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The Z List - This Week's Biggest Losers 05/05/07

5/5/2007 4:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

SplashNewsOnline.comNews of a Toastee Toof sex tape this week caused about as much excitement as the notion of "Flavor of Love 3." So instead, we prefer to hit rewind on some of the folks who embarrassed themselves with their clothes on.

Paris Hilton: Somewhere, deep down in Nostradamus' predictions, we believe the great seer foresaw that when both "Girls Gone Wild" guru Joe Francis and Bentley fender bender Paris Hilton were simultaneously served with jail time, it would be a portentous sign that the party was coming to an end. In the wake of yesterday's 45 days probation violence sentence, everything suddenly takes on new meaning for Paris: her cell, her sidekick, her bitch ... and who would have thought that of all the recent celebrity DUI-ers, it would be the unflappable Ms. Hilton who would get yanked straight past Malibu rehab to actually pay for her crime. It's a bonanza, of course, for us here at TMZ, but September 7, 2006 (the date she was arrested in Hollywood last fall) is now her September 11.

Charles BarkleyCharles Barkley: For anyone who watched "Inside the NBA" following the stunning Dallas Mavericks - Golden State Warriors elimination game on Thursday, it was a new benchmark in role model pouting. The TNT color commentator was crestfallen that the outcome of another Game Six earlier in the day between Utah and Houston meant that he was going to have to cancel a trip to Vegas today for the Oscar De La Hoya - Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight. Even Ernie Johnson and Kenny "the Jet" Smith seemed taken aback as Chuck connected the dots for the first time, on air. It was at once hilarious, weird and inappropriate (via Barkley's hyping of TNT's Saturday night pay-per-view competition). We're not sure who Barkley has his pugilistic money on, but if his wager comes up short, it could get even uglier.

John PetersJon Peters:
It's not quite on the scale of a "thoughtless little pig" bicoastal voice mail, but it's still cold. As cold as the overnight feel of terrazzo and brass for Hollywood Boulevard's homeless. Just as mega-producer Peters ("Batman", "Superman Returns") was getting out of his limo on Monday, with kids in tow to accept a star on the Walk of Fame, a process server slapped him with very different kudos: legal papers from his third ex-wife, Christine Forsyth. Peters, who has countered Forsyth's unpaid child support claims with the you're-living-free-in-my-mansion defense, hasn't been this shown-up since a 1996 book that chronicled his Sony executive suite excesses. Maybe he can commiserate with Eminem, the male star he hopes to coerce into yet another version of "A Star is Born."

chloe sevigneyChloë Sevigny: Speaking of Paris, this gal thinks she's trashy. So there. In an entirely irritating interview with Style Magazine, the 32-year-old co-star of "Zodiac" covers the gamut; from non-simulated on-screen sex (she regrets the famous scene with ex-boyfriend Vincent Gallo in "The Brown Bunny"), to the lure of 4:20 (it started when she was a kid). People either love or hate Sevigny's generally mopey onscreen M.O., but save the misdirected PR for when you actually have something worthwhile to promote, girl. Coming on the heels of a New York Observer article last month that categorized Sevigny, Clare Danes and upcoming FOX sitcom star Parker Posey as has-beens, it's enough to make one pine for "Bunny," which Roger Ebert called the worst film in the history of the Cannes Film Festival.

sargentAlvin Sargent: The heavyweight, two-time Oscar-winning screenwriter ("Julia," "Ordinary People") was brought back by brothers Sam and Ivan Raimi to ensure that "Spider-Man 3" had the same zip as "Spider-Man 2." But the 75-year-old elder statesman is getting zapped by the critics for what they feel is a tediously tangled story web, knocking Spidey's stock down a bearish 30 points (from "Spider-Man 2's" 93% Tomatometer rating to a "Spider-Man 3" Friday score of 62%). We all know this summer's first blockbuster is critic-proof, destined to set a gargantuan new domestic B.O. record this weekend in a record 4,252 theaters. But maybe Alvin should plan on shuffleboard with the 84-year-old Stan Lee rather than any grandiose plans for more melodrama.

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Skeeter 17    

With her riches, she can't have one thing---the respect of people! Some may suck up to her or kiss her ass....but after all, when everything else is said and done----she will just be remembered as a spoiled bitch who did nothing except to expose herself, drink booze, do drugs , jump from one guy into another, and one who makes fun of American Laws! She deserves jail time....a long, long jailtime! A lot of other young, rich kids are far better, character wise, than Paris Hilton!

2706 days ago


Wow, way to compare a national tragedy to the day some bitch decided to get drunk and drive without a license. Congratulations, TMZ!

2706 days ago


"her september 11" - TMZ are you freaking kidding? That is inappropriate even for you. Comparing Hilton's "bad day" to one that destroyed thousands of lives.... moronic doesn't begin to describe it. The writer for this blurb is truly pathetic.

2706 days ago


What's up with the anti America hate journals on this blog. My eyes hurt! Hire a editor or get some sleep! It clearly states to "please keep your blog comments relevant to the blog entry".
Not only is the writer(s) words "attempting" a superior stance, They claim peace, love & all is right any where but in America. But their words spew hate and bitterness!. Please go to C-Span blogs ( yawn) or your nearest deportation center if you live here in America. It says something when a person has no other means left than to express their discontent and self righteousness than to enter deep political anti American narrow thoughts on a Paris Hilton blog lol

2706 days ago


Remember the episode on the simple life when kathy hilton had chinese food delivered to Paris & Nicole while they were at the farm?? I don't think the county jail in Lynwood is going to allow personal food delivery... enjoy your one hot meal a day and watch out for the green sandwich meats, I hear they're pretty common.

2706 days ago


What goes around comes around. I have said this all of my 49 years and raised my 2 daughters to believe the same. I have lived pay to pay all of my life and have no idea what it would be like otherwise. However, I think everyone should have respect for the law and for each other and if they do not, they should pay the price. Send the Hilton heiress to jail for the full term to teach here she is the same as the rest of us. Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion.

2706 days ago


This is simple you break probation you go to jail,teach this young girl a very big lesson, I doubt she would break the law again,this girl of privalage and wealth would be devistated to be in such an awful surroundings.She should of did an episode of the simple life in jail an maybe she would not of done this at all,wonder if they make you clean the toilets?

2706 days ago

malinda jackson    

thats hot........... well i think not

2705 days ago


45 days in't long enough for a Nasty Srubber like Paris Hilton.. i guess money cant buy you out of this one you ugly ass SLUT.. Stop sniffing and start THINKING! Great example to all the little kids... Paris and Lindsay aka... the 2 biggest Jokes on the planet.

2705 days ago


I couldn't be happier about Paris going to jail. She is a disgusting waste of a human being anyway. Never could figure out why she has any fame. She isn't even pretty. People who think they are above the law need to have a wake up call.

2705 days ago


If you want to thank the LA City attorney for helping that brat, Paris Hilton sent to jail in June, e-mail him at:

Also, urge him not to accept any plea bargains. Make sure she serves the full 45 days! Now that's hot!

2705 days ago

Susan DiVerniero    

Why was it NOT right to use the term "HO", but perfectly acceptable to refer to Paris Hilton on the front page of Saturday's NY Daily News as a "BIMBO"? From my perspective, both words mean the same thing, and both are derogatory, sexist and demeaning -- so who gets fired for THIS?

2705 days ago


They should've revoked Paris's passport. For all we know she could get on a private plane and fly out of the country thus being the Fugitive 2.

2705 days ago


What a horrible photo of her. She doesn't look so pretty when the camera's up close. I guess it really is all smoke and mirrors!

2704 days ago



2704 days ago
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