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Jay-Z in a Plane Crash-- NOT TRUE

5/4/2007 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed that Jay-Z WAS NOT aboard the plane. The three aboard the plane were "white men."

Rumors have been swirling this morning that rapresario Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter) was in a plane crash this morning.

TMZ has confirmed that a small plane registered to a citizen of Dublin, GA crashed near Asheville, NC in the Smoky Mountains. The FAA tells TMZ that the four-seat propeller plane did go down this morning, but could not provide any additional details.

Sources tell TMZ that he is on his way to Vegas this weekend to take in the Mayweather - de la Hoya fight.


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2737 days ago


The sad thing about all of this is the fact that we are all on this site, caught up in the world of celebrity instead of out in the world doing something about the atrocities that are taking place every second of every day. Spreading the word about Darfur, , etc... Why are we not as work up about these issues as a gossip page posting wrong information? Just remember when you point a finger there are three pointing back at you. Get out and do something today that actually matters and makes a difference. I know I am.

2737 days ago


You guys complaining about TMZ are retarded. They said they haven't verified the story - what more do you expect?

Geez, what a bunch of cry-babies!!

2737 days ago

I hate that Bitch    

#98 is a tmz employee...

2737 days ago

Julie S    

They could have waited 15 lousy minutes before reporting it, and they would have realized it was not Jay Z. Instead they got all his fans in a tizzy, myself included.
It doesn't matter if it was filed under "gossip" or "rumors", or that the reports are unconfirmed. You just don't say something like that without have a reasonable amount of evidence pointing to it. Many people come to TMZ to get their celebrity information, and much of what TMZ is correct or can be backed up. They were wayyyy off the mark with this one.

2737 days ago


A PITY---I know that,s the way he would have Liked to have Gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2737 days ago

cant believe im on tmz    

oh it was only 3 white guys. whew. thought it was someone important to the world like jay-z

2737 days ago


I love how you are posting all of these stories to try and bury this one. You screwed up TMZ.

2737 days ago

Stan N.    

Thank goodness it was just "three white men" and not the glorious Jaz-Z.
Now, conforted that it was just three whites, life can go on.
Sarcasm OFF.
Jaz- mo fo slamma jamma whatever is no more important than other people, those who celebrate it wasn't him and just three whites?!
How do you people sleep at night?!
Punk racists.

2737 days ago


As if Jay Z would fly on a 4-seater PROP plane from GA to Vegas. Yeah.

2737 days ago

georgia court reporter    

Two of the three were Jim Hilburn and Jefferson Davis. The third individual is either J. C. Pitts (which may be why Jay-Z's name was out there) or a Mr. Connell. I can't get confirmation yet on which one was the third passenger. Anybody out there know?

2737 days ago


TMZ, gossip should be fun--not irresponsible.

2737 days ago

Julie S    

to #107- There is nothing on CNN's website about it. Was this on TV or on the internet? or are you just lyin?

2737 days ago


According to the local news here in NC:

The plane, built in 1977, was registered to Steven R. Garner of Dublin, Ga., according to the FAA Web site. No other details were immediately available.
Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press.

Don't know if that helps anyone or not.....

2737 days ago

Julie S    

to #111
Why does everybody keep saying that it is racist. Jay-Z is black. The people on the plane were white. THOSE ARE FACTS. There is nothing about those statements that are racist. The only reason TMZ said that is to dispel the belief that Jay-Z was on that plane. It's pretty simple. Stop making a big deal about it.
What would you have preferred them to say?
"We just received confirmation that it was not Jay-Z on the plane, but we can't tell you WHY we are certain, because we don't want you to think we are racist"

2737 days ago
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