staff expect the club follow up the usual rules.
3. I don't see any gun or something forcing her to step up in the stage and sit in his legs letting them dance with her like that. She already know about sex positions, because she hold him really well from his neck.
4. If she's really a cristian girl, she wouldn't accept dance with him at the stage. I'm sure they ask her first.
5. Also, her dressing way looks like she wanted to be there and get something exciting. She tried to look older. Why tatoos? Why strech cloth? Why provoke the man? Because she's looking for that. Something different than the church, right?
6. AKON, I hope this helps you to be careful with the girls. You never know when are minor or not, now they grow too fast!!!

I say all this comments beacause I'm cristian, and I wouldn't let somebody dance with me like that. I'll refuse since the first moment.
And I just saw an Akon's concert at my job property a month 1/2 ago, and we didn't let minors in and there were no problems!!!

I'm really dissapointed on her dad, the Minister, his taking advantage on Akon's popularity and situation to get money. He needs to pay more attention and communication on his family.
Question: Minister, if you win the case would you invest the money in God's business??
Read the Bible again, and see what metality Jesus used to resolve this kind of problems back that time.

2700 days ago


Leave Akon alone. Why was she in a 18+ club to start off. She seems like a whore to me if you saw her myspace.

2699 days ago


I am from Trinidad and I must say that this is not the first time something like this has happen. I am not saying that what Akon did was right, Ms Thing and her family must take responsibly also. How on this green earth you allow your 14 year old to leave home for such a long period to go get ice cream, that is some bs. Ms Thing has been around the block doing stuff that would raise a lot of red flags, did her parents check on their daughter, no. There are pictures of there little daughter in the bathroom ect. Akon I hope this is a lesson well learnt. Keep your head up.

2699 days ago
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