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Paris' Summer at the Prison Hilton

5/5/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her pals are hanging in Malibu or the Hamptons, Paris will be spending 45 fun-filled days and nights with 2200 of her closest female felons at Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF).
Paris in Prison
Reopened in March, 2006, CRDF is located in beautiful Lynwood,Calif. -- just minutes from nearby Compton! While Mr. Chow takeout isn't available, according to the AP, CRDF does serve three low-sodium poultry based meals a day. Yum! For her own safety, Paris will most likely be segregated from the rest of her prison pals and live in a one or two-person cell. Cozy. During her days at Chez Clink, Paris will get just one hour a day to shower, exercise, watch TV or talk on the phone. And sorry to say, Blackberries are not allowed. Oh, the humanity!

As for wardrobe choices, Paris will have the option of one of four different colored jumpsuits. Depending on how she is classified and where she is housed in the facility, Paris could don a blue, brown, white or classic orange one-piece from the House of Detention collection.

Paris better get crackin', because with June 5 fast approaching, it gives her just one month to plan her kick-ass going away party!


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Why cant everybody just leave Paris ALONE? I mean come on she messed up ,Thats no reason to pick on her and constantly ridicule her.Hopefully she wont drink and drive again,but she DIDNT deserve this when real criminals are out here doing much worse,and as much money that her family has given helping California,first she gets screwed by the courts over the sex tape and now this .Just hold are head up High Paris and take it as another lesson and youll be fine.

2707 days ago


Her mother may be nice looking, but she still thinks it is a JOKE to punish people for drunk driving. I am sure people who have had a loved one killed by a drunk driver would not find it such a "joke" or a "waste of taxpayer money" to take drunk driving seriously when it comes to punishment. I hope MADD does go after the whole family for their stupid, stupid comments. Her comments were WORSE than anything Michael Richards, Imus or any other famous person has recently said. I hope she gets just as much negative publicity for thinking the way she does.

2707 days ago


SQUAT & COUGH my little pretty!!! AHHH HAA HAAA - I wonder if they are drawing straws at the jail to book her in!!!!

2707 days ago


Mmmmmm....yum....delicious, gourmet prison food. Up-to-the-minute designer prison fashions. Soft, comfy prison beds with luxurious prison bedding. Stainless steel prison toilets with no seats. I am SO jealous of you Paris. Will your cell have air conditioning this summer? That is so HOT!

2707 days ago


Hey LUV PARIS, you must think it is OK to go around driving drunk killing people! What other ways do you think it is OK to kill people? I hope someone kills everyone you love!

2707 days ago


The sad part about this is that somehow Paris will find a way to make herself look good for this. I mean she had a porno tape and idiots love her even more. She makes an ass out of herself all the time, she's stupid as hell and looks like she is mildly retarded, yet somehow people keep giving her movie roles, ad contracts and even her own perfume.

Mark my words, this will make her MORE popular with the nut jobs in this country.

2707 days ago


She deserved to go to jail. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't mean she can get away with things. Hopefully this will teach her a lesson.

2707 days ago


This should keep her in the tabloids...Not for one second to I believe that she doesn't know that this is going to be good press. Look what it did for Martha Stewart. Nevertheless, Paris is a moron who made a living out of being a talentless. I am sick of the Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Tara, etc..if it were up to me I would throw them all in jail and give the public a break for the summer

2707 days ago


In the words of Nelson on the Simpsons...

HA HA =)
Justice has been served.

How happy do you think Britney, Lindsey, Tina Fey, Nicole Ritchie (we all know she still hates her guts!), Kim Kardashian, Tara Reid, Shana Moakler, Paris Latsis's Ex (forgot her name), Avril Lavigne and COUNTLESS others, not to mention us "regular" ppl are?

Hopefully she will learn something behind bars but I doubt it. Maybe her and that sleazy Girls Gone wild guy can be penpals =) LOL

2707 days ago


My little sister was killed by a driver who had a .08 BAC.

Paris deserves a lot more than 45 days.

We need to make sure everyone knows how serious drunk driving is. If she doesn't learn, she is going to drive drunk again and someone else is going to suffer like my family has suffered.

2707 days ago


Hey #39- hard core criminals go to prison not jail.

And David and everyone else with this free Paris bs- drunk driving kills!
Why don't you have more sympathy for the victims of a drunk driver rather than the selfish person who committed the act? I hope none of you ever have to loose a loved one that way but if you do..just remember you were chanting to free a drunk driver. Famous or not-it's against the law and the punishment should fit the crime. 45 days..not hardly enough in my book.

2707 days ago


Well, if she doesn't serve time..she will never learn the consequences of her actions. Tough Love. Her mother should be grateful her daughter didn't kill anyone...and much less herself. and ahhh please don't tell me the jail will let her out after 2 hours like that "Lost Gal" if so she will out again driving and drinking with new gal pals and yelling at people calling them names and making fun of people. So Not Cool........

2707 days ago


Okay TMZ, enough already. You are making light of a serious situation. She could have killed someone driving drunk and wrecklessly. I'm happy that she's being forced to serve time for this, but would caution you against turning this into a bigger joke than her actions and disregard for the courts already are.

2707 days ago


I don't find this funny. I find it sad.
Paris provides all of you with with amusment but she is a person and I am sure this is a very difficult time for her and her family.

2707 days ago


God bless you Regular Guy David - this is the whole point of the punishment.... Paris needs to read your post.

2707 days ago
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