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Akon Axed by Verizon Over Simulated Rape

5/4/2007 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Akon has been fired by Verizon -- and is being threatened with prosecution -- after he reportedly simulated a rape of a 15-year-old on stage during a concert in Trinidad a few weeks ago.

Verizon promoted Akon as one of the musicians on its mobile-phone music service, and said it would no longer sponsor the Gwen Stefani tour in which Akon, who recently performed on "American Idol," is the opening act.

The rapper invited 15-year-old Danah Alleyne onto the stage, and the girl obliged, thinking that she was entering a dance contest to win a "trip to Africa," as Akon promised. But when Alleyne "won" the contest, the "trip to Africa" turned out to be an on-stage encounter with Akon during which her "head was hitting the floor, said Alleyne to the Trinidad Express (via FOX News).

In its account of the incident, the Trinidad Express said that the "Smack That" rapper was "turning, twisting and even flipping [the girl's] body," while "mimicking sexual positions" and sandwiching the girl with the assistance of another performer. The Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds said, in FOX News' report, that Akon should be prosecuted.

This isn't the first time Akon has done some sketchy work on stage. TMZ obtained exclusive footage of Tara Reid getting the Akon treatment during a party at the Sundance Film Festival.

A rep for Verizon told TMZ they were sponsoring Akon and made a decision this week to end the relationship for, as they called it, "reasons." Beyond that, the rep would not elaborate.


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What's a 15 year old doing there any way? what kind of parent would let their 15 year old go to this concert anyway? If you listen to his music they are all sexual in content nasty songs. He an embarrasment to his race.

2698 days ago



2698 days ago


I do not like Akon but I have to say that TMZ is wrong for saying it was simulated RAPE. People throw that word around to easily these days. She didn't look like she was resisting him when she was riding him (you know, in the pictures that hardly anyone shows because they are trying to paint their own one sided picture of the sitution!!!)

I also know that there is no way i'd fess up to my parents if they caught me somewhere I wasn't supposed to be, wearing something I wasn't supposed to be wearing and doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing... If I was a 14 year old girl of course. Wearing 4 inch heels, painted on jeans and a piece of thread for a blouse. And her father is a pastor? EMBARRASSING!!! I'd blame Akon too!!!

Also, has anyone ever seen Trinidad carnival? That Akon thing is nothing compared to what happens at Carnival!!! HYPOCRITES!!! That little girl is just crying foul because she got caught with her pants down. They are both wronn. Shame on them both!

2698 days ago


Calling this a "simulated rape" couldn't be more irresponsible. This was simulated sex and nothing more. it was part of a show meant for adults and performed in an adult night club.

If the pictures of the whole incident ever surface they will see a young woman wearing a shirt reavealing her breasts and navel piercing and wearing 4 inch heels. How in the world would he know this girl is 14?

She entered a club for adults 18+. According to an interview she gave, she lied to get in the club. She had a friend or someone who let her in at the door.

From the pictures that show the FULL account of the incident, she participated in the entire show at will, first by mounting him and performing a suggestive dance of her own.

The simulated sex is nothing different than what he does at all his concerts, as you can see from the Tara Reid video.

So if we're going to be about gossip and discrediting people (TMZ and FoxNews,) tell the WHOLE story. His performance may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it was far from "rape," and after seeing the pictures of the girl and the attire she had on that night in an adult 18+ and over night club, how in the world he was supposed to know her age is beyond me!

2698 days ago


The bastard has 3 WIVES too. He's a scummy piece of crap.

2698 days ago

Amanda Williams    

The girl did not look scared. Check out other pic of her dressed provocative and the sexal poses. If her parents were so concerned ; why did they allow her to get the tattoo and dress that way. She seemed to enjoy it and there was one pic where she was on top of him grinding.

There is no way he could have known she was under age. That seems to be a part of his show and if she is a big enough fan to attend the concert; I'm sure she knew his MO so why did she go on stage

2698 days ago


My best friends daughter went to a Tulsa concert, she is 12, my best friend did not know anything about Akon and her little sister (which is 22) asked if she could go with her so my best friend said yes. Well Akon announced that he was picking the 5 hottest girls in the audience and this 12 year old was one that he picked. She is tall for her age, but wasn't dressed provacatively, she was in jeans and a regular shirt and she has braces on her teeth. She too was sandwiched and had her butt smacked to the smack that song, And then was invited back to the hotel room for a after party. She said "no thank you, when asked why she wouldn't accept she told them that her mom wouldn't allow it. I was shocked when I found out about all of this and I can assure you that it is all true. This all happened about a month ago, my best friend and her husband did not report it.

2698 days ago


akon is disgusting

2697 days ago


The pig should be thrown in a cell with some guy named Bubba and then he can play simulated sex with him. Good luck with that. The fact that she was only 15 years old doesn't matter. Rape is rape. Just more proof that these rap artists should be censored. If you cannot write or perform in a tasteful manner, then perhaps you should find a new career, you know, one that you actually have talent in.

2697 days ago


She should not have even been in the club, story is her mother brought to the club and was present during the show. It is not his job to ID her, that should have taken place at the club door not by Akon. I understand 15 is 15, but how was he to know that, he is performing at a 18 and up and a parent decided to bring a 15 year old.

2697 days ago



2697 days ago


Americans don't really understand how much more ribald shows can be in a culture like those of the Caribbean. Their understanding of sexuality is also very different from our culture. Overall, Americans are more prudish than many other nation's peoples. No use to argue otherwise, that girl was having a ball! Sex is different than rape, too. That footage did not resemble rape, in my opinion. Does this mean that I condone Akon's act? No, it is disgusting to me, (as I am like most Americans). Like Imus, in my opinion, Akon is free to do his shtick. However, if they get the boot from CBS, or Verizon, it doesn't bother me, since they are not obliged to condone these edgy acts. If they go too far, or offend too many, then it is their own damned fault. People have freedom of speech and expression, and likewise, corporations have the freedom to pull the plug. It is great that they wish to raise the bar above the lowest common denominator and take a stand, for a change.

2697 days ago


bloody prudes. you guys must not have ever been to a Caribbean American party or to a really wild party thrown by anyone from the islands (west indies). Sexual simulation is the norm, in fact if you guys ever went to a basement party in Brooklyn you'd probably think an orgy was going on (but it isn't ...well most times ;) Anyway...the video and pics clearly show 1) the girl may be 15 but she sure didn't look it! 2) Begs the question: What is such a young girl doing at a party like this???3) Akon didn't ask for "an 18 year old + volunteer", he asked for a willing woman...and this girl stepped up. You can't fault him for it considering that she wasn't dressed or looks anything like 15. 4) It was simulated in fact his act was very similar to what male strippers do to ladies all the time in strip clubs all over prudish america. 5) Akon's only sin is that he can't sing worth a damn and I am tired of hearing that whiny voice of his...other than that this is a NON story. move on folks.

2697 days ago

mary justice    

Firstly we need to clarify a host of nasty butchering of an entertainer who did nothing wrong.
1.This girl told her parents she was going to get ice-cream with friends.
2.This girl has reported pornographic material previously on the internet.
3.This girl was allowed into an adult pary-this is the problem!

akon had no idea this was an underage girl because she is very well endowed. He was entertaing a crowd for adults and it was entertainment.Secondly in Trinidad and Tobago we dance like Akon .It is called winning(movemnts of the hips).it is very cultural and we have this for Carnival. Thus the whole island would be charged with rape. This idiotic statement has no base as this was a problem that stemmed from management and Akon was unaware of the deceptiveness of this experinced lady. this society is fillef with people who are eager to devour anyone with no substantial evidence. Verizon should be sued together with the manager of the pub for lack of information and carelessness. This is destroying a fine young man with talent.

2697 days ago

mary justice    

I want to deeply apologise what i have said sueing verizon and the manager of the club. I know that verizion is a reputable company and the decision would not have been done if it was not a moral issue. Also the young lady i do not know who she is and all what i said are unfounded because they are just rumors(lies). I want to have my statemnt retracted because it is all inaccurate and i have offened so many people and are disappointed in myself. I did not intend for it to come across maliciously. also i had no information to prove my statements.I do apologise and please disregard the above comment.

2697 days ago
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