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Britney's Trip from Trashy to Illiterate

5/4/2007 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears took a walk on the skanky side before and after her show yesterday at the House of Blues in L.A.

She arrived in White-Trash Barbie guise as she pulled up to the venue, clad in an pretty-much-falling-off-the-shoulder top and denim cutoffs and -- hey look, kids! -- actual shoes, not boots! Then, Brit walked away from the gig shirtless and sporting a jean skirt on which she tried a couple times to write her own name, unsuccessfully.

She also attempted to add the word "evil," which she spelled with an 8.


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People say she has got into shape?? LMAO!!!!

2639 days ago


Hey THINK ABOUT THIS-Why don't you think about this. She is an ATTENTION WHORE who can't function unless she is OUT every single day getting the media attention she so desperately craves. There are MANY celebrities who live NORMAL lives because they do not seek constant media attention! She could very easily move away and be a mother to her boys but because she is so selfish and self absorbed it will NEVER happen! She looks absolutely RIDICULOUS in those dollar store wigs and can't even go one day without showing her ass! How pathetic is this girl???? She is an absolute WRECK and I don't feel one bit sorry for her. She could change her life but CHOOSES not to! And for all you STUPID ASS Britney fans...SAVE IT. You are as immature as her and that you would support someone like her is moronic!

2639 days ago


Leave Brit alone . Just a thought , doesn't Pammy ( Anderson) have 2 kids , why isn't the media in an uproar when she is out partying every night . I guess we can pick and chose who we want to crucify .

2639 days ago


#42 That is Britneck...go to they have pics of her and you can see the writing on her skanking skirt...It's the one where she's on stage looking crazy....

2639 days ago


God! Why do people with huge guts always have em hanging out??!! What the hell!

2639 days ago


She should have stayed in re-hab alot longer, clearly by the way she has been acting, she is NOT stable. I feel sorry for her two children, I wonder how much time she actually spends time with them.

She is a has-been immature skank.

2639 days ago


First of all, she looks nastier than ever-she looks like she is in serious need of a shower-pronto!
Second, this girl is suffering from a serious mental issue/issues. She needs help, and fast. But, until she does something serious, that will never happen. She is an Anna Nicole in the making-it's like watching a train wreck happen. Sad..

2639 days ago


Is Britney related to Virgie Arthur????
Trailer Trash HAHAHAHAHA

2639 days ago


I think Britney is back on drugs & rehab did not help her at all becuz she did not want the help in the first place. She is pushing her own family away and they are the ones supporting her in her career. I predict in 10 yrs she is gonna talk about how her life was crazy and she was on drugs and drink too much. I love britney but the trashy brit !

2639 days ago

LMAO @ you a$$hats    

What a skank..... damn she even gives trailer trash a bad name.....

2639 days ago


Brittney needs to go back to rehab and move to a island with just her and her kids and make a come back in like 5 years!!! She is going to have a nervous breakdown!!

2639 days ago


She is ugly with no talent and a terrible role model. She ought to hang it up. I am so
sick of seeing her on every cover of every magazine. She makes me nauseous.

2639 days ago


Ugh - I actually thought the picture on the left was a "before" shot. Sad to see it's from last night.

2639 days ago


I think it's sad that all of you are such jealous, negative haters. I was at the concert last night. Was it brief? Yes. It was never billed as a full-length concert. Could she tighten up just a bit more? Sure. She's also had 2 kids in as many years. Everyone I saw there had a great time and no one was complaining. All of you just sound jealous that you couldn't get tickets yourselves. That's what's really sad.

2639 days ago


Way to old to try and look like Daisy-duke. This woamn is actually wearing her bra in public. This is a bra, maybe from Victoria Secret.

Britney, go be with your children, and give up the teenage years. Maybe in time, you can have the computer generate a more mature singing voice for you.

You are fake from head to toe. Just be real, and be a good mommy.

2639 days ago
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